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Bible Blitz IV The Prophets July 9, 2007 Presenter: Fr. Ed Technician: Ray Hosler Honoree: Deacon Norm.

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1 Bible Blitz IV The Prophets July 9, 2007 Presenter: Fr. Ed Technician: Ray Hosler Honoree: Deacon Norm

2 The Prophets Isaiah Jeremiah - Lamentations Ezekiel - Daniel Hosea - Joel Amos - Obadiah Jonah - Micah Nahuum - Habakkuk

3 The Prophets – cont’d Zephaniah - Haggai Zachariah - Malachi John the Baptist Jesus

4 Hosea (786 BC – 746 BC) “The Prophet and the Prostitute” (God and His People)

5 Life Notes Son of Beeri – Northern Kingdom – Israel Israel absorbed by Assyria – 722 BC Called by God: “Go take a harlot wife …” (Hos 1:2) Married Gomer – 3 children (one by Hosea) – Gomer leaves for another man – Hosea buys her back = God and Israel

6 Book of Hosea: God will love His people no matter what – God bought all of us back by the blood of His Son (Ch 11)

7 Joel (700 BC) “The Day of the Lord” 5x’s Repeat! - Rejoice!

8 Life Notes Many Joel’s in O.T. = 14 From Jerusalem – temple prophet Son of PethuelJoel saw a message from God in the invasion of locusts in Judea Repent! Call and assembly; Valley of Jehosaphat; judgment of enemies.

9 N. B. Prediction: an outpouring of God’s Spirit on all people (Joel 3:1-5); its fulfillment on Pentecost Sunday (Acts 2:14-21)

10 Amos (786 BC – 746 BC “Prophet of Righteousness”

11 Life Notes Takoa shepherd and fig farmer Educated Called to be a prophet in Israel Kicked out (Amos 7:14-17)

12 Complaints: Idol worship, oppression and exploitation of the poor. Predictions: Overthrow of Bethel sanctuary (Amaziah), fall of royal house, captivity of the people by the Assyrians. Restoration: Messianic perspective (Amos 9:9-15)

13 Obadiah (@586 BC) Life Notes Edom = Esau = Edomites Jacob – Leader of Judah Petra: part of Edom

14 Edomites helped Babylonians destroy Jerusalem Refused to take Jews as refugees Looted Jerusalem Shortest book in the O. T. – 21 verses (1:10-12)

15 Jonah (5 th century) God is Catholic “Man Overboard”

16 Story Line Commission – go east Went west Boat Storm Overboard Big fish Nineveh regrets Parallel of Mercy

17 Micah (742 BC – 687 BC Judean farmer

18 Message: Woe to the rich, the merchants, judges, priests prophets in Samaria and Jerusalem There will be doom; then restoration; God is just and loving Restoration (Mic 4:1-4) Messiah and Mary (Mic 5:1-5)

19 Nahum (663 BC – 612 BC “Poetic Justice” Assyria destroyed Israel in 722 BC Babylon captured Assyria in 612 BC as predicted by Nahum God is vindictive but merciful Assyria – Iraq Vengeance (Na 3:5-7) Mercy (Na 2:1-3)

20 Habakkuk (605 BC – 597 BC) “Where was God on 9/11?” Where He always is – in control

21 Habakkuk questioned the ways of God in running the world. God: Babylon is to chasten Judah for Judah is a moral sewer. Judah will survive. Babylon will face its own fate. Prayer of the prophet (ch 3)

22 Zephaniah (640 BC – 609 BC) Dies Irae False worship: sun, moon, stars. God sent prophet after prophet. No conversion Enough already!

23 Theme: Punishment for sin. Judah will be defeated. But enemies, north, south, east, and west will be defeated. Message of hope: scattered survivors will keep Judah alive. “The end is near!”

24 Haggai (520 BC – after the exile) “Build the Temple” Samaritans blocked the restoration of the temple. King Darius gave the go signal. Haggai was the cheerleader Meanwhile, Jews held services without the building.

25 New temple took 3 ½ years to build by 516 BC. Haggai saw Solomon’s temple. “Is it right for you to live in expensive houses while my temple is a pile of ruins?” (Hb 1:4)

26 Zechariah (520 BC) Eight Messianic Prophecies Zechariah I (1-8) Zechariah II (9-14) I Rebuild the temple; pilgrims will come (8:18-23)

27 II Messianic Prophecies Palm Sunday (9:9) - Matt 21:4-5 30 pieces of silver (11:12-13) – Matt 26:14-16 Pierced by a spear (12:10) – John 19:34

28 Malachi after 516 BC “The Last Word” Respect and Reverence in Worship Prophecy: All nations will offer pure oblation (1:11) The Mass

29 “The Message” – Elijah (3:1,4,5) John the Baptist - Matt(11:7-14) No more prophecy for 400 years

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