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Artemis Fowl His memories and there significance.

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1 Artemis Fowl His memories and there significance

2 Gold- Gold has been etched in his mind for his whole life. The family motto is Aurum Est Potestas (Gold is Power). Artemis lives by that motto and that is what started his adventures with the fairy people when he set out to steal there gold.

3 The C- Cube The C Cube is literally the cube that “sees” everything. Its a high tech piece of equipment that is years ahead of our time. This technology was stolen from the fairy people by Artemis. He had meant to sell it to Jon Spiro (a greedy business man) but Artemis found out at the last minute that the C Cube could lead someone to discover the existence of his fairy friends and he couldn’t sell the cube to the very man who would use this valuable information to his advantage. This leads to memories of an adventure to steal back the C Cube from Spiro and it also leads Artemis and his companions to have these memories wiped away.

4 The Number 5 In the Atlantis Complex, Artemis decides that his lucky number is 5 and goes to extremes to use the number 5 as often as possible to ensure that his plans don't go amiss. He even counts his words so he can end in the number 5 or a multiple of 5. This was just the start of a fairy disease called the Atlantis Complex.The main symptoms of this condition are OCD, paranoia, and split personality disorder.

5  After the second adventure Artemis had with the fairy people, he was given the coin. The coin is a fairy coin that Holly shot through the middle then gave to Artemis to remind him “that deep beneath the layers of deviousness...[he has]... a spark of decency”.

6 Tie Artemis’s favorite clothes to wear are Armani suits and Loafers. His fancy choice of clothing also symbolizes how Artemis had to grow up quickly after his fathers disappearance. Artemis had to take over the family business (of being a crime lord) to keep his wealth intact. And his appearance reflects his very serious personality.

7 The Fairy Bible This is when Artemis learned that his dreams of finding fairies could actually become true. In exchange for medicine, Artemis got the fairy bible from a drunken pixie for a short amount of time. He took pictures of every page and then went back home where he began deciphering the complex code of the fairy language.

8 A Large Book Artemis is a evil genius so of course most of his memories would be with his nose in a book. He’s a schemer and a plotter and besides books his favorite way of gaining knowledge is through the Internet.

9 Kevlar Vest The Kevlar vest or a bulletproof jacket, is a not so fond of a memory. Artemis’s butler and friend (Butler) was shot in the chest while wearing the Kevlar. Since it was at close range, the bullet went through the jacket and into his chest. Butler died but was saved when Artemis froze him for a short time then got Holly to perform some “magic surgery” on Butler.


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