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Map types by alivia butler

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1 Map types by alivia butler

2 Political, Physical, and Topographic Maps
Political map-shows state and national boundaries; locations of cities. Physical map-shows mountains rivers and lakes. Topographic map-has contour lines instead of colors to show landscape.

3 Climate map-shows weather of an area and climate zones.
Economic or resource map-specific type of natural resource in an area. Road map-shows major and minor highways and roads Thematic map-focus on a special topic or a special theme.

4 Latitude and longitude
Latitude-lines that run east to west . Longitude-lines that run north to south. *measured in degrees. *latitude first; then longitude .

5 scales Scale-measures a distance between two locations.

6 Continents and oceans North America South America Atlantic ocean
Antarctica Pacific ocean Europe Artic ocean Africa Indian ocean Asia Australia


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