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Are You Ready? Life After High School “The College Process” Butler HS Class of 2015.

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1 Are You Ready? Life After High School “The College Process” Butler HS Class of 2015

2 What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? Online Resources (connects interests, abilities, and values to education/career paths) (an online tool that can help you connect your education path to jobs that interest you) (provides practical advice so you can find the career and educational path that's right for you) (your pathway to career & career options) win/jtypes2.asp (Jung’s personality profile) (the nation’s premier source for career info)

3 Class of 2015 COURSES FOR COLLEGE 4 English 4 Math 3 Science 3 Social Sciences 2-3 Foreign Languages (same) 1 Fine Art (music, art) *VBCSD Graduation Requirements (22 credits) also include PE, Health, Speech/Technology, & Financial Literacy.

4 TESTING 1, 2, 3, … (365200) SAT DateDeadline 10/11/149/12/14 11/8/1410/8/14 12/6/1411/6/14 1/24/1512/29/14 3/14/152/13/15 5/2/154/6/15 6/6/155/8/15 $52.50 Regular deadline *Late Registration add $28.00 ACT DateDeadline 9/13/148/8/14 10/25/1409/19/14 12/13/1411/7/14 2/7/151/9/15 4/18/153/13/15 6/13/155/8/16 $38.00 Registration regular deadline $54.50 (with writing) *Late Registration add $24.00

5 What Do I Look for In a College? Location/Distance Size of Student Body Type of School Degrees Offered Admission Policies Cost Academic Offerings Honors/Special Programs Campus Life Housing Options Student Profile

6 Exploring Colleges Online Resources (links on Guidance Page) One-stop shopping for everything college visit related Find colleges, advice, and more…by the CollegeBoard Find your dream school and a way to pay for it… (Ohio’s Privates) (Ohio’s Publics)

7 Exploring Colleges, continued! Butler High School Visits Guidance Bulletins (email signup) Listen to the daily announcements! Sign up in Guidance at least 24 hours before. Check the bulletin board outside of Guidance. Don’t abuse this privilege to learn. College Fairs National College Fairs @ Duke Energy in Cincy (9/14) Fifth Third College Prep Night @ Fifth Third Field (9/24) Greater Dayton College Night @ UD Arena (11/5)

8 Exploring Colleges, continued! Off Campus College Visits BHS Policy – page 29 in Student Handbook – must be pre-approved by counselor/administrator and verified by college/university upon return (letter from school). – college visit request form is located in the counseling office and must be turned in ONE WEEK prior to the visit. – maximum number of visits: 12 th = 5 (up to 4 in one semester) 11 th = 3 (all 2 nd semester)

9 Application Process Apply online (Common App or University App) 3-5 apps is normal Take your time, but don’t wait until the last day! Need credit card to pay online (fees vary). Have test scores sent from ACT/SAT (fees vary). Supply ALL information! Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions…

10 Letters of Recommendation complete Activity Sheet and or Resume (give to recommender) give recommender plenty of notice (at least 2 weeks) most letters will be sent electronically (give recommender all required information) follow college/university guidelines ask appropriate persons!

11 College Essays or Writing Samples Some schools require essays or extended responses. Stick to the point! Have a teacher review before sending. If optional, send it! (holistic review of app) Save it and use it on other applications!

12 Completed Applications * transcript release form required * Paper Applications – Complete your part (including signature) – Bring in completed application and application fee. – Guidance office completes the rest (counselor recommendation form or letter, college prep sheet, official transcript with test scores and profile) – Do not wait until deadline, give us at least 1 week to complete Online Applications – Most schools prefer/only acceptable method – Print off any counselor recommendation form or college prep form and give to Guidance Office – Guidance office completes the rest and mails in with transcript, etc. – If no additional sheet, print off address of school and bring in with request – Do not wait until deadline, give us at least 1 week to complete

13 Popular Common Application Schools Ohio Public Universities Miami Ohio State Cincinnati Ohio Private Universities Baldwin Wallace Case Western Wooster Denison Hiram John Carroll Kenyon Oberlin Ohio Wesleyan Otterbein Dayton Findlay Wittenberg Xavier Other Popular Schools Butler Harvard Northwestern Princeton Purdue Tennessee Kentucky Michigan Notre Dame

14 What Are They Looking For? Grades (1 st and 2 nd semester), classes (including senior year), class rank Counselor/teacher recommendation Activities Athletics, Music, Clubs/Organizations, Employment, Volunteer Work Honors/Awards *Most schools will let you know of their decision within 4-6 weeks. *Notify Guidance Office to send in final transcripts to the school that you have chosen BEFORE you graduate.

15 Admissions Options Regular Admission most common option, students must submit their applications by a specific date, usually before Feb., admissions reviews applications and sends out acceptances and rejection letters on the same date. Rolling Admission allow students to apply at any time during their admission period; typically, September through July, school then evaluates each application as it’s received, sends acceptance letters to students who meet their requirements, first-come, first-serve basis, submit application ASAP!

16 Admissions Options Early Decision (binding) You agree to attend this school if accepted, you can’t apply to any other college or university, and if you receive an acceptance letter, you must withdraw any other applications to other schools. Because this option is binding, you need to be both sure about your choice and realistic about your application. It is contractual (commitment) so a financial penalty could be imposed if broken. Early Action (non-binding) Like early decision, you are applying only to your top-choice school. However, unlike early decision, you are not bound to attend if accepted and you can apply early action to more than one university. You can accept an offer as soon as you receive it or wait to make your final selection in the spring after you’ve found out where else you’ve been accepted.

17 Financial Aid scholarships grants student loans work study Merit Based Academic, Athletic, or Talent types of scholarships Provided by the College/University May be taken away if you fail to hold your end of the bargain… Need Based Loans (pay back) Grants (don’t pay back) Work-Study (your pay goes toward your tuition) Military (service before, during, or after college)

18 Financial Aid - continued After January 1 st, complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) BHS Financial Aid meeting is…. T HURSDAY, J ANUARY 8 TH, 7 PM, L ECTURE R OOM FAFSA Workshop via Aviator CRC (TBA) FAFSA4Caster to get a quick look at estimate your eligibility for federal student aid. (

19 Financial Aid – final slide! How Do I (average Jill/Joe) Get a Scholarship? Guidance Bulletin (sign up for email group!) Employers, Church, Clubs…Leadership/Community Service! Local Scholarship Packet and Dayton-Montgomery Scholarship Program – February Winners notified at Senior Awards Ceremony in May Scholarship Search – CollegeBoard – FastWeb – MeritAid

20 Finally… – Take or re-take SAT/ACT – Narrow college choices – Fill out applications by deadlines – Turn in paper applications – Turn in any supporting paperwork if applying on-line – After January 1 st – complete FASFA – Keep track of acceptance and financial award letters – Maintain academics! – Student Athletes register at NCAA Eligibility Center (meeting Nov. 4 th )

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