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Advanced Photography Portfolio Up Close

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1 Advanced Photography Portfolio Up Close 2009-2010
Stephanie Butler Advanced Photography Portfolio Up Close

2 Artist Statement My artwork this year is focused around the details in life that are missed. I decided to do this project to challenge myself in photography. I started noticing the details around me and decided I would like to capture them. I use photography to have a creative outlet in my life. I feel a sense of pride when people praise my work or even when I am content with it. I am using this project to express what I feel is important within the world. I do black and white photography because I feel that it is truer art than digital. I feel that with digital not much work is put in to it and you can recreate the image multiple times. With black and white your print will never be the exact same as another. I feel that an image is really truly art when it does not need colors to make it interesting. It needs composition and tone to be captivating. Stripping away the colors leaves the image to seem simple and pure. I feel a larger sense of pride in my black and white images that I do with digital. My current project grew out of noticing fine details through out the year. It also developed out of my boots photo that I did last year. I realized I did not have to photograph just people in order to convey ideas. I have always enjoyed photographing people and I believed this would be a good way to challenge myself. I used it as an opportunity to grow as an artist.

3 Mirror Butler

4 Kentucky Butler

5 Flowers Butler

6 Sweater Butler

7 Light Butler

8 Mouth Butler

9 Foot Butler

10 Hand Butler

11 Belly Butler

12 Ear Butler

13 Artist Bio Stephanie Butler has been in the El Camino Fundamental High School’s Photography class for three years. Previously to this current project she worked with portraiture. She will attend Chico in the fall and would like to pursue photography there along with psychology. She hopes to be a psychiatrist.

14 Artist Resume Stephanie Butler
3220 Montclaire Street, Sacramento, California, 95821 (916) Education: El Camino Fundamental High School Sacramento, California Graduated 2010 3 years of study in Photography, 1 year Photo Club, 1 year Journalism Honors : Honorable Mention Award- Pro Image Photo Competition, 2009 Exhibitions: Multiple Themes Multiple Visions, group show, EC on-line gallery, May 2009 Pro Image Photo Competition, participant, San Jose, CA, 2009 Winter Show, Photo Source Gallery, group show, Sacramento, CA, December 2008 Affiliations: EC photo Club member since 2008, Served as Hospitality Chair in 2008 Girl Scouts of America since 1999 References: Gloria Kelley, Librarian Mission Avenue Open School 5324 Grant Avenue Carmichael, CA, 95821 (916) Marie Jones, Early Childhood Development Professor American River College 249 Spencer Way, Folsom, CA, 95603 (916) Lisa Garner, Teacher St. Johns Catholic School 3129 Kobrock Way, Carmichael, CA, 95608 (916)

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