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The Promise Land 30 A.D. 2000 A.D. 1400 B.C.. Moses Creation of world Book 6 JOSHUA The name means “The LORD Saves” or “the Lord is salvation” THEME:

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2 The Promise Land

3 30 A.D. 2000 A.D. 1400 B.C.. Moses Creation of world Book 6 JOSHUA The name means “The LORD Saves” or “the Lord is salvation” THEME: Be STRONG and Courageous; The Lord FIGHTS for you! DATE: 1406 BC – 1380 BC 2000 B.C. Abraham

4 Purpose of the Book Deuteronomy prepared God’s people for the task ahead in the Promised Land and the book of Joshua shows how God brought his people into the land and gave them rest. The book of Joshua functions as a bridge between the wilderness experience and the time in the Promised Land. The book of Joshua shows how and why Israel would eventually end in exile. The book is a reminder that the sin and rebellion that would result in Israel’s exile began long before God executed his judgment against Israel and Judah.

5 JOSHUA CHOSEN by God to be Moses’ assistant since their journey from Egypt to Sinai (Exodus 17) Became the LEADER of Israel after Moses’ death (Deuteronomy 31:7-8) Served as the leader of the conquest of Canaan and would become one of Israel’s most successful GENERALS

6 RAHAB A pagan prostitute who showed hospitality to Israel’s SPIES She demonstrated FAITH in God and became part of God’s covenant people. Her son is Boaz and daughter-in-law Ruth She is listed as one of Jesus’ ancestors in his genealogy (Matthew 1:5)

7 ACHAN His disobedience resulted in taking PLUNDER from the battlefield when Israel had been instructed to not take anything caused This caused Israel to LOSE an important battle against Ai. He was stoned to death as punishment (Joshua 7)

8 ELEAZAR AND PHINEHAS Eleazar was the son of Aaron. He took over the high priest’s duties after Aaron had passed away. (See Exodus 6:23 and Number 20:28) He helped Joshua lead Israel into the Promise Land Phinehas was Eleazar’s son and high priest of Israel. His intervention to PREVENT the Israelites from polluting themselves and his zeal for God’s covenant granted him a special covenant with God.


10 Moses and Joshua – Leadership Comparison


12 Jesus in the Book of Joshua

13 Joshua himself is a PICTURE, or “type” of Jesus Just as Joshua led the conquest that gave the land of Canaan to Israel, so Jesus, by His life, death, and resurrection, has conquered death and given all believers the eternal promised life Like Jesus, Joshua is a “servant of the LORD” (Joshua 24:29)

14 Jesus in the Book of Joshua In Joshua 2, we read the story of Rahab. In grace, God brought her to Himself and enfolded her in the ancestry of the Savior! (Matthew 1:5) God gave the land of Canaan to Israel to part of His plan of salvation. There, He would keep them as safe as possible from the influence of the idolatry all around them. He would keep them in true faith and prepare them to receive Jesus, the Savior of the world.

15 ISRAEL’S IDOLS The biggest problem Israel will face despite repeated warnings from both Moses and Joshua will be IDOL Worship.

16 ISRAEL’S IDOLS and FALSE WORSHIP In some ways, these gods seem very strange to us today – Images (statues and symbols) – Territory (power on a particular mountain or valley) In other ways, these OT idols seem very familiar – God’s of silver and gold still attract us today – Sexual sins and the power to control are just as prevalent today as before

17 The most COMMON of all the idols in the OT The word “baal” means “lord” or “master” This idol is one of the “storm” or “fertility” His female counterpart was known as Ashtoreth See also Judges 6, 1 Kings 11:5; 2 Kings 23:13; Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:17; 1 Corinthians 10:19 – 20 BAAL

18 The god worshiped by the people of MOAB He may have been a god of WAR. Solomon build an altar for Chemosh (1 Kings 11:7) in order to please his pagan wives See also 2 Kings 3:27; Jeremiah 48:7,13, 46 CHEMOSH

19 DAGON The god worshiped by the Philistines Many considered him Baal’s father. During Samson’s lifetime, Dagon was worshiped at Gaza (Judges 16:21-23) See 1 Samuel 5:2-7 for an interesting (and even humorous) demonstration of the Lord’s superiority over this false God

20 MOLECH Canaanite deity whose worship demanded the ______________ of children and infants. The LORD found sacrifices to Molech especially ______________. In Molech we see the grisly image of god who devours infant sons and daughters

21 God Commission Joshua (chapter 1) Israel has completed their 30 day period of mourning for Moses (Dt 34:8) – 1406 BC God tells Joshua to “ARISE” for I am GIVING you this land to the my people! (1:2) Wherever your FEET touch that land will belong to you (1:3) Verse 4 outlines the FOUR corners of Israel’s territory. Verse 5 indicates that NO MAN shall stand against Israel because God will not LEAVE nor FORSAKE


23 VERSE 6 – Theme Verse



26 Joshua’s Keys to Success Strength and COURAGE (multiple times) Live according to God’s Word by not going off on your own PATH (right or left) (v. 7) Keep the Word of God on your LIPS (v. 8) MEDITATE (to think deeply and intensely) on God’s Word day and night (v. 8) We have the PROMISE that God is WITH US!!! You will PROSPER and have GOOD SUCCESS (v. 7, 9)

27 The Inheritance of God’s People Whereas the promise land (1.6) is Israel’s INHERTIANCE. Our inheritance is far greater…

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