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TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE August 17, 2010.

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1 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE August 17, 2010

2 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Introduction Numerous low-cost, community boards have been developed –Beagleboard –Beagleboard xM –Leopardboard –Hawkboard Over 20,000 Beagleboards shipped alone Provide a tremendous value by providing SW and HW evaluators a low cost evaluation environment Provide ample development resource without over design which adds increasing cost Platforms provide easy scalability between ARM9 and Cortex-A8 processors Numerous options available to add functionality to boards as expansion is standard By utilizing the open source community, evaluators can collaborate with thousands of other developers on numerous topics Community based IRC Channels and Mailing lists allow users instant access to the community Hardware is fully open source and provides an excellent board layout/schematic reference The newest member of this family is Craneboard

3 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Highlights of Craneboard Value Low cost development tool (<$200) based on 600MHz Sitara AM3517 Cortex-A8 processor AM3517 Delivers additional functionality and integration not found on other Sitara processors including: –3.3V I/O, DDR2 Memory, USB OTG PHY, 10/100 EMAC, CAN Bus Hardware Utilizes Via Channel Array package. 0.8mm Routing; 4-layer PCB Significantly lowers PCB cost and complexity Power over Ethernet, Multiple power options, expansion, compatibility Fully Open Source HW Design Software Fully Open Source Linux Board Support package (2.6.32) Based on existing AM3517 Software All software available via GIT Arago File System Flashing tool and board diagnostics Support Community based support model Will leverage Maximizes community involvement Utilizes existing infrastructure IRC / Mailing Lists Complete user documentation for quick start up

4 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Craneboard Block Diagram April 15 4 AM3517 Cortex-A8 600MHz AM3517 Cortex-A8 600MHz 256MB DDR2 256MB NAND 256MB DDR2 256MB NAND uSD Serial JTAG ENET DVI-D USB PMU TPS65910 PMU TPS65910 Voltage Regulators +12 VDC USB OTG TV Out (CVBS) TV Out (CVBS) CAN Expansion PHY DVI TX USB PHY Power Control CAN TRX CAN TRX USB Power Option USB Power Option Users can power the board via USB, POE, or VDC POE or DC Power Option POE or DC Power Option

5 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Craneboard Features

6 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Craneboard Information Available starting in October, 2010 You will be able to purchase your Craneboard from: – – –Numerous WW Distributors MSRP

7 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE Why Craneboard? The cranes' beauty and their spectacular mating dances have made them highly symbolic birds in many cultures with records dating back to ancient times. Crane mythology is widely spread and can be found in areas such as the Aegean, South Arabia, China, Korea, Japan and in the Native American cultures of North America. In northern Hokkaidō, the women of the Ainu people performed a crane dance that was captured in 1908 in a photograph by Arnold Genthe. In Korea, a crane dance has been performed in the courtyard of the Tongdosa Temple since the Silla Dynasty (646 CE).Aegean ArabiaChinaKoreaJapanHokkaidōAinu peopleArnold GentheKoreaSilla Dynasty In Mecca, in pre-Islamic South Arabia, Allāt, Uzza, and Manah were believed to be the three chief goddesses of Mecca, they were called the "three exalted cranes" (gharaniq, an obscure word on which 'crane' is the usual gloss). See The Satanic Verses for the best-known story regarding these three goddesses.MeccaAllātUzzaManahglossThe Satanic Verses The Greek for crane is Γερανος (Geranos), which gives us the Cranesbill, or hardy geranium. The crane was a bird of omen. In the tale of Ibycus and the cranes, a thief attacked Ibycus (a poet of the 6th century BCE) and left him for dead. Ibycus called to a flock of passing cranes, who followed the attacker to a theater and hovered over him until, stricken with guilt, he confessed to the crime.GreekCranesbillIbycus Pliny the Elder wrote that cranes would appoint one of their number to stand guard while they slept. The sentry would hold a stone in its claw, so that if it fell asleep it would drop the stone and waken.Pliny the Elder Aristotle describes the migration of cranes in The History of Animals, adding an account of their fights with Pygmies as they wintered near the source of the Nile. He describes as untruthful an account that the crane carries a touchstone inside it that can be used to test for gold when vomited up. (This second story is not altogether implausible, as cranes might ingest appropriate gizzard stones in one locality and regurgitate them in a region where such stone is otherwise scarce)AristotleThe History of Animalstouchstone And don’t forget The Karate Kid!

8 TI Proprietary – INTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCLOSE The newest low-cost development tool from Texas Instruments Sitara Processors MSRP Orderable P/N: CRANE (for distributors only) Standard Pack Quantity/ Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Low-cost, Open Source development platform based on Sitara AM3517 Processor 600MHz Cortex-A8 Powerful 3D Graphics Accelerator Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC, USB OTG PHY, CAN, and 3.3V I/O delivers differentiated peripheral set when compared to AM/DM37x (beagleboard) 3 power options deliver portability options for mobile developers DC, USB, POE uSD, Serial, JTAG, Ethernet, DVI-D, USB, TV OUT, CAN, and Expansion ports Leverages community for collaboration, projects, and support Up-sale opportunities on power supply and cables Available October, 2010 from Numerous Distributors (any authorized distributor can participate)

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