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By: Sarah Stride & Serena Werning

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1 By: Sarah Stride & Serena Werning
Child Prostitution By: Sarah Stride & Serena Werning

2 A Survivor's Story

3 What is Child Prostitution
Child prostitution use of children for sexual activities. Child prostitution is a form of sexual abuse involving the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Child prostitutes are more common than we think about 2 million children are forced into the commercial sex market every year. Both boys as well as girls are driven to prostitution.

4 When Does it Start Child prostitutes can be any age.
The children are most often between 11 and 18 years of age but some may be as young as 18 months.

5 Causes for Child Prostitution
Child prostitution is rarely a personal choice Poverty Money Orphans Child Trafficking The Rise of the Sex Market Most of those involved in prostitution ran away from home at an early age to escape their abuse…then turn to prostitution as a way of survival.

6 Sex Tourism Sex tourism involving children is the commercial sexual exploitation of children includes child sexual abuse. Women prefer to go to India (Goa), Jamaica or Gambia. Men travel to South-East Asia, Morocco, Senegal, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Suriname and Brazil. For many years now, tourist guides have provided the addresses where one can procure the services of a child.. The internet also promotes the details.

7 Pimps & Organised Crime
Generally a form of organized crime run by an individual pimp or, more commonly, by a large-scale sex ring. Technology has also allowed children to be prostituted over the internet. Increased the rates of child pornography and human trafficking. A pimp is an agent of prostitutes who makes money off the prostitutes’ earnings. Pimping generally runs as a business with a violent internal structure. The pimp, usually male but may also be a female, uses violence and threats to keep control of their prostitutes. This may include sexual assault, physical abuse such as beating, or “trunking” which is locking the prostitute in the trunk of a car for hours. Maintaining a selection of prostitutes is so important pimps will often “brand” their prostitutes with tattoos to mark ownership and beat any prostitute who looks at another pimp. Up to 90% of prostitutes are under the control of a pimp.

8 Why Kids and not Adults It is easier to abuse a child than an adult.
Sexual exploiters use children because they are less able to defend themselves. This cruel attitude is often caused by the feeling of sexual and economic power. In Asia for example, some men are persuaded that the fact of having sexual relations with very young virgin girls prevents them from contracting HIV/AIDS, as well as curing this illness. The demand for prostituted children is increasing, as men feel safer from AIDS with younger girls. 75 to 95% of all prostitutes were sexually abused as children. Many prostitutes are high school dropouts, come from poor and abusive homes, move from place to place and are alcoholics or drug addicts.

9 Profits Paid very little after encountering in sexual activities.
Not always do the children get paid with money, but they are given other things in exchange for having sex such as toys.

10 Consequences For the Child
They suffer through violations that no child should ever experience and if they do survive the experience they suffer physical and mental damage for the rest of their lives.

11 Where in the World United States Europe Asia Africa North America
Canada Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Haiti Jamaica Mexico Nicaragua Trinidad About another hundred countries more In 1998, the United States was the world’s largest consumer of child pornography. Legal stances on prostitution: red=illegal, blue=organized forms illegal, green=legal and regulated

12 Stats There are approximately 1 million prostituted women in North America, or 1% of women in North America are involved in prostitution. An estimated 600,000 children under 18 are involved in prostitution or pornography. 12 is the average age of entry into pornography and prostitution. As many as 2.8 million children live on the streets. 1 out of every three will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. A national study shows that 75% of all women used in prostitution were victims of incest and/or physical abuse as children. Every year a prostituted woman is raped 19 times, kidnapped 10 times, and beaten repeatedly. Prostituted women getting out of jail have no resources, they feel their only choice is to return to a life they know or where they are accepted. Females in prostitution have a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average. Almost all of 30 prostitutes said that she has been physically and verbally abused by her pimp. More than half the women said that their pimps got them hooked on drugs. And all of them said that their pimps order them to commit other crimes.

13 Working Conditions Streets Brothels Clubs Massage Parlours Bars Hotels

14 Who Owns the Kids Pimps Criminals

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