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Welcome to Butler County Middle School 6 th Grade Jumpstart.

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2 Welcome to Butler County Middle School 6 th Grade Jumpstart

3 Interaction with other grades * Students do not share classes with other grades. * Students have separate hallways/lockers from other grades. *Students sit in their assigned grade level section in the gym and at lunch.

4 Parent Drop-off/Pick-up * Students may be dropped off in front of the school until 7:20 a.m. *After 7:20 a.m. and in the afternoons, parents may drop-off/pick-up students around the back of the school (gym doors). * After 7:20 a.m. and in the afternoons, the front of the school is for bus use only.

5 1.We run a 7 period day. 2. We are a Title I School. 1st PD - 8:00 - 8:50 (7 TH RA) 2nd PD - 8:53 - 9:43 (6 TH RA) 3rd PD - 9:46 - 10:36 (8 TH RA) 4th PD - 10:39 - 12:00 Study Skills / Lunch 5th PD - 12:03 - 12:53 6th PD - 12:56 - 1:46 7th PD - 1:49 - 2:42

6 3. HOMEWORK *If a student continually does not have his/her homework, parents will be notified of the situation by the teacher and/or administration. 4. ESS- Extended School Service 1 st Nine Weeks - Aug. 7 – Oct. 3 Progress Reports Sept 5 th 2 nd Nine Weeks – Oct. 13 – Dec. 19 Progress Reports Nov 13 th 3 rd Nine Weeks – Jan. 5 - Mar 10 Progress Reports Feb. 4 th 4 th Nine Weeks – Mar 11 – May 22 Progress Reports April 15 th

7 1. MONDAY MESSENGER 3. SCHOOL WEBSITE – 2. SCHOOL FACEBOOK- BCMS NEWS 57?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark 57?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark 4. TWITTER- @BCMS_BEARS 5. PTO FACEBOOK- BCMS PTO

8 Dress Code Students are to follow the dress code policy as stated in the student and district handbook. For example, students who have holes in clothing above finger tip length must be covered up with patch, leggings, or shorts, shorts must be at least finger tip length, and pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging). Plunging necklines and back-less dresses or cut-aways are not permitted. Please refer to the handbook for further discussion of the dress code policy.

9 All students are allowed to bring backpacks to school. However, the 8 th and 7 th grade students can carry backpacks or small draw string bags to class. Due to the size of 6 th grade classes backpacks must be kept in lockers, 6 th grade students can carry the draw string bags. Backpacks

10 Cell Phone Policy All cell phones must be on silent or turned off and kept in lockers or on the student’s possession out of sight. Students may use their phones during locker breaks, health breaks, and gym in the morning and afternoon but not in the restroom, locker room, library, or cafeteria. A teacher may allow students to use cell-phone for instruction. Due to the enormous time spent on stolen cell phones, the school will NOT investigate stolen cell phones. Their security is the sole responsibility of the student.

11 (First Offense) Phone will be confiscated from the student and returned at the end of the day. (Second Offense) Phone will be confiscated from the student and will be returned to either the Parent/Guardian at the end of the day or to the student after two school days have transpired. The student nor a sibling, neighbor, or relative may not pick up the phone. (Third Offense) Phone will be confiscated from the student and will be returned to either the Parent/Guardian at the end of the day or to the student after five school days have transpired. The student nor a sibling, neighbor, or relative may not pick up the phone. (Fourth Offense+) Phone will be confiscated from the student and will be returned to the Parent/Guardian at the end of the day or to the student after five school days have transpired. Progressive discipline will take place (ISS or out of school suspension)

12 The inappropriate use of digital imagery devices, whether it is the sole function of a specific device or an additional function of a device, is not allowed. This may include but is not limited to: taking inappropriate pictures of staff or students on school property and/or during school trips without their permission. Any violation of this policy will result in the forfeiture of the device until the end of the semester. Inappropriate use of camera phones may also lead to sexual harassment charges, theft of proprietary information, or invasion of another’s privacy. This policy applies to the staff as well. Inappropriate use of Digital Imagery Devices

13 3 cards Grade Level Team will have option of contacting student and/or parent based on severity of the cards 6 cards Teachers meet with students/ Parents notified by mail 9 cards TIP booth/ Parents notified by Principal or Asst. Principal 12 cards Student placed on a behavior sheet 15 cards Student placed in In-School Suspension (ISS) for one full day 18 cards 1 or 2 days of ISS 21 cards Student suspended from school for 1 day 24 cards Student suspended from school for 1 day/Alternative School (ALP) considered/Multiple Days of ISS 27 cards Multiple days of Suspension/ALP Consideration/ Multiple Days of ISS 30 cards Multiple days of Suspension/ALP Consideration/ Multiple Days of ISS

14 Truancy Diversion Program (TDP) Purpose and Procedures

15 Unexcused Absence? When a student misses school for any reason, a written statement is required in order for the absence to be considered EXCUSED. A student has 5 days upon return to school to turn in a note to the front office. (Do not give the note to your 1 st period teacher) After 5 days the school WILL NOT take a note to excuse the absence. The absence will be documented as UNEXCUSED.

16 Excused/Unexcused All information is available in the Student Handbook. Unlimited Dr. Excuses Funeral forms for death (Case by Case basis for number of absences) Counseling/Psychological Appointments 5 Parent Notes each Semester o 1 st Semester: First Day of School-Christmas Break o 2 nd Semester: First Day back from Christmas- Last Day of School

17 Right/Wrong for Turning in Written Excuses Right: Turn in note to the front office Wrong: Parent called the school so that should be ok. Right: Parent should follow up with school to make sure note is documented Wrong: Student turns in note to a teacher Right: It is ok to Fax a Dr. note. (Please follow up with school) Wrong: My child was sick, but could not get him to the doctor, so I do not send a note. (Use a Parent Note) Wrong: When I sign my child in or out of school I do not have to write a note.

18 Why? The purpose of the Truancy Diversion Program (TDP) is to identify students who are at risk of being referred to Family Court or District Court for truancy charges. These are students who have missed allotted number of days and who are at risk of court involvement.

19 What is Truancy? Excessive Unexcused Absences 3 Unexcused Absences: Truant 3 Unexcused Tardies= One Unexcused Absent 6 Unexcused Absences: Habitual Truant 9 Unexcused Absences: Final Notice

20 Who? The representing Judge of Family, Circuit, or Juvenile Court Court Designated Worker (CDW) School Administrator Attendance Clerk Director of Pupil Personnel (DPP) Guardian Student

21 When? The TDP meetings will be held bi-weekly on a designated day and time at the participating school and will last from anywhere to 15-30 minutes depending questions and needs that need to be addressed.

22 What? During the bi-weekly TDP meetings, the Review Team will review the student’s school attendance, behavior reports, and grades. The TDP will identify any problem areas and develop a detailed plan of action for the family. The team will also offer support, incentives, and affirmation for participating students.

23 Notice to Attend the Meetings At 3 Unexcused Absences (Parent attendance is Opitonal) At 6 Unexcused Absences ( Parent attendance is Required) At 9 Unexcused Absences ( No Meeting- Final Notice will be delivered by DPP and School Resource Officer)

24 What Happens after 9 Unexcused Absences If a student has another Unexcused Absence then Truancy Charges will be filed against the student and the guardian by the DPP. Possible Outcomes are: 1. Six week Diversion meetings with CDW 2. Appearances in Family Court 3. Court Fines 4. Possible Jail Time for Guardians Questions?

25 Surveys Completed Interviews Conducted Staff 37 18 Students 439 88 Parents 233 7 Total 709 113 Those interviewed expressed a sense of safety at school and seemed open and honest in their replies to the questions being asked. A staff member said, “We have a great school. We all are trying to make it safe and we have great kids.” A parent commented, “I feel this is a very safe school. Most of the teachers bring their own kids to school here.” This is in agreement with the results of the perceptual survey in that 100% of teachers, 91.2% of students, and 96.7% of parents believe the building is safe

26 Bully Program BCMS

27 What Is Bullying Day 1 BCMS

28 Forms of Bullying Day 2 BCMS

29 Dealing with Bullying Day 3 BCMS


31 Bully Prevention: 3 Step Response: Step 1: STOP When students experience a problem behavior or they see another student experiencing a problem behavior, they will put their hand up in a “stop signal” and they will say, “Stop” If students are asked to “Stop” they should: 1.Stop what they are doing. 2.Take a deep breath and count to 3. 3.Go on with their day.

32 Step 2: WALK AWAY When students have tried “stop” and the problem behavior continues, they will “Walk Away” from the problem behavior. By walking away you remove yourself from the problem behavior. Step 3: TALK Students should “Talk” to an adult when they have tried the “Stop signal” and “Walk Away” but the problem behavior continues. Talking" is when you have tried to solve the problem yourself, and have used the "stop" and "walk" steps first: Did you request "stop"? Did you "walk away"? Tattling is when you do not use the "stop" and "walk away" steps before "talking" to an adult. Tattling is when your goal is to get the other person in trouble. TALKING VS TATTLING

33 Conflict Resolution Day 4 BCMS


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