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Woodcote Consulting Towards a New Era for Healthcare & Informatics Ewan Davis – Director Woodcote Consulting

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1 Woodcote Consulting Towards a New Era for Healthcare & Informatics Ewan Davis – Director Woodcote Consulting

2 Woodcote Consulting Overview About me A Little History New Challanges

3 Woodcote Consulting About Me Not a clinician Worked in Primary Care since 1981 with associations back to 1961 Founder and CEO of AAH Meditel. 1986 – 99 Mercenary/Prostitute 1999 - Present Past Chair of Intellect Healthcare Group and BCS Primary Care Specialist Group Treasurer BCS Health Founding Director of HANDI CIC Independent Consultant 1999 - Present

4 Woodcote Consulting A Little History GP computing is around 30 years old – Roots go back to the 1960’s but no serious penetration until early 80’s The first and still the most significant use of clinical systems at the point of care anywhere in the world 99%+ coverage achieved in late 90’s Few mid career GPs have ever worked in an uncomputerised practice The only real major success story in NHS IT

5 Woodcote Consulting Why? Written by Doctors for Doctors Peter Sowerby David Stables David Markwell Alan Dean Glyn Hayes Mike Robinson Mike Bainbridge James Read

6 Woodcote Consulting Why? Only half the story

7 Woodcote Consulting Why? Partnership

8 Woodcote Consulting So a success, but where next

9 Woodcote Consulting The Challenge How do we deliver an acceptable standard of healthcare against a background of rapidly rising demand and no prospect of significantly increased resources? Doing what we do now but more efficiently will not be enough. We have to achieve transformational change Innovative use of IT and information will be central to achieving the required transformation

10 Woodcote Consulting The Response Encouraging innovation Patient control –More effectively engaging patients and their informal care networks. Self-care, self-service Clinical commissioning –Using information, analytics, CDS, to target and deliver efficient effective care Integrated care –Centred on the patient across the care pathway Open data, open systems –To mobilise information and facilitate integration and innovation

11 Woodcote Consulting The Information Landscape Information about service availability and quality Information about patients and carers Knowledge about treatments and interventions Care Plan Informal Care NetworkFormal Care Network Care Pathways

12 Woodcote Consulting A New Era We need to enable –Interoperability –Orchestration –Collaboration and cooperation We need meaningful engagement between patients and carers, healthcare professionals and technologists We need to develop business models that can deliver the systems and services we need

13 Woodcote Consulting HANDI Health CIC A new not-for-profit Community Enterprise Company There to support: –Developers –Health and care professionals –Patients, service users and carers

14 Woodcote Consulting The HANDI Vision Giving everyone the tools they need to manage heath, care and well-being Creating and IT ecosystem to support care

15 Woodcote Consulting The HANDI Vision Apps EPR EHR PHR EMR Meds Repository Drug KB Terminology Server Terminology Server Service Directory Service Directory CDS Service Pathways KB Services/Repositories Infrastructural Services PDS/Record Discovery EWS ESB/Spine Security Broker

16 Woodcote Consulting What’s an App? Not just about mobile A “connected thing” Makes heavy use of pre-existing components and services Built using a well defined development and deployment framework Order of magnitude(s) faster and cheaper to develop and deploy

17 Woodcote Consulting How do we get there?

18 Woodcote Consulting Green Shoots NHS Hack Day, HANDI, Digihealth, Intellect Portals –Health Community –Patient Platform Reprocurement approach –C&B, Spine, GPSoC Patient record access Interop –ITK, Health Gateway, MIG, OpenEHR, OpenClinical, Smart Platform, GP2GP –IC Open Data Platform –RCP Standards for core clinical information Open Source –eHealthOpenSource –OpenEyes –Leeds portal –NHS Vista –Wardware Information Governance –Caldicott 2 –Mi Consent –OpenPseudonymiser

19 Woodcote Consulting More Info My Blog HANDI –Free Leeds workshop Monday 10 Sept PHCSG –Conference and AGM 27, 28 Sept NHS Hack Day –Next event Liverpool 22- 23 Sept Email me Follow me @WoodcoteEwan

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