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Jennifer Hutchinson Pd. 6. BackgroundBackground.

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1 Jennifer Hutchinson Pd. 6


3 BackgroundBackground

4 Ridgway Becomes a Suspect


6 "Most of the time I killed them the first time I met them, and I do not have a good memory for their faces. I killed so many women, I have a hard time keeping them straight."

7 I believe Gary Ridgway’s deviant behavior can best described through the Differential-Association Theory. This theory states that people’s behavior is largely determined by the company they keep. It also states that by interacting with others it can allow them to learn criminal behavior by acquiring motives, drives, and attitudes. In Gary Ridgway’s case, he was sexually attracted to his mom at a very young age. This gave him an abnormally strong sex drive while growing up as a kid. Because of this sex drive he pursued prostitutes for sex. However, he felt an anger, disgust, and condensation towards prostitutes. This attitude that he developed for these women is what gave him the motive to murder them.

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