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Engineering Bernd Fischer RW344: Software Design ▬ ▬ ▬▬ ▬ ▬

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1 Engineering Bernd Fischer RW344: Software Design ▬ ▬ ▬▬ ▬ ▬

2 Group Project: Painting Programs by Numbers

3 Problem statement Many program analysis methods associate numbers with each statement: how often it has been exectued? how many failing test cases have executed it? how many models does it have? how long ago was it written? by whom? how often was it changed?...? The goal of this project is to collect and visualize this information in a normal text editor.

4 Problem statement More precisely, this project should develop: a generic visualization component as plugin to Eclipse; this should be language-independent (or easily be customizable to different programming languages), metric-independent, and easily customizable by users; and a tool suite to compute different metrics suitable as input to the visualization component; the tool suite should cover at least three different areas (dynamic analysis, static analysis, development history).

5 Pretty (?) Pictures



8 Your Tasks Requirements specification –work out what the system should do –submit IEEE-style requirements document Design –work out architecture, algorithms, data structures –submit design document Implementation –coding, testing, documentation –submit code & test cases, demonstrate system Management –work out team name & structure, keep minutes & logs –submit logs

9 Marking Overall weight 30% –requirements, design, demonstration (ie functionality) –1:1:2 weights Only specified and implemented functionality counts –missing / broken essential requirements cost marks –need to prioritize requirements Base mark for group, “moderated” by individual contributions –based on team structure, group’s self-assessment

10 Schedule Requirements due: Tuesday, Sep 02 Design due: Tuesday, Sep 22 Code due: Tuesday, Oct 21 Demonstration: tbd

11 Group assignments ID#NameID#Name 16690346BERNDT16960769CHRISTOPH 16121961BOSMAN17179572COETZEE 16446216BOTHA16137329COLLETT 17187613BREYTENBACH16706811DE VILLIERS 17403812BUTLER15269507DU TOIT 16716868ESTERHUIZEN17327652JORDAAN 17262453GIFFARD16954939KRUGER 17045053JACOBS17068916LABRUM 16101774JACOBS17081629LE ROUX 17305276JAKINS17128242LEID 16231821MCLAUGHLIN13679244THOM 16206371NEWMAN16463102VAN HEERDEN 16512561PHILLIPS17224047VISSER 16618653ROGERS17229278WEIDEMAN 16976835SCHREIBER16463455WESNER

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