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Terrebonne, Louisiana and the World. Pre-Terrebonne – 1814 Map.

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1 Terrebonne, Louisiana and the World

2 Pre-Terrebonne – 1814 Map

3 Events of 1812 - 1815  Louisiana becomes 18th state on April 30, 2013  James Madison elected President with only 50.4% of the popular vote (DeWitt Clinton of New York was his opponent)  Star Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key  White House in Washington Burned  Dolly Madison saves national treasures

4 United States1812-1816

5 18 states – 15 stars... hmmm

6 Who fought in the War of 1812  The War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain began formally on June 18, 1812. It involved about 60,000 U.S. Army forces supported by 470,000 militia and volunteer troops.  Great Britain  Native Americans

7 British and the Native Americans Tecumseh

8 United States Regulars & Militia

9 Factors to War  British impressments of Sailors  America wanted to seize Canada (During the Revolutionary War, Americans invaded Canada and took control of Montreal, however could not take Quebec)  British blocked shipping trade with France


11 Theaters of War  Northwest Territory – Michigan, Ohio, Indiana  Upper Canada – Ontario  Upper New York  Great Lakes – Erie, Ontario, Huron  Eastern Seaboard – South Carolina,  New Orleans


13 Southdown Connection to War of 1812  William John Minor Family – Mary Minor (age 14) married William Butler Kenner. He was the brother- in-law of W.J. William Butler Kenner became a member of the legislative council and helped organize a militia to repel the British in the Battle of New Orleans. His grandson was Minor Kenner  Henry Chotard, husband of Francis Minor, W.J.’s other sister, was aide-de-camp to Major General Andrew Jackson and Assistant Adjutant General at the Battle of New Orleans

14 Battle of New Orleans (Chalmette)

15 Battle of New Orleans  Andrew Jackson  Local Militia  Jean Lafitte  4,000 American, Spanish, African American  10,000 British

16 Chalmette


18 Battle of the Raisin River/Lake Erie  Frenchtown  Battle  Massacre  “Remember the Raisin”  Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry  “We have met the enemy and they are ours”

19 Frenchtown – Currently Monroe, MI

20 River Raisin Battlefield State Park

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