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This book was made in Ikuntji, Papunya and Kintore in May 2014 Illustrated by Claudia Marshall, Hazel Butler, Sharika Butler, Theresa Jack, Roseranna.

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2 This book was made in Ikuntji, Papunya and Kintore in May 2014 Illustrated by Claudia Marshall, Hazel Butler, Sharika Butler, Theresa Jack, Roseranna Larry and Leyla Iten Written by Leyla Iten Translated by Patricia Mulda, Andrea Butcher, Rachel Stockman, Isobel Major, Liza Mulda and Vronita Mulda

3 This morning, when Shallequa’s grandmother woke her up, she was feeling a bit grumpy. She had had a late night and wanted to sleep all day, but she got up anyway and made tea for her grandmother and herself. Her dogs Spaghetti and Funny face were wagging their tails and happy she was awake. They were waiting for their breakfast too. Jintungka Shallequa-ku ammaming-ku palunya watjanu Shallequa pakala jintu ngaatja katuringnu palaru purka ngarringu. Palaru mungangka parangnyi palaru yunturingnu kunkunpa ngarinjacko. Palaru pyoke pakara tea palyanu palumpa amamami-ku. Paluru yungu palumpa paapa Spaghetti yini paluru yunpa panipakanya Funny Face tjanya taila pirritja- pirritjinyi tjana pataningi breakfast-tjaku.


5 Shallequa put on her new Sydney Swans jumper, and started making a fire so her grandmother would be warm. she would go to school when her grandmother was looked after and feeling good. She made some scrambled eggs and lots of toast, and they sat and buttered the toast next to the fire. They ate a good breakfast. Shallequa-lu manitjinu Sydney Swan jumper paluru waru payanu palumpa ammaming-ku yananyi kuulakutu paluru yunta yantalpayi palumpa kapali. Paluru palyanu scrambled egg and toast tjuta warungka breakfast palya ngalkuntjaku.


7 Shallequa’s phone was flat again and she looked around for her charger, she couldn’t find it anywhere. Her aunty had the same phone so she went next door and got her charger. She wanted to listen to her favourite Nicky Minaj songs on her way to school. She let her phone charge for a while and then logged into facebook. Ten new comments! And fifteen likes! What had she missed?? Shallequa-ku phone patirringu paluru putu ngurrininyi palumpa phone tjatjimilalpayiku kanya palumpa kuntilingku kanyiningi tjatjimilalpayi kutjupa tjutanya ngurra kutjupangka illa paluru yuntjurringu kulintjaku tjuungu palumpa purapitanya Nicky Minaj tjanyatjarra. Kulakutu yankukitjangku paluru tjatjimilanu talapawuna palumpa FaceBook kangka nyakukitja. Paluru nyangu tinpala nyawana comments! And fifteen yuntjurringu! Nya paluru mitjimilanu?


9 Shallequa’s cousin sister, Estella had tagged her in a photo of herself. Estella was looking good! She was wearing her new Rioli T-Shirt, and one of their uncles made a joke about Hawks losing on the weekend. Rioli hadn’t even played, he had a knee injury and Estella was sure that’s why her number one team lost. Saraqueena watjirra Estella nya palyanu palumpa photo paluru palulya tjarra tjunu. Estella-nya kungka palya lingku! Paluru tjaata Rioli nyatjarra kanyiningi palumpa akalagku palunya titjimilanyi-ngu kunyi nyuntupa tjuta lutjurri-ngu Hawks tjutanya. Kunyi Rioli-nya wiya tjapu-tjapungka pilirringu paluru mutit jarra pikatjarra. Nyinangi Estalla-nya tjiluru-tjiluru nyinangi palumpa tjuta wiya winarringu tjanka.


11 Saraqueena had written on Estella’s photo, “you’re rubbish!” Saraqueena was in their class at school, and her cousin too! What! Estella hadn’t written anything back, maybe she had no recharge. Five people liked Saraqueena’s comment. This made Shallequa wild, she was so angry. She wrote on Saraqueena’s wall and told her “stop swearing at my sister you ugly bitch, stop making fight, I’ll fight you true!” That should make her stop! Saraquenna watjanu tjuna Estella-nya wiya putu iyantjaku “nyuntu kuyalingku”. Saraqueena tjungu nyinangi kuulangka palurumpa witjirra palanka nyinangi. Estella-lu wiya piyunku wakanu. Tjingurru recharge wiya. Saraqueena wayilangku palyanu Shallequa nanya. Shallequa paluru nyakula “wayilarringu palunya inyi wakanu-tjanka wiya ngayalaku malapa wakijanky nyantu kuya lingku wiya pika palya tjungku.” Yuwa ngayulu ilta kuwarri punganyi tjingu paluru kulini.


13 Shallequa started walking to school, she went by the shop to get a packet of salty plums, and when she walked in Saraqueena’s older sister Laneeta was working. When Shallequa went to pay, Laneeta got mad, “What you doing making fight with my sister!! She yelled over the counter, you got no shame you, I’ll come hit you! What are you thinking swearing at her!!”. Shallequa was a bit shocked, she was angry with Saraqueena but she didn’t want it to be a big thing with lots of families getting involved. Laneeta’s boss came over and asked what was going on, “If you fight in the shop you might lose your job Laneeta! This is not the place!”. Laneeta glared at Shallequa and the boss went away and cleaned the microwave. Shallequa-nya anangi kuulakutu, paluru anu shop-akutu salty plum payimilantjaku, anta paluru anangi Saraqueena-ku kangkuru tina-kutu Laneeta-nya paluru warrka palya-ningi. Shallequa-lu paluru paimilanu, kanya Laneeta-nya pika-rringu Shallequa-lakutu “Nyutu nyarrarringu pikarrinyi ngayuku malanpawana!! Nyuntu kuntawiya, ngyulu kuwarri nyuntunya punganyi! Nyuntu nya kuliningi!! Warrkiningi palunya!!”. Shallequa-nya paluru putu kulinu. Palulanguru paluru pikalpi ngarangu Saraqueena-ku, kanya Saraqueena paluru wiya yuntjurringu, palumpa waltja tjutaku tjungulkitja. Laneeta-ku putjungku ngalyanku tjapinu yaltjirringu nyuntu, nyuntu pikarrinyi shop-angka palunya watjanu nyuntu wiya warrkarriku pikarrinyingku. Laneetanya paluru nyangangi yunpa kutjupangku Shallequa-nay. Palumpa putjungku patinu Microwave.


15 Shallequa wasn’t sure what to do. She hadn’t seen Estella of Saraqueena yet, she sure didn’t feel like going to school anymore. She was nearly out of recharge and so she wrote on her Divas chat wall, “why everyone getting angry all the time? I hate this, I want to get out of here honest, I’m going to stay with my Mum in SA, I’m going on the weekend true!”. Shallequa-nya putu kuliningi. Paluru putu ngurriningi Estella- ku anta Saraqueena-ku. Paluru wiya yuntjurringangi yangkuntjaku kuulakutu. Paluru wankanu palumpanu Divas Chat wall-langka, Nyaku anangu tjuta kutjapa kutjaparrinyi? Ngayulu wiya yuntjurrinyi alatjiku, ngayulu pakara yankukitja, ngayuku mama-la kutu nyinantjaku S.A., ngaulu yananyi weekend-tangka, Ilta!


17 What do you think might happen? Yaltji-yaltji nyuntu kulini? What do you think Shallequa could do to fix it? Yaltji-yaltji nyuntu kulini Shallequa-lu palyantjaku ngaatja? Who could Shallequa talk to, to fix this? Nganalu Shallequa-nya wangkaku palyantjaku ngaatja? How do you think Estella feels? Estella-lalu kulini yaltji-yaltji? Why do you think Shallequa doesn’t want to go to school anymore? Nyanguru Shallequa-nya wiya yuntjurrinyanyi yankuntjaky kuulakutu?

18 How do you think Laneeta feels about losing her job if she gets angry and has a fight at work? Yaltji-yaltji nyuntu kulini Laneeta-lu paluru palumpa warrka lutjumilanningku anta pikarrinyingka? What do you think it will be like at school when Shallequa turns up and Estella and Saraqueena are both there? Nyaa nyuntukulini kuulangka panya Shallequa-nya nyinanyingka kanya Estella-nya anta Saraqueena-nya tjungu nyinanyingku? What will Shallequa’s grandmother say? Nyaa wangkaku Shallequa-ku amaminku? Why do you think Shallequa wants to go away to SA, will this fix the problem? Who else will have seen the comments online?

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