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1. Seed-Water-Fertilizers-Pesticides-Technology Spectacular increase in food grains production 2 Green Revolution.

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2 Seed-Water-Fertilizers-Pesticides-Technology Spectacular increase in food grains production 2 Green Revolution

3 Law of diminishing returns. Increasingly higher dosage of inputs required to maintain same productivity Soil degradation Chemical poisoning of soil, surface & ground water, and food chain Genetic diseases (most horrible instance being the endosulfan poisoning in Kerala, and cancer in Punjab) Reducing soil fertility and falling productivity; 3 Current Situation

4 Pesticides are poisonous and have a harmful effect on humans, live- stocks, soil and ground water. Some of the more serious cases are: Poisoning: server damage to liver, kidneys, brain Genetic diseases E.g. Birth defects due to Endosulfan poisoning in Kerala Cancer E.g. Cancer train in Punjab Poisoning of live stock (milk, poultry, meat) Poisoning of food chain (fruits & vegetables) Poisoning of water bodies & under ground water Reducing soil fertility and falling productivity 4 Result of usage of Chemical Pesticides

5  We are all aware about the dangerous effects of chemical pesticides on health and environment  However, pesticides are necessary to meet food production 5

6 Is there a solution? 6

7 Yes, there are safe and effective solutions Organics Biologicals 7 Solution

8  Slow  Low Productivity  Inadequate supply 8

9 Is there a Industrial level Solution for Mass Intensive Agriculture? 9

10 Bio-fertilizers & Bio-pesticides  More effective for Organic farming  Mass production and supply possible  Large scale application  Safe and better results  Maintain productivity and increase returns  Cheaper and sustainable 10

11 Specific Tolerance IPM Sustained prevention Safety Application Lower cost per acre 11

12 12 Eco-Friendly Bio-Fungicides S.N.Micro-OrganismsTarget Diseases 1Trichoderma viride Root rots, Collar rots, Wilts, Damping off, Leaf Blights & Leaf Spots 2Trichoderma harzianum 3Trichoderma asperllum 4Pseudomonas fluorescens Soil & Seed borne pathogens caused by fungi & bacteria. 5Bacillus subtilisSoil, seed & air borne pathogens 6Ampelomyces quisqualis Powdery mildew, Downy mildew & Black scurf.

13 13 Eco-Friendly Bio-Insecticides S.N.Micro-OrganismsTarget Insects 1 Bacillus thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki Lepidopteran – Catterpillars, Defoliaters, Cut worms, Leaf rollers, Borers 2 Verticillum lecanii Mealy bugs, White fly, Thrips, Aphids, Hoppers & Scales. 3 Beauveria bassiana Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, White flies, DBM, Fruit borer, Root grubs. 4 Hirsutella thompsoniiParasitic Mite 5 Metarhizium anisopliaeTermites & White grubs 6 Paecilomyces lilacinusRoot knot nematodes 7 Trichogramma spp.Pyrilla, & Lepidopteran insect

14 Soil Health Productivity Safe & Eco- friendly Economic Provide nutrients to plants for longer period Recommended Input for Organic Farming Higher value of the produce Sustainable Agriculture

15 Chemicals usage - quick elimination of infestation - during early stage Biologicals usage - Compatible with chemicals - during later stage Sustainable agriculture - Symbiotic application - Low chemical residue in produce - Lower cost 15

16 Need to Increase Adoption of Biologicals 16

17 Legislation to limit chemical residue in food chain Ensure quality and control of spurious products 17

18 International Panaacea Limited focused on Biotechnology solutions for agriculture markets. The company has been in existence for over 15 years and has created a world-class technology / product, market and management expertise.  World class R&D with modern state of art facility and recognized by DSIR  State of art Manufacturing unit with installed capacity of 8000MT/KL  Complete Product portfolio of 40 products providing total biological solutions to farmers  All India marketing and distribution presence  Products have been successfully tried and tested in various countries 18

19 Professionally managed company. Strong internal control systems No compromise on ethics Technologically driven company with innovative products offering, environment friendly biotech (microbial) solutions for enhancing agricultural productivity Strong R&D capability The IPL strains have among the best performance and results globally Quality products developed through virulent and effective strains which works under different agro climatic conditions Continuous improvement of commercialized products Market Leader and Brand Image 19

20 International Panaacea Limited E-34, 2 nd Floor, Connaught Circus, New Delhi -110001, INDIA Phone : +91 11 23418880, 43667200 Fax : +91 1123418889. Website : Thank You

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