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CEDEP April 30, 2014. West Plaza Inn & Suites 11234 Outlet Drive Tennessee’s First Official Closure of a Nuisance Hotel.

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1 CEDEP April 30, 2014

2 West Plaza Inn & Suites 11234 Outlet Drive Tennessee’s First Official Closure of a Nuisance Hotel

3 West Plaza Inn Official Website

4 Travelocity Reviews  “I asked the night time clerk for clean linens and she said it was not safe to be out in the parking lot and to go back to my room and lock the door.”  “Staying at the hotel for one night was a major hit on my self esteem.”  “I think they could have charged me for other occupants because of the number of rodents in my room.”  “The website online depicts a very nice place with a garden buffet. Don’t be fooled, this hotel is proof that there is a hell on earth.”

5 Events Leading Up to Deterioration of Hotel  Major hail storm hit Knoxville, TN on April 27 th, 2011.  Storm did major damage to most of the homes in the Knoxville area causing millions of dollars of damage to homes and automobiles.  Most common damage was to roofs and siding of homes in the area.  There were less than 5 companies certified to do roof work in the Knoxville area at that time.  This lead to an influx of out of town migrant workers working as contractors performing roof repair.  West Plaza Inn and Suites was filled to capacity with migrant workers from May of 2011 until it’s closure, a situation that the hotel was not prepared for.

6 Culmination of Events Leading To Revocation Hearing  6/10/2011 Inspection where facility earned a score of 56  10/11/2011 Inspection where facility earned a score of 55  10/19/2011 Inspection where facility earned a score of 58  All three inspections were marked for critical violations #9 (presence of insects and rodents) and #20 (fire exits, smoke detectors, fire alarms working and maintained.)  A warning letter was issued to facility after 10/11 inspection and was hand delivered on 10/14/2011

7 6/10/2011 Inspection 4 critical violations were noted: #2, #9, #19, and #20.  #2- No hot water in buildings A and C  #9- Live roaches, fleas, flies and bedbugs  #19- Exposed live electrical wiring pulled out of wall  #20- No evacuation plans posted on doors

8 10/11/2011 Inspection 5 Critical Violations Noted: #1, #3, #9, #18, and #20  #1- No running water at all in building B  #3- No backflow device at laundry sink  #9- Multiple instances of live roaches and bedbugs observed  # 18- Multiple violations of non working smoke detectors, missing fire extinguishers, and expired extinguishers  # 20- Evacuation plans missing in several rooms

9 10/19/2011 Inspection 4 Critical Violations Noted: #3, #9, #18, and #20  #3- No backflow device at laundry sink  #9- Live roaches and bedbugs throughout facility  #18- Expired fire extinguishers, inoperable and missing smoke alarms  #20- Missing evacuation plans

10 Other Substantial Issues  We investigated 5 complaints on the facility in a 5 month period from 4/11 to 9/11, each complaint proving to be valid.  We have seen the facility in substantial decline since the early summer of 2011.  Other issues have arisen at the facility that are not reflected on the hotel permit

11 Pictorial Evidence All photos were taken in mid 2011 at the facility by Knox County Health Department

12 Roaches

13 Bedbugs

14 Dead, Half Consumed Rodents

15 Rats and Mice

16 Structural Damage

17 Mold and Water Damage

18 Missing Smoke Alarms

19 Unsanitary, Unclean Bedding

20 Hotel Pool

21 Arrested Prostitute

22 Drug Paraphernalia

23 Methamphetamine Lab

24 Illegal Activity An illegal, out of state food vendor was set up in the parking lot and was serving to hotel clientele. The vendor was cited by this department only to have the vendor move the operation inside her hotel room for the next two days with hotel management’s alleged permission.

25 Initial Closure Hearing 11/22/2011  Hotel was given two weeks to fix ALL of the critical violations, including pest control.  At the end of two weeks time, on December 6 th a follow-up inspection was performed and the results were documented by a team of environmentalists.  The facility failed to correct any of the critical items and the Knox County Health Officer, Dr. Martha Buchanan, gave the closure order to the establishment and notified all of the residents of the closure that would officially take place in 6 days.

26 Final Closure On December 12 th KCHD worked in conjunction with Knox County Sheriffs Office Narcotics Unit and the Town of Farragut Building and Codes officials to physically evict all tenants and close the facility permanently

27 Demolition  There were 3 additional hearings with the Town of Farragut and Knox County Health Department with the owner attempting to gain approval for re-opening.  The facility owner performed minimal repairs with unlicensed contractors following each hearing in an attempt to show improvement.  The facility continued to substantially deteriorate  Permit for demolition applied for by the Town of Farragut in 5/2012.  Facility was officially demolished on 6/2013 after being for sale for over a year.


29 One Last Thing The Story of Capone

30 Now Known as Cooper

31 ?????????????????????????

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