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January 2014 Materials and Resources for USDA Health Insurance Marketplace Overview.

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1 January 2014 Materials and Resources for USDA Health Insurance Marketplace Overview

2  Part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 Where qualified individuals directly compare private health insurance options  Known as Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) Can directly compare on the basis of price, benefits, quality, and other factors Also known as Exchanges or Obamacare  Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace for small businesses What is the Health Insurance Marketplace? 2January 2014

3  It’s a way to shop for health coverage Simplifies the search With one streamlined application an individual or family can explore every qualified insurance plan in the area  Most people are able to get a break on costs 90% of people who are currently uninsured will qualify for savings on health insurance  Clear options with apples-to-apples comparisons All health insurance plans in the Marketplace present their price and benefit information in plain language The Marketplace… 3January 2014

4  Nationwide Enrollment for Health Care coverage Surged in December  Most recent data indicate that more than 2.1 million people enrolled in a private health insurance plan through Federal and State-based Marketplaces  3.9 million Americans learned they’re eligible for coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Oct. and Nov. surges.html surges.html Update from CMS January 20144

5 5  Some exceptions may allow for earlier effective dates Enroll during the Initial Open Enrollment Period Your coverage is effective On or before December 23, 2013 January 1, 2014 Between the 1st and 15th day of the month First day of the following month Between the 16 th and the last day of month First day of second following month  October 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014 Initial Open Enrollment Period for the Individual Market

6  Education Educate public about benefits of health insurance Hold community events Partner with local orgs to get the word out  Enrollment Marketplace is open until March 31, 2014 Medicaid is open year round  Helping people with new coverage Fact sheets available on How You Can Help Moving Forward January 20146

7 7 How the Marketplace Works

8 8January 2014 4 Ways to Get Marketplace Coverage

9 January 20149 Click “Get Training” for helpful videos Get the latest resources for assisters to help people apply, enroll, and get coverage. Resources for Assisters

10  Webinar/Call recordings and slides Frequently Asked Questions Application, eligibility, enrollment Assister Resources  Helping Consumers with Casework (new)  Factsheets/Tips/Guidelines  CAC & Navigator Weekly Calls Fridays @ 2:00pm ET  Weekly Assister Newsletter from CCIIO Resources for Assisters January 201410

11 January 201411 Click “Get Training” for helpful videos Get the latest training resources. Get Training

12  Navigator Training  CAC Training  Overviews of Health Insurance Marketplace Slides, speaker notes, video, Spanish version  Marketplace 101 Slides, speaker notes, Spanish version Youtube:  SHOP Slides and speaker notes Training Materials January 201412

13 January 201413 Click “Get Training” for helpful videos Get the latest resources, factsheets and materials. Official Resources

14  Publications/Drop in Articles Factsheets, enrollment info, QHP factsheets  Widgets and Badges  Logos, Graphic and infographics  Spanish plus 32 additional languages Translated Consumer Application (all) Other translated materials (9)  Other Partner Resources Flyers, toolkits, local Navigator help CMS Official Resources January 201414

15  Find Local Help CACs, Navigators, and FQHC listed as assisters  Champions for Coverage Organizations helping with education not enrollment) coverage-list.pdf coverage-list.pdf  Public Enrollment Events partner-resources/events-calendar-for-ffm-and-spms-.pdf partner-resources/events-calendar-for-ffm-and-spms-.pdf Partnering with Other Organizations January 201415

16  Data on Uninsured data.html data.html  State Maps of Uninsured profiles/ profiles/  Interactive: A State-by State Look at How Uninsured Fare Under ACA Locating the uninsured January 201416

17  Questions from CACs  Questions from Navigators Email your CMS project specialist  Questions about partnering or materials  Sharing good news stories Questions and Sharing Stories January 201417

18 January 201418

19 19January 2014  Stay Connected Sign up to get email and text alerts at  for Spanish Updates and resources for partner organizations are available at Twitter@HealthCareGov Want more information about the Marketplace?

20  Susie Butler, Acting Director 410-786-7211  Christiana Mpaka, Public Affairs Specialist 410-786-5616  Stefanie Costello, Health Insurance Specialist 202-690-6003 CMS Contacts January 201420

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