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Defined by three ways:  Proximity to the border  I-10 Corridor  Fort Bliss.

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2 Defined by three ways:  Proximity to the border  I-10 Corridor  Fort Bliss

3 PROCESS MEANS END RECRUITING or HARBORING or MOVING or OBTAINING A PERSON By FORCE or FRAUD or COERCION For the purposes of INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE or DEBT BONDAGE or SLAVERY or SEX TRADE How did the person find out about the job?How did the person find out about the job? How did the person migrate?How did the person migrate? What happened when they arrived in the destination country?What happened when they arrived in the destination country? What was it like when they started to work?What was it like when they started to work? Was the person paid? How much? How often?Was the person paid? How much? How often? Did the person try to leave his/her job? What happened?Did the person try to leave his/her job? What happened? Is the person afraid of his/her employer? Why?Is the person afraid of his/her employer? Why?

4  Sex Trafficking of Children  Interstate Transportation for Prostitution  Coercing/Enticing Travel for Prostitution  Coercing/Enticing Minor to Engage in Prostitution  Transportation of a Minor to Engage in Prostitution  Travel With Intent to Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct  Production of Child Pornography  Sex trafficking by Force Fraud or Coercion

5  Criminalizes interstate or foreign travel to engage in sex crimes  Criminalizes coercing or enticing an individual to travel in interstate or foreign travel to engage in sex crimes  For juvenile victims, criminalizes using the mail or any means of interstate or foreign commerce to entice or coerce a juvenile to engage in a sex crime The purpose of the travel does NOT have to be solely for prostitution or the commission of a sex crime, but it must be a major reason to travel  Consent is NOT a defense  Even if the prostitute is willing, the pimp can still be charged with a Mann Act Violation

6  Prostitution  Promotion of Prostitution  Compelling Prostitution  Obscene Display or Distribution  Obscentity  Sale, Distribution, or Display of Harmful Materal to a Minor  Sexual Performance by a Child  Employment Harmful to Children  Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography  Duty to Report


8  Physical Imprisonment (locks, bars, guards)  Physical/Sexual Violence  Psychological Violence/Threats  Long Term Psychological Manipulation  Deception  Isolation  Confiscation of Travel/Identification Documents  Deprivation of Basic Necessities  Forced Drug/Alcohol Use

9  Malnutrition, dehydration, or poor personal hygiene;  Sexually transmitted diseases;  Signs of rape or sexual abuse;  Bruising, broken bones, or signs of untreated medical problems;  Critical illnesses including diabetes, cancer, or heart disease; or  Post-traumatic stress or psychological disorders.

10  Does not hold his/her own identity or travel documents;  Suffers from verbal or psychological abuse designed to intimidate, degrade, and frighten the individual;  Has a trafficker or pimp who controls the money, victim will have very little or no pocket money; and  Is extremely nervous, especially if their “translator” (who may be their trafficker) is present.

11 International Human Trafficking  Victims are often trafficked across international borders.  Many, but not all, of those brought from outside of the United States are in the country illegally. Domestic Human Trafficking  U.S. Citizens can also become trafficking victims.  Child Prostitution is a common form of domestic trafficking in which U.S. citizens are trafficked within the United States.

12 Continued Presence  Available to victims of a severe form of trafficking.  May be sought only by federal law enforcement on behalf of potential witnesses.  Permits the continued presence of the victim in the U.S. for one year.  Provides employment authorization.  Provides “certification” allowing victim to access public benefits. T-Visa  Available to victims of a severe form of trafficking.  Sought independently by a victim.  Permits victims of trafficking to become temporary residents of the U.S. U-Visa, Significant Public Benefit Parole, Deferred Action


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21 Escort Client Community Information Exchange (ECCIE)



24 Gang Related Sex Trafficking

25  Pimps/Traffickers  Sex for Drugs  Gang Involvement  Family  Survival

26  Street Prostitution  Internet Advertisements  In/Out Call Escort Services  Truck stops  Prostitution Circuits  Special Events  Parties/Social Events  Strip Clubs  Pornography

27  Adults & Children Under 18 Years of Age  Female, Male, Transgendered  From Any Ethnic, Religious, Economic Background  History of Abuse and Neglect  Runaway, Thrownaway, Homeless  Psychological and Emotional Issues  Involvement with Adult & Juvenile Criminal Justice System, CPS, Foster Care  Unemployed, Underemployed

28  Information Gathering to Assess Vulnerabilities  Friendly, Flirtatious, or Protective Approach  Seduction, Time  Meets Needs Based on Assessment  Flattery and Charm  Illusion of Financial Crisis  Illusion of Protection or Safety ( staged performances )  Physical Violence, Threats

29  Isolation From Family, Friends, Other Prostitutes, “Squares”  Illusion of Protection  Illusion of Love Relationship  Dependency  Psychological / Emotional / Verbal Abuse  Shame  Fear  Physical Violence and Threats  Glamorization of Pimp/Ho Culture

30  FEAR, FEAR, FEAR  Illusion of Love Relationship With Pimp  Loyalty to and Dependency on Pimp  Distrust of Law Enforcement  Fear of Incarceration  Lack of Knowledge of Available Social Services  Feelings of Shame, Self-Blame, Hopelessness  Not Able to Self-Identify as a Victim, Illusion of Free Will  Lack of Family or Other Social Support  Fear of Retaliation (Self & Family)  Fear of Being Labeled a Rat or Snitch  Held Under Watch

31  Excess Amount of Cash or Very Little Cash  Suggestive / Inappropriate Clothing  Fake Nails, Excessive Makeup, Hair Extensions  Hotel Room Keys  Trick Books / Notes With Addresses & Phone #s  Chronic Runaway / Homeless  Malnutrition, Poor Personal Hygiene  Tattoos, Branding, Jewelry of Pimp’s Name

32  Expensive Clothing or Other Personal Items  Lying About Identity & Age / False ID / No ID  Inconsistencies in Story  From Out of Town / Out of State  History of STD’s, Abortions, Miscarriages, Untreated Medical Problems  Substance Abuse  Extremely Nervous, Fearful

33  Protection and Safety  Interpreter  Food  Housing/Shelter  Clothing/Personal Items  Transportation  Repatriation Services  Child Care  Crisis Intervention  Medical/Dental Services  Mental Health Counseling  Drug Treatment  Advocacy  Information and Referral  Service Coordination  Legal Services  Court Orientation  Education  Language Skills  Life Skills  Job Training  Employment

34 THOMPSON, SMITH, & WILLIAMS  Pled to 18 USC 1594 (Conspiracy/Trafficking in Persons)  Sentenced in August 2013, to imprisonment shown below plus five (5) years of supervised release 186 MONTHS (15 ½ years) 168 MONTHS (14 years) 180 MONTHS (15 years)

35 MARTES JACKSON  Never cooperated, never debriefed  Plead to 18 USC 1594/1589/1591 (Conspiracy/Trafficking in Persons)  Sentenced in August 2013 to 90 months (7.5 years) and Term of Supervised Release (5 Years) 90 MONTHS (7.5 years)

36 ALARCON WIGGINS  Refused all plea offers – Trial was set for August 12, 2013  August 8, 2013, accepts a plea agreement  Pled to 18 USC 1594 Conspiracy/Forced Labor and 18 USC 2421 – Transportation/Mann Act  Sentenced November 2013 17 yrs. 8 mos./ 10 yrs. Supervised release

37  Kiry NALLS  Grant RUTLEDGE  Indicted 7/12/2013  NALLS Pled Guilty on 1/31/2014.  RUTLEDGE pled guilty on 2/03/2014. 37

38 Charles Marquez  Refused all plea offers – Went to Trial on November 12, 2013  Trial lasted 2 weeks and the jury deliberated for less than one hour  The Jury found Charles Marquez guilty of 18 USC 1591 – Sex Trafficking of a Child, 18 USC 1591 Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud or Coercion, 18 USC 2422 – Coercion and Enticement/Mann Act, 18 USC 2421 –Transportation/Mann Act, 18 USC 371 – Conspiracy, and 8 USC 1328 – Importation of Aliens for Immoral Purpose.

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