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Competency 005 Sections: F,G,H Presented by: Ernie Vela.

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1 Competency 005 Sections: F,G,H Presented by: Ernie Vela

2 The master technology teacher demonstrates knowledge of how to use task-appropriate tools to synthesize knowledge, create and modify solutions and evaluate results to support the work of individuals and groups in problem- solving situations. Competency 005 ("Educ technology," 2013)

3 Knows how to create specifications and instructions (e.g. hardware/software requirements, instructions for use) for technology – based tasks. Competency 005 Section F ("Educ technology," 2013)

4 Software  PowerPoint  Excel  Word  Camtasia  Photo Story  Explorer Competency 005 Section F Hardware  Graphing Calculator  Digital Camera  Projector  Digital Thermometer  Digital Video Recorder  SmartBoard

5 Knows how to use technology application to facilitate the evaluation of work including both process and product. Competency 005 Section G (Avelar, 2010)

6 Competency 005 Section G (Avelar, 2010)

7 Knows how to create rubrics to evaluate technology-based processes and products against established criteria. Competency 005 Section H Student Name: MTT Study Guide Rubric Possible Points Points EarnedCommentsDescription 40 Competency content is effectively covered. 15 Creativity - elements are provided that make the presentation interesting and memorable (cartoons, quotes, photographs, etc.) 20 PowerPoint uses rules of good design: font size, font face, use of text, appropriate white space, attractive layout, accessible to color-blind or visually-impaired audience, etc. 20 Graphics are included and they are clear, of high quality, appropriately sized, and effective in conveying the message. 20 Appropriate copyright attribution for all elements included. 20 30-60 second movie embedded in PPT presentation conveys appropriate intent (humor, introduction of an idea, emphasis of an idea, information, etc.) 20 Links to 5-8 resources on competency added to the Wiki study page with brief explanation for each 30 Game developed that assists in studying for competency. 15 Study guide and games posted to wiki study page 2000 % Score0% (Butler, 2012)

8 When to use Technology

9   ls/mttprepmanual.pdf ls/mttprepmanual.pdf Competency Study Links

10 (2013). Educ technology. (2013). [Web Photo]. Retrieved from Avelar, A. (2010, January 19). [Web log message]. Retrieved from Butler, J. (2012, September). [PBWorks]. Retrieved from tation%20guide%20rubric.xlsx Works Cited

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