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Temptation of Jesus _____________________ _____________________ Matt. 4:1-11 Mark 1:12-13 Luke 4:1-13 _____________________ Fasted for 40 days in desert.

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1 Temptation of Jesus _____________________ _____________________ Matt. 4:1-11 Mark 1:12-13 Luke 4:1-13 _____________________ Fasted for 40 days in desert Make food to eat! Prove your divinity! Rule over the earth! ______________________ Alone until Angelic refreshments

2 What do temptations mean? ______________________ Not just about earthly sensual pleasure Food is temporary; love is permanent JC not Esau ______________________ JC not on ego trip; no need to test God Not God’s will for Him JC not dumb like Adam/Eve ______________________ Mission much more important All about being a servant JC not like King Saul

3 ______________________ ______________________ If tempted, then human We can relate to him ______________________ ______________________ Not about comfort Not about emotional security Not about winning All about God’s will Do it and God will take care of you…

4 ______________________ Latin for ‘a pupil’ One who receives instruction from another One who believes the Truth of the doctrine of his/her teacher ______________________ Not the same as an Apostle ‘One who is sent as an ambassador’ Sent on a mission One of the Twelve Group from sermon on the Plain

5 ______________________ Chose by JC to accompany Him in His ministry Number corresponds with 12 tribes Authenticator of post-Resurrection ______________________ Depends upon Gospel referenced Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew, Philip, James/John Zebedee, Thomas, James Alphaeus, Thaddeus (Jude), Simon (Zealot), Judas Iscariot, Matthew

6 Simon Peter ______________________ Strong accent Nickname from Jesus: ‘Cephas,’ Rock ______________________ Presentation in Gospels Some good depictions Some bad depictions Aptly displays a very human Disciple ______________________ 1st bishop of Rome? Fought against ‘False Teachers’

7 Andrew ______________________ Brother of Simon Peter ______________________ First-called ______________________ Apostolic work Preached in Asia Minor, Scythia Maybe made it to Romania/Russia Their patron saint Maybe made it to Scotland Their patron saint ‘St. Andrews’ Day, Golf Course, etc.

8 Bartholomew Means ‘Son of the furrows’ ______________________ Syrian tradition he was also named ‘Jesus’ Took different name ______________________ Also saw the Ascension Apostolic work Made it to Armenia/India Patron saint of Armenia Patron saint of tanners (leather)

9 Philip ______________________ Different than Philip the evangelist Acts ______________________ Married with children (daughters) ______________________ Went to Greece, Syria, Phrygia Troubles with Pagans Gnostics liked him Gospel of Philip Included in works at Nag Hammaddi

10 James Zebedee ______________________ Apostolic work James went to Spain? Returned to Judea after BVM visited him as apparition John Zebedee ______________________ Lived with BVM in Ephesus Trained Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna Exiled to Isle of Patmos

11 Thomas ‘Doubting Thomas’ ______________________ In synoptic Gospels Only listed among other Disciples In Gospel of John Referred to several times Doubts the Resurrected Christ Apostolic work ________________________ ________________________ ________________________

12 James Alphaeus _____________________ Brother of Apostle Matthew Son of a Mary Apostolic work Little known about him Thaddeus (Jude) _____________________ Apostolic work Trip to Armenia? Wrote epistle of Jude?

13 Simon (Zealot) _______________________ Very little known about him Only in Synoptic/Acts’ lists Apostolic work ______________________ Matthew (Levi) Son of Alphaeus _________________________ Apostolic work Made it to Ethiopia Mentioned in several non-canonical works

14 Judas Iscariot ___________________________ Treasurer for Disciples Accepted bribe 30 pieces of silver Kiss of Judas How did he die? __________________________ Maybe both? ___________________________ Jesus knew but couldn’t/didn’t stop him Jesus did not know he would betray Him

15 Disciples’ demise Combo of scripture, history myth Matthew: _______________________ Mark: dragged by horses thru streets in Egypt Luke: ___________________________ James the Just: Thrown over cliff (survived) then clubbed to death James Zebedee: Beheaded in Jerusalem Bartholomew (Nathanel): Whipped to death in Armenia Andrew: _________________________ Showed conviction and courage Strange way to con people if a con…

16 Disciples’ demise Combination of scripture/history/myth Thomas: _______________________ Jude: Killed by arrows in ? Matthias: Stoned & beheaded in ? Barnabas: Stoned to death in Salonica John: __________________________ Peter: Crucified upside down on ‘X’ Paul: ___________________________ Succeeded by Church Fathers Many martyred during Persecutions Helped defend Truth of Gospels Setting Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy

17 Female Disciples ________________________ ‘Priests’ need to be men Women not allowed to preach ________________________ Healed physically/spiritually by JC Traveled with JC & the Twelve Provided funds/resources ________________________ At the Crucifixion Taking care of His body 1st to see Resurrected Christ

18 Were women more faithful than the men? At the Crucifixion (John-beloved) Taking care of body (social norm) Listed in Gospels/Acts Joanna: _______________________ Mary Magdalene: prostitute? Martha: sister of Lazarus Mary: sister of Lazarus Susanna: ______________________ Salome: _______________________

19 Mary Magdalene Disciple in NT/Apocrypha Saint in Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican Church From town on Lake of Tiberias Married to JC? Author of G of John? Who was she? Demonic possession; demons expelled -- Mark 6:9, Luke 8:2 _______________________________

20 Mary & Martha __________________________ Know Jesus loved him Different perspectives Mary: attentive to Jesus Martha: busy with other things Mary ‘loves’ Jesus Anointed his feet with oil with her hair ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Both witnessed Resurrected JC

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