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© Mariner Partners Inc. 2013, All Rights Reserved. Monitoring the Transition to Ericsson Mediaroom 2.X Presented by Nancy Butler, Director Product Management.

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1 © Mariner Partners Inc. 2013, All Rights Reserved. Monitoring the Transition to Ericsson Mediaroom 2.X Presented by Nancy Butler, Director Product Management

2 All rights (including but not limited to copyright), title and interest are reserved. This publication contains proprietary and confidential information which is protected by Canadian copyright laws and international treaty provisions. No part of this publication may be reproduced, modified, published, adapted, translated, displayed or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or stored in any retrieval system of any nature, without the written permission of Mariner Partners Inc. The use of this publication is also governed by the terms and conditions of a Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Use Agreement which, in addition to prohibiting disclosure, duplication, copying, reproduction, transcription, digitization and storage in electronic mediums, translation and exploitation of this publication in whole or in part, also restricts its use by the owner. Persons to which this publication has been disclosed by its owner and other readers are bound by these terms and conditions and may obtain a copy from: Mariner Partners Inc., 12 Smythe Street, Saint John, NB, Canada E2L 5G5 2

3 Objectives During this webinar you will: Learn ways to effectively leverage the native Ericsson ® Mediaroom ® monitoring capabilities to reduce the Mediaroom Total Cost of Ownership. Leverage new Mediaroom 2.X features using the latest release of Mariner xVu TM. Learn how other operators are benefiting from using the world’s most widely deployed monitoring solution for Mediaroom. Better understand Mariner xVu’s comprehensive suite of troubleshooting and monitoring applications. 3

4 Agenda About Mariner Mariner xVu Service Monitoring Monitoring More Mediaroom Data What’s new with Mariner xVu? Benefits of Operating with Mariner xVu Q&A 4

5 5 10 years of R&D, lab and field testing: now in Release 4 (5 years in deployment). Deployed worldwide (US, Europe, Latam, Asia Pac, Canada, Caribbean). Multiple integration technologies. Payback in one year: quantifiable benefits of at least 3x the cost of Mariner xVu. Monitoring 7M+ devices. More Ericsson Mediaroom deployments than all other vendors combined.

6 6 Customers The World’s Most Trusted Scalable Video Monitoring Solution

7 About Mariner xVu Service Monitoring 7

8 Applications focused on User Groups Network Operations Troubleshooting IPTV Network Issues Improve Meantime to Repair Customer Care and Dispatch Troubleshooting IPTV Consumer Issues Decrease Repeat Reports Customer Care Common Account Actions Improve Call Handling Marketing/ Eng. Mgmt Marketing/ Eng. Mgmt Viewership/QoE Trending Analyze Service Usage and Manage Quality Field Technicians Certifying Installs / Fast Track Repairs Improve Installation Efficiency & Quality Subscribers “Greenlight” the Quality of the Install Improve Self-Install Efficiency 8

9 At the very core of our technology Intelligent triangulation Mariner xVu TCE TM – Patented Topology Correlation Engine –Maps edge data into topology representation. –First comprehensive topology-based mapping for IPTV edge devices. –The leading and most advanced engine of its kind. Event Processing looks easy but… timing is everything –Rules based sampling and analytics - correlation and aggregation Highly configurable algorithms and thresholding –Synthesis required in real time. 9

10 At the very core of our technology Intelligent triangulation Data Scalability –Massive amount of data to be processed 180 MR parameters per STB report, other inputs (crash logs, D-Server logs, etc.) Resulting dashboards must be simple and near real time –Problem detection must be visible through a single screen. –Translation of counters must be intuitive to take troubleshooting action. 10

11 Service Experience Monitoring 11

12 More Mediaroom Data 12

13 Mediaroom 2 – Service Monitoring D-Server 2.X reports are >100 times larger than D-Server 1.X. 13 More Mediaroom data 48 additional counters from Client 1.6 to 2.3 33 additional counters with Client 2.4

14 Mariner xVu is a recognized Ericsson ® Mediaroom ® partner in both test and measurement and application development. 14

15 Mariner xVu is Prepared for Additional Mediaroom Data Subscriber Provisioning Metadata Easily add valuable provisioning information for subscriber troubleshooting via configuration. Support analytics with new deployment metadata. –STB Type, SOC Vendor, Screen Mode, etc. Audio/Video Performance Data 81 new diagnostics means more data to manage and record. Through configuration modify Mariner xVu events to add new counters and/or replace old. 15 Client Mediaroom Diagnostic Counters 250 200 150 100 50 0

16 Mariner xVu and D-Server Data Why Mariner xVu for D-Server monitoring? –Greater reporting precision with D-Server 2.X. –Near real time tracking of packet loss through Mariner xVu, Mariner NetworkVu TM and Mariner SupportVu TM applications. –Massive amounts of unreadable data translated into time based meaningful events. –Mariner xVu D-Server file compression grinds data down to manageable events File size reduced by 80% Mariner xVu compression brings data rates down by 80%. 16

17 Mariner xVu and D-Server Data Mediaroom D-Server 2.X provides: –Increased visibility for R-UDP enabled services –Channel change (leaves/joins) –D-Server packet repair events

18 What’s new with Mariner xVu? 18

19 19 Hot List Reduce latency in Mediaroom diagnostic reports. Reduce churn through proactive and enhanced data sampling. Automate increased diagnostic polling for high profile customers. Use Hot Lists to help improve visibility of new installs, VIPs, etc. Generate reports that correlate diagnostic data with other process data to identify trends.

20 20 Network Polling Targeted polling at any network level. Reduce risk and cost on maintenance windows. Reduce the flying blind feeling after a network change/upgrade. Targeted network polling: Perform On Demand diagnostics for devices that exist off a specific network element. Enables network ops the ability to quickly validate network change through targeted diagnostics. Trigger a current status update for a particular network element after a service outage or a maintenance window.

21 96-Hour History 96 hours of historical data rolled up for the deployment. Extends availability of features like Mariner NetworkVu Playback and KPI Analysis Increases visibility of network impacting problems that occurred over the last 4 days. Visibility of network issues are available after a long weekend. Easier to recognize trends that may occur over a longer cycle. 21

22 KPI Analysis Presents a rolled up view of test results that reported in error at a particular point in time. Provides a quick, automated network- level summary of key process indicators that triggered an error. Removes the manual inspection required to determine the common triggers of events impacting multiple devices. Exports data as a.csv file format for additional analysis with tools like excel/pivot tables. 22

23 In Home Monitoring – LAN/WAN Performance RG/DSLAM monitoring to identify packet loss issues in the home. Immediately correlating LAN/WAN to the STB Leveraging existing Mariner xVu event processing and thresholding design –Health status bar to represent 48 hour performance data of LAN/WAN –Get recent report integration –Identify connection details (wireless, Ethernet, HPNA) –Segment issues inside/outside the home wiring, RG, STB. –Data stored in Mariner xVu database capturing severity and triggering KPIs. Data available in Mariner ReportVu TM for further analysis. 23

24 Install & Repair Certification Target User – Field Techs –TV based, Presentation Framework application providing in-home visual of the connected STBs and RG. –Perform certification of the installation by retrieving diagnostics from the STB and RG Tune to test channel Get latest reports of STBs and RG Identifies packet loss causing video impairments across all connected STBs Provides STB to RG connectivity details (Ethernet, Coax, etc.). –Flag certified install for future comparison. 24

25 25 Mediaroom Health Monitoring Performance monitoring of service delivery points Application insight for TV operations Determine if servers are approaching failure Display health of Windows application servers. IIS logs Provides rolled up application success/failure hits 200, 401, 500 and 503 errors. A-Server – Trace Sink logs Events are logged in MR trace sink log files Rolled up as Critical Error, Error, Warning. Additional Trace Sink Log files V-Server, CGATE, SFSG, etc. trace files can be rolled up with existing A-Server process.

26 A-Server Health Summary 26 Drill Down or search for rolled up server and service health

27 27 Virtual Screen Share Roadmap feature. Fully integrated with Mariner SupportVu. Mediaroom Client 2.2 supports a remote desktop capability to STBs in the field. Provides Service Providers – Helpdesk the ability to walk through Mediaroom Application and PF screens remotely. Assists in user level troubleshooting/assistance. Trigger Client Diagnostic retrieval from the STB.

28 Benefits of Operating with Mariner xVu 28

29 Lower Cost of Ownership for TV Mariner xVu: an end-to-end view of your TV delivery system: Detect silent network failures in real time Cut mean time to repair by 15-20% Improve 1 st call resolution by 50% Reduce “blind” truck rolls Greatly reduce STB swaps Assist with Operations head count efficiency Ensure installation quality Service providers with latest release of Mariner xVu can now monitor 2.5X the devices with the same infrastructure 29

30 “The Mariner xVu tool in conjunction with Mariner’s systems integration skills saved upwards of four months of take-to-market time.” Steve Ryan, Director Services Engineering, Bell Aliant. 30

31 “Mariner xVu will enable SaskTel to adopt an entirely proactive approach to service assurance and to resolve issues before the customer has had time to identify them.” Robert Watson, SaskTel President and CEO. 31

32 Tried and True Pairing Mariner xVu with other business improvements, service providers have recognized: 50% reduction in TV and Internet service calls. 20% reduction in TV related service calls on a growing subscriber base. The ability to proactively resolve TV quality of service issues. 32

33 Thank you Nancy Butler, Director, Product Management 506-642-9411 33

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