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The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Fossil Pterosaurs.

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1 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Fossil Pterosaurs

2 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Pterosaurs (terro-sawrs) are not dinosaurs (though many textbooks include them with the dinosaurs). The are an order of their own; Pterosauria (terro-sawr-ia) Pterosaurs were flying animals which are only known from their fossil remains.

3 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Some fossil pterosaurs are very spectacular and complete. Specimens like this fine Rhamphorhynchus – which shows the wing membrane – are very rare, but have great scientific value.

4 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Most pterosaur fossils are found as bone fragments or parts of animals. Such fragmentary remains are still quite rare. Jaw fragment of a small pterosaur showing tooth sockets. Humerus (upper wing bone) of a small pterosaur with a part broken off.

5 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Pterosaurs are divided into two sub-orders. The first one is; Rhamphorhynchoidea (Ram-for-rink-oid-ear) Early pterosaurs with long tails and short wing metacarpals.

6 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Pterosaurs are divided into two sub-orders. The second one is; Pterodactyloidea (terro-dactyle-oid-ear) Later pterosaurs with short tails and long wing metacarpals.

7 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Triassic Pterosaurs Eudimorphodon Ranzii (Zorzino Limestone, Italy) Eudimorphodon is a typical Triassic pterosaur, with different size teeth and some teeth with three cusps. The earliest known pterosaurs were fully formed flying animals with long tails and well developed wings. They all appear to have been carnivores. Most of the larger Triassic pterosaurs were about the size of large crows or buzzards.

8 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Jurassic Pterosaurs During the Jurassic Period there were a large number of different types of pterosaurs. Some were as big as small birds and others were larger than eagles. Many forms had very large teeth. Rhamphorhynchus and Pterodactylus lived side by side in the late Jurassic era. This was when the large dinosaurs roamed the land. Dorygnathus Gallodactylus

9 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Cretaceous Pterosaurs During the Cretaceous Era the pterosaurs became larger than ever. Some species had wingspans equal to those of a small aeroplane. Small pterosaurs had almost disappeared, they were probably unable to compete with the newly evolved birds. Pteranodon

10 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 Pterosaur Timeline Pterosaurs were at their height in the Late Jurassic Era. Only the large pterosaurs remained until the end of the Cretaceous Era.

11 The Pterosaur Database - - 2006 PowerPoint presentation prepared by Paul Pursglove - 2006 The Pterosaur Database is a non-profit making information source for people interested in the study of fossil pterosaurs. Images on this presentation are copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without permission.

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