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Samantha Butler. Texting while driving BAD IDEA!!!

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1 Samantha Butler

2 Texting while driving BAD IDEA!!!

3 Law on texting while driving discription On November 1 st 2009 a law was passed making it illegal to use portable electronic devices when driving. » This includes texting. About 25% of all accidents have been due to distractions such as cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) The fine can be up to $150

4 Law on texting while driving You cant be pulled over for just texting They have the right to ask for your phone and look at last text – Not giving up phone is cause for them to arrest you. In New York texting and driving is a primary offense

5 STATISTICS!! In 2008 more then 6,000 people were killed due to use of cell phones More then 500,000 were seriously injured Car crashes is the number 1 cause of death for people ages 16-21 Majority of crashes happen in the first 6 months of driving The cost to New York State from young driver crashes: estimated $1.16 billion. More than ten million drivers in the United States are using cell phones

6 graduated driver licensing (GDL) provisions of the Vehicle and Traffic Law This law wont allow any one with a junior license to: Use hand-held and hands- free mobile phones, laptops or blackberry's Makes the driving hours from 20 to 50. 15 must be at night Also can only have one other passenger under 21 that isn't a family member

7 Loophole Text'nDrive is an app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones – This app reads aloud texts/emails as they come to your phone so you don’t have to look at your phone to reply App for smart phone that tells where police are hiding (within 5 mile radius) and cameras DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE

8 Distracter avoiders ZoomSafer – App for phone that blocks incoming texts, emails as your driving and sends a message back to the person who texted you that your driving IZUP – App for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices that people can install in kids phones that wont allow texts, call, or emails to be send if there car is going over 5mph. – Password protected, sends notice to account holder if tampered with – Allows all access to 911 and 3 select safety numbers

9 Works cited df df driving-apps driving-apps ban-on-texting-while-driving-is-now-in-effect ban-on-texting-while-driving-is-now-in-effect 29774.html 29774.html Pictures from Google images!

10 Video on texting while driving

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