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JEEVES the Robot Butler

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1 JEEVES the Robot Butler
A Beacon-Sensing, Path Finding Robot Operating in a Crowded Environment JEEVES the Robot Butler Team JEEVES Daniel Steffy, Alissa Halvorson, Bogdan Pisica, Christopher Pearson, Hameed Ebadi

2 Project Objectives Create a Robot System that:
Carries Beverage From Vendor to User Detects Direction of Beacon Signal Dynamic Path Finding Based on Ultra-Sonic Sensors Detects When To Stop Able to Return to Base Station Bogdan Pisica

3 Project Purpose Possibilities for Nursing Homes or Hospitals.
Base Station with multiple robots delivering meds, food, etc. to patients People with disabilities Convenience Bogdan Pisica

4 Achievable Goals Implementation of the Robotic Chassis
Detection of Feedback on Robotic Motors Robot Is Able To Move From Point A to Point B Sonar Object Detection Beacon Initiates Robotic Movement Capable of Carrying a Beverage Bogdan Pisica

5 Medium Level Goals Robot Able to Detect Direction of Beacon
Dynamic Object Avoidance Calibration of Wheels Based on Feedback Returns to Point A Bogdan Pisica

6 High Level Goals Beverage Dispenser That Contains Multiple Options
Beacon Allows for Multiple Selections Multiple Users Bogdan Pisica

7 Details of Design

8 Details of Design Three Separate Pieces Robot, Base Station, Remote
Majority of the Processing Power will be in the Robot Remote and Base Station both Transmit Daniel Steffy

9 Robot Design State Machine in Microcontroller
Different Batteries for Motors, Sensors and Microcontroller Sensors: Beverage Presence Monitor (BPM) RFID Reader Directional Antennae Ultra-Sonic Sensors Daniel Steffy

10 State Machine Daniel Steffy

11 Remote Design User Interface Unique RF ID tag
Communications with Base Station (XBee) RF Transmitter Beacon Logic Interfaces with Modules Daniel Steffy

12 Base Station Design Daniel Steffy

13 Motors Stepper Motor Reluctance Motor Precise High Power Density
No calibration needed Reluctance Motor High Power Density Feed back system needed Magnetic Reluctance [resistance] Hameed Ebadi

14 Microprocessor MSP 430 F2616X Low Supply Voltage Range 1.8 V to 3.6 V
16-Bit RISC Architecture 64 I/O pins 12 A/D and 12 D/A Convertor Pins Hameed Ebadi

15 Antenna Wave Properties to worry about
Transmission (use high frequencies to avoid) Refraction Reflection Absorption Diffraction Hameed Ebadi

16 Xbee Wireless Comm Signal Strength Detection Possible Design Ideas
Multiple Xbee Rotation Chris Pearson

17 Ultrasonic Sensor PING (Ultrasonic Sensor)
Precise, non-contact distance measurement from 2 cm to 3 m. 20 mA, 5 VDC Narrow Acceptance Angle Multiple Sensors Chris Pearson

18 Power Motorcycle battery for robot main power 9v for remote beacon
Wall wart for base station Chris Pearson

19 Division of Labor Alissa Halvorson Task Alissa Bogdan Chris Danny
Task Alissa Bogdan Chris Danny Hameed Electrical Controls Sensors X Comm PCB Power Software Path Finding State Machine Device Interfacing Debugging Mechanical motors wheels antenna chassis System Integration Testing Documentation Alissa Halvorson

20 Schedule Alissa Halvorson

21 Budget Part Description Price ($) Comm System Xbee Series 1 75
Micro-Controller System MSP430 150 Antenna 20 Motor System 200 Batteries/Power Motorcycle/9v/Wall 100 Sonic Sensors PING))) 120 RFID System PCB 105 Mechanical Wheels/Chassis Printing Expo Docs Misc TOTAL 1370 Alissa Halvorson

22 Funding UROP Team Members Donations Scavenging Alissa Halvorson

23 Risks and Contingency Plans
Ultra-sonic sensors don't work or too much interference Run out of time or money Reduce features/capability Use bump sensors Failure to detect beacon signal direction Mechanical issues Enlist mechanical major's help Use IR "line of sight" sensors Alissa Halvorson

24 Questions?

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