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Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Co., Ltd. Roadshow Presentation AJP September 08.

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1 Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Co., Ltd. Roadshow Presentation AJP September 08

2 Contents Investment Highlights The Offer About China About Treyo Corporate History Corporate Shareholding Corporate Facilities Competitive Advantages Chinese Market Directors Senior Management Products Production Financial Performance Financial Forecasts

3 Investment Highlights Invest in a segment showing spectacular growth in the world’s fastest growing economy – China where in 2007 sales of Automatic Mahjong (“AM”) Tables generated RMB 7.5 billion (A$ 1.3billion). Treyo dominates the mid to high end of China’s AMG Table market Owns 5.4% of the total market and 65.7% of the market for lucrative mid to high range products; Owns and operates the world’s largest Automatic Mahjong Table production facility (53,300m 2 ); Has ISO9000:2000 Accreditation and ISO14001 Environment Management certification Sound Management with excellent prospects for further strong growth in an expanding market.

4 Investment Highlights Net Profit in 2007 of A$ 6,327,000 forecast to reach A$ 10,545,000 by year end 2009 Total Equity in 2007 of A$24,605,000 forecast to reach A$51,670,000 by year end 2009 Unit Production in 2007 of 179,000 forecast to reach 226,000 by year end 2009

5 The Offer Up to 100,000,000 shares at A$0.25 each to raise A$25,000,000 Use of funds: Ongoing product development of automatic mahjong tables; Research and development of complimentary leisure and recreational products; Provide ready funds for acquisitions of competitors in Treyo’s target market or complimentary businesses; and Investment in Treyo mahjong clubs;

6 About China China is a country of 9,596,960 sq km with a population of 1,330,044,605 (July 2008 est.) China’s GDP is growing by 10% annually and industrial production is increasing by 17% annually After the USA & Japan, China is the world’s third largest economy China is consuming and importing at a rapid pace and its middle class is ever-increasing

7 About Treyo Mahjong is a very popular Chinese recreational act- ivity but involves constant tile shuffling and restack- ing. High tech AM Tables usi- ng sophisticated precision engineering,electronics, l- aser and microchip tech- nologies automatically sh- uffle and restack Mahjong tiles. Treyo is the parent com- pany of Matsuoka Mec- hatronics (China) Co., Li- mited (”Matsuoka”) - the market leader of AM Tab- les in China. The market for AM Tabl- es shows spectacular gr- owth with a compounded annual growth rate for the past 3 years of 54.2% Treyo intends to list on the ASX to assist Matsuoka to maintain its market position and continue planned growth

8 Corporate History Matsuoka is a foreign- capital limited liability company, established in Xiao Shan, Hang- zhou, China on 18th March, 2003. Matsuoka manufactur- es and sells AM Tab- les, “intelligent” chess, card, recreational hea- lth equipment and acc- essories. Treyo’s wholly owned subsidiary Treyo Inte- rnational Holdings Li- mited (BVI) holds all the issued shares of Matsuoka.

9 Corporate Shareholding Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., Limited [registered in the People’s Republic of China] Treyo International Holding Co., Limited [registered in Hong Kong] owns all the issued shares of Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Limited [To be listed on ASX] owns all the issued shares of

10 Corporate Facilities Comprising 53,300m 2 (more than 8 soccer fields) Treyo owns and operates the world’s largest purpose built AM Table manufacturing facility producing 178,600 units in 2007

11 Competitive Advantages Superior Management Team Market Dominance (65.7% of Mid to High End AM Table Market) Distribution Network (800 franchised stores, 400 distributors and 160 suppliers in China.) Patents Highest Brand Recognition (Placed at 45.5% overall) Commitment to R&D R&D Brand Management Team Competitive Advantages Market Dominance Patent Distribution

12 Chinese Market Growth

13 Directors NamePositionAgeExperience Mao LingChairman40 A Chinese citizen, Mr Mao is the director of Matsuoka Wei Guohua Executive Director 45 A Chinese citizen, Mr Wei is the Chairman of Matsuoka Tse Kwong Fat Executive Director 27 A Hong Kong citizen, Mr Tse is General Manager of Song Gang International Group Co., Ltd. Chen Weiyun Executive Director 45 A Chinese citizen, Mr Chen is the General Manager of Matsuoka. Wang Jieliang [Non] Executive Director 40 A Chinese citizen, Mr Wang has broad commercial experience Roger Smeed Non Executive Director60 An Australian citizen, Mr Smeed is a highly experienced company director with both publicly listed and private companies Ted Byrt Non Executive Director59 An Australian citizen, Mr Byrt is a lawyer and President of the Australia China Business Council.

14 Senior Management Name AgePosition Zheng Zhongliang39Chief Financial Officer Pan Lin35Director, Operations Wang Lixing38Director, Management Center Hu Bin35Deputy General Manager

15 Products – AM Tables

16 Production AM Table Production Stages Assembly of minor components Assembly of raising and lowering motors Assembly of Roller Motors Assembly of friction pulley Assembly of delivery unit Assembly of overlapping delivery unit Assembly of chain motor unit Assembly of dice board unit Assembly of horizontal sliding unit Assembly of lifting unit Production of wire harness Assembly of electronic components Surface processing General Assembly Assembly of external frame Testing and packing

17 Financial Information Table RMB (000's)AUD (000's) ActualForecastActualForecast 20062007200820092006200720082009 Revenue 482,000422,000455,000609,00084,71074,16579,965107,030 Net Profit 37,00036,00045,00060,0006,5036,3277,90910,545 Total Assets 269,000321,000310,000340,00047,27656,41554,48259,754 Liabilities 164,000181,000338,000463,00028,82231,81059,40281,371 Total Equity 105,000140,000275,000294,00018,45324,60548,33051,670 *1 AUD = RMB5.69

18 Financial Information Matsuoka Historical and Forecast Revenue and Profit 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 2006200720082009 Revenue Net Profit Actual Forecast AUD(000’s)


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