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Terrebonne, Louisiana and the World. Pre-Terrebonne – 1814 Map.

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1 Terrebonne, Louisiana and the World

2 Pre-Terrebonne – 1814 Map

3 Events of  Louisiana becomes 18th state on April 30, 2013  James Madison elected President with only 50.4% of the popular vote (DeWitt Clinton of New York was his opponent)  Star Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key  White House in Washington Burned  Dolly Madison saves national treasures

4 United States

5 18 states – 15 stars... hmmm

6 Who fought in the War of 1812  The War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain began formally on June 18, It involved about 60,000 U.S. Army forces supported by 470,000 militia and volunteer troops.  Great Britain  Native Americans

7 British and the Native Americans Tecumseh

8 United States Regulars & Militia

9 Factors to War  British impressments of Sailors  America wanted to seize Canada (During the Revolutionary War, Americans invaded Canada and took control of Montreal, however could not take Quebec)  British blocked shipping trade with France


11 Theaters of War  Northwest Territory – Michigan, Ohio, Indiana  Upper Canada – Ontario  Upper New York  Great Lakes – Erie, Ontario, Huron  Eastern Seaboard – South Carolina,  New Orleans


13 Southdown Connection to War of 1812  William John Minor Family – Mary Minor (age 14) married William Butler Kenner. He was the brother- in-law of W.J. William Butler Kenner became a member of the legislative council and helped organize a militia to repel the British in the Battle of New Orleans. His grandson was Minor Kenner  Henry Chotard, husband of Francis Minor, W.J.’s other sister, was aide-de-camp to Major General Andrew Jackson and Assistant Adjutant General at the Battle of New Orleans

14 Battle of New Orleans (Chalmette)

15 Battle of New Orleans  Andrew Jackson  Local Militia  Jean Lafitte  4,000 American, Spanish, African American  10,000 British

16 Chalmette


18 Battle of the Raisin River/Lake Erie  Frenchtown  Battle  Massacre  “Remember the Raisin”  Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry  “We have met the enemy and they are ours”

19 Frenchtown – Currently Monroe, MI

20 River Raisin Battlefield State Park

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