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Should Prostitution be Legalized? ……..I believe it should be!

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1 Should Prostitution be Legalized? ……..I believe it should be!

2 By Shanika Bates

3 What is Prostitution? Prostitution is the act of engaging in promiscuous sexual activities for money or anything thing else of value.

4 A Few Types of Prostitution Street Private Escorts Window or Doorway …and many, many more!


6 About 80% of women in prostitution have been the victim of a rape. It is completely legal and regulated within 22 countries and in parts of Nevada.

7 $1 is the median price for a prostitute in south Africa.( Health officials estimate 1 in 2 of them have HIV ) Studies reveal 1 in 10 men the world have purchased a prostitute. The rate in china is 1 in 4. 1 in 5 Korean men pay for sex more than 4 times a month.

8 Right now there are 40 million prostitutes worldwide.

9 The top 3 reasons men pay for sex. 1. Satisfy an immediate urge for sex. 2. Experience a specific physical, racial or sexual fetish. 3. Unhappy in their current relationship.


11 The government could tax it, and use the tax money for things to help out-like roads, and even books for children in schools. Reduces crime Improves neighborhoods and promotes safety Promotes Liberty and Privacy

12 Things that Concern people about Legalizing Prostitution. Legalizing it will bring more disease More adultery Home wrecking

13 Keeping prostitution illegal will not make it stop.

14 Legalizing prostitution will free cops up so they can focus on catching real criminals..

15 Prostitutes are expensive……

16 Prostitutes aren't only female!!!

17 Why is porn legal but prostitution isn't?

18 Life of a Prostitute (A Prostitutes interview)


20 Selling is legal…..

21 Sex is legal…..

22 …….so why cant selling sex be legal?????

23 I DO NOT agree with the act of prostitution but I DO believe it should be legalized!!


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