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Scottsboro Trials Rob Davis, Kyla Powell, Justin Mitchell, Grace Skolosh.

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1 Scottsboro Trials Rob Davis, Kyla Powell, Justin Mitchell, Grace Skolosh

2 About the Scottsboro Trials This incident occurred on a train on March 25, 1931. There was a group of white men, two white women, and the nine African American men. The two women hopped the train illegally and when they got off, they told people that they were raped by the African Americans. Being in the Segregation time period, they automatically trusted the women and accused them of rape.

3 About the Scottsboro Trials Continued ●Eight out of nine men were sentenced to death at the trials in Alabama. ●No crime in history produced as many trials and convictions as these trials. ●Starting in 1931, these trials never truly ended until 2013, even though they were all dead.

4 Scottsboro Boys Roy Wright;12 years old at the time was too young to receive the death sentence, being the only one without a sentence. Having a bible with him at all times, you will be shocked to find that Wright shot and killed his wife and later killed himself in 1959 at the age of forty. He did this because he thought she was unfaithful while he was in the Navy after he was released from prison.

5 Scottsboro Boys ●Eugene Williams - 13 years old at the time. Admitted to fighting with the white boys on the train but never saw the two white women. After his release he planned on being in an orchestra but that dream was never fulfilled.

6 Scottsboro Boys ●Ozie Powell, Willie Roberson, and Charlie Weems were all 16 years old when this incident happened. ●Olen Montgomery- 17 years old. ●Haywood Patterson- 18 years old. ●Clarence Norris and Andy Wright were both 19 years old. ●Andy and Roy Wright were brothers.

7 In this photo, the Scottsboro boys’ attorney and sheriff were meeting with all of them.

8 Ruby Bates and Victoria Price who accused the teenagers of rape. Ruby admitted to not being raped but at the time, it did not matter. Victoria was a prostitute herself and knew how to display an innocent character.

9 This is an up-close view of the nine men who suffered through the Scottsboro Trial located in Scottsboro, Alabama.


11 This document is a flyer for the Scottsboro boys to try to get people to want to keep them alive. By making this flyer, people were hopeful to get more people on their side and clear their names. By doing this, they would provide a mass protest.

12 Since the white boys, the two white girls, and the nine black men were all doing illegal things by getting on the train, they were all arrested. The girls needed to find a way to get out of being in trouble, so they made up the lie about the African American men raping them. Even though it was all a lie, the boys were tortured the rest of their lives because of a lie.

13 Scottsboro Trial Video

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