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Linda Adler-Kassner (Writing Program) Assistant Chair 2015-2016 Associate Chair 2016-2017 Chair 2017-2018 Conference on College Composition and Communication.

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1 Linda Adler-Kassner (Writing Program) Assistant Chair 2015-2016 Associate Chair 2016-2017 Chair 2017-2018 Conference on College Composition and Communication

2 Amit Ahuja (Political Science) Executive Board 2013-2016 Midwest Political Science Association

3 Silvia Bermudez (Spanish & Portuguese) Executive Committee Popular Culture Division. 2009-2014 Modern Language Association

4 Eileen Boris (Feminist Studies) Executive Board 2012-2015 Social Science History Association

5 Risa Brainin (Theater & Dance) President 2014-2016 Vice President 2012-2014 National Theater Conference

6 James Brooks (History) Chair, Executive Board Western National Parks Association

7 Alison Brysk (Global & International Studies) Chair Human Rights Section. 2014-2015 Vice Chair Human Rights Section. 2013-2014 American Political Science Association

8 Alison Butler (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Chair Section on Chemistry. 2012-2013 American Association for the Advancement of Science

9 Craig Carlson (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology) Chair, Scientific Steering Committee. 2014-2016 U.S. Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry program

10 Irene Chen (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Executive Council 2014-2017 International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life

11 Rick Church (Geography) President 2015. North American Regional Science Council Executive Board Western Regional Science Association Secretary Section on Location Analysis. Institute for Operations Research and the Management of Sciences

12 Keith Clarke (Geography) Executive Board 2013-2016 Cartography and Geographic Information Society

13 Eve Darian-Smith (Global & International Studies) Trustee 2013-2016 Executive Board 2013 Law and Society Association

14 Norah Dunbar (Communication) Chair 2014-2016 Vice Chair & Program Planner 2012-2014 Vice Chair-Elect 2011-2012 Nonverbal Division, National Communication Association

15 Miguel Eckstein (Psychological & Brain Sciences) Treasurer 2012-2014 Board of Directors 2009-2014 Vision Sciences Society

16 Jody Enders (French & Italian) Secretary, Executive Committee Drama Division. 2014-2015 Modern Language Association

17 Sharon Farmer (History) Chair, Nominating Committee 2009-2011 Medieval Academy

18 Jill Felber (Music) Board of Directors 2014-2015. Areon Flutes Board of Directors 2014-2016. National Flute Association Board of Directors 2015. Santa Barbara Community Arts Music Association

19 Andrew Flanagin (Communication) General Co-Chair 2013 International Conference on Social Informatics

20 Sabine Frühstück (East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies) Executive Committee Northeast Asia Council. 2012-2015 The Association for Asian Studies

21 Shelly Gable (Psychological & Brain Sciences) Secretary/Treasurer 2015-2016 Executive Committee 2011-2014 Society for Personality and Social Psychology

22 Michael Gazzaniga (Psychological & Brain Sciences) President 1984-2015. Cognitive Neuroscience Society Executive Board 2015-2018. American Association for the Advancement of Science

23 Howie Giles (Communication) Executive Advisor 2012-2015. International Association of Language and Social Psychology Chair 2012-2015. Intergroup Communication Interest Group, International Communication Association

24 Kostas Goulias (Geography) Executive Board 2010-2011, 2012-2013 International Association for Travel Behavior Research

25 Steven Gross (Music) Executive Director International Horn Competition of America

26 Bradley Hacker (Earth Science) Steering and Oversight Committee Geodynamic Processes at Rifting and Subducting Margins (GeoPRISMS). 2014-2015 National Science Foundation

27 Mary Hegarty (Psychological & Brain Sciences) Chair, Executive Committee 2010-2012 Cognitive Science Society

28 María Herrera-Sobek (Chicana/o Studies) Vice President 2014-2016. International Association of Inter-American Studies Executive Council 2011-2015. Modern Language Association

29 Scott Hodges (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology) Secretary 2012-2014 American Genetic Association

30 Thomas Holden (Philosophy) Executive Committee 2009-2014 Hume Society

31 Aída Hurtado (Chicana/o Studies) Chair-elect 2015-2016 Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social

32 Lisa Jacobson (History) Board of Trustees 2008-2011 Business History Conference

33 Suk-Young Kim (Theater & Dance) Executive Board 2012-2015 American Society for Theater Research

34 Peter Kuhn (Economics) Academic Director, Executive Board. 2014-2017 Western Economic Association International

35 Hugo Loaiciga (Geography) Technical Coordination Executive Committee 2013-2015 Chair Ground Water Council. 2013-2015 Environmental & Water Resources Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers

36 Shelly Lundberg (Economics) President 2012-2013 Society of Labor Economists

37 Sally MacIntyre (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology) Vice President 2014-2017 International Society of Limnology

38 Sears McGee (History) President American Friends of the IHR. 2005-2015 Institute of Historical Research

39 erin Khue Ninh (Asian American Studies) Regional Representative, Board of Directors 2014-2017 Association for Asian American Studies

40 Christopher Pilafian (Theater & Dance) Secretary for National Meetings 2014-2016 Council of Dance Administrators

41 Sara Poot-Herrera (Spanish & Portuguese) Director UC Mexicanistas

42 Fabio Rambelli (East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies) Executive Board 2013-2015 Shinto Kokusai Gakkai

43 Erika Rappaport (History) Advisory Board 2007-2012 North American Victorian Studies Association

44 Katharina Schreiber (Anthropology) Vice President 2011-2015 Institute of Andean Studies

45 Susannah Scott (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Member-at-Large Section on Chemistry. 2013-2020 American Association for the Advancement of Science Chair 2012-2014. Organic Reactions Catalysis Society Vice Chair 2010-2015. Pacific Coast Catalysis Society

46 Cynthia Stohl (Communication) President 2013-2014 Past President 2014-2015 International Communication Association

47 Heather Stoll (Political Science) Secretary Representation & Electoral Systems Section. 2012-2015 American Political Science Association

48 Stuart Tyson Smith (Anthropology) Executive Board 2010-2016 International Society for Nubian Studies

49 Janet Walker (Film & Media Studies) Chair Media & Environmental Scholarly Interest Group. 2013-2015 Society for Cinema and Media Studies

50 Rene Weber (Communication) Chair Mass Communication Division. 2013-2015 Vice Chair Mass Communication Division. 2011-2013 Executive Board 2013-2015 International Communication Association

51 Michael Witherell (Physics) Chair Board on Physics and Astronomy National Academy of Sciences

52 Mayfair Yang (East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies) Executive Committee, Member-at-large Society for the Anthropology of Religion. 2013-2015 American Anthropological Association

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