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4List 5 different STDs. 4Discuss how HIV is transmitted. 4Describe methods to reduce risk of HIV/STDs. 4Describe the relationship between alcohol and.

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3 4List 5 different STDs. 4Discuss how HIV is transmitted. 4Describe methods to reduce risk of HIV/STDs. 4Describe the relationship between alcohol and HIV/STDs. Objectives

4 What do STD and VD mean? 4S exually 4T ransmitted 4D isease 4V enereal 4D isease

5 What are some STDs/VD? 4Chlamydia 4Gonorrhea (GC) 4Herpes 4Venereal Warts 4Syphilis 4Hepatitis 4HIV (AIDS)

6 Why do we need to know about STDs? 4STDs are an epidemic among young adults 4STDs are common in foreign ports 4Some STDs are resistant to drugs 4STDs can be passed to women & babies 4STDs can cause permanent damage, including death!

7 Gonorrhea reported rates

8 Chlamydia reported rates

9 Chlamydia Rates by Gender

10 Syphilis Reported Rates Rate (per 100,000 population) 0 5 10 15 20 25 1970737679828588919497

11 Genital Herpes - Rates of New Infection Visits (in thousands) 0 50 100 150 200 250 19666972757881848790939699

12 Genital Warts - Rates of New Infection Visits (in thousands) 0 80 160 240 320 400 19666972757881848790939699


14 Projected Casualties 900,000 Americans are living with HIV/AIDS That’s 900,000 more eventual deaths!

15 Understanding the Enemy 4“HIV” stands for H uman I mmunodeficiency V irus 4HIV attacks and eventually destroys the immune system, the body’s defense against infections 4When the immune system fails, “AIDS” develops ( A cquired I mmuno D eficiency S yndrome) 4A person with AIDS can’t fight off infections, and will usually DIE from infection

16 The enemy is silent HIV Infection Occurs 6-12 weeks Positive HIV Test NO SYMPTOMS 5-10 years AIDS DEVELOPS   

17 The enemy is deadly HIV  AIDS  DEATH! There are NO CURES!

18 Dangerous Misconceptions 4HIV is a “gay disease” 4HIV is a “drug addict’s disease” 4HIV only happens to “someone else” 4Sex with an Active Duty member is “safe”

19 Even Marines are not immune MARINES ARE TOUGH, BUT… Currently, male and female Marines are being infected with HIV! 4HIV doesn’t care WHO YOU ARE 4All that matters is WHAT YOU DO

20 Wake-up Call!! Between 1986 and 1999:… Nearly 600 Marines Became Infected With HIV

21 Avoiding the Ambush 4Know that HIV can infect you 4Understand how HIV attacks 4Take a hard look at your own vulnerabilities 4Formulate a BATTLE PLAN -- NOW YOU MUST:

22 HIV Transmission: The enemy’s tactics 4HIV does not strike “out of the blue” or at random 4To get HIV, a person must have contact with BLOOD, SEMEN, or VAGINAL SECRETIONS

23 Who can you trust with your life? 4You can’t tell who is HIV infected 4Infected people look, feel, and act healthy

24 When are you vulnerable to attack? HAVING SEX IS THE MAIN WAY HIV IS TRANSMITTED Sex can be a very dangerous activity (due to contact with semen, vaginal secretions, and or blood)

25 Believe it or not 4Worldwide, HETEROSEXUAL contact is the #1 mode of HIV spreading 4In the U.S., HETEROSEXUAL contact is the fastest growing mode of HIV transmission

26 HIV and SEX: Things to think about 4Oral, anal, or vaginal sex can transmit HIV 4More sexual partners = more HIV risk 4Sex with a prostitute is especially high risk

27 STDs, HIV and Deployment: Entering an “enemy stronghold” 4STDs, including HIV, is rampant in Africa and parts of Asia, in locations where Marines often deploy 4Prostitution is a MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR 4Marines are being infected on deployments through prostitute contact

28 Battle Plan: for the safest sexual choice 4Don’t have sex 4Have sex only with 1 steady partner who is negative for all STDs The safest sexual choices are:

29 Battle Plan: Lowering the Risks 4Avoid prostitutes and anyone with many partners 4Limit the number of partners you have 4Use a LATEX CONDOM every time If you choose to have sex:

30 Condoms: “Body Armor” 4LATEX CONDOMS greatly lower the risk of HIV transmission, if used properly and every time 4Water-based lubricants increase the protection (oil-based lubricants damage condoms) 4No condom is 100% effective 4Oil-based lubricants, like baby oil, vaseline and hand lotions actually WEAKEN latex condoms and should NOT be used.

31 “Body Armor” for Female Marines 4The condom is also a WOMAN’S BODY ARMOR, even if though is her partner wearing it 4The decision to use a condom affects BOTH male and female partners 4Take charge and insist on a condom

32 Alcohol: A powerful ally to STD’s 4ALCOHOL can set you up 4ALCOHOL clouds your judgment making you more likely to take some big sexual risks 4Would you have “a couple of drinks” before a firefight with a heavily armed enemy?

33 The “Buddy System”: Taking care of our own 4On the battlefield, Marines watch out for each other 4Marines also watch out for each other on liberty (i.e. designated driver) 4Use the buddy system to keep a fellow Marine from doing something stupid or risky with STD’s, including HIV

34 Use the Facts: Make a Battle Plan 4Avoid the enemy when possible -- don’t have sex 4Be wary of STD’s, including HIV’s, powerful ally, ALCOHOL 4Carry “body armor” if you might see action (Use it every time you engage in sexual activity) 4Use the buddy system to protect fellow Marines from danger. Make sure they know the facts and protect themselves.

35 Battle Plan on Deployments Recognize the new reality PROSTITUTES OVERSEAS are a HUGE HIV and other STD RISK Just say NO!

36 Needles & Tattoos: Another Red Flag 4Needles should NEVER be shared or re-used -- NOT FOR ANYTHING! 4Re-using or sharing a needle means injecting someone else’s blood into YOU (and HIV with it) 4Getting a tattoo can be risky, especially overseas -- Licensed U.S. tattoo parlors are the safest bet

37 HIV Hits Families 4 Babies born to HIV positive mothers can be born HIV infected 4Breast feeding mothers who are HIV positive can pass the infection to their babies 4This is another reason not to bring HIV home to your loved ones

38 You CANNOT get HIV from: 4a toilet seat 4being coughed or sneezed on 4sharing eating utensils 4living with someone who is HIV positive 4sharing a bathroom 4tears, saliva, or sweat 4casual contact

39 WHY? Because they don’t involve: 4BLOOD 4SEMEN 4VAGINAL SECRETIONS

40 Navy/Marine Corps Policy on HIV testing 4Deployable forces and personnel in overseas billets have annual HIV testing 4If you are treated for a sexually transmitted disease or substance abuse, you are tested for HIV 4Your HIV status remains CONFIDENTIAL

41 What happens if you are HIV positive? 4If you are HIV positive, you are assigned to a non-deployable billet in the U.S. 4You can re-enlist and be promoted 4You may stay on active duty as long as you remain well and can still do your job 4Once you become sick, a medical board is held to medically retire you, with full medical benefits

42 Summary 4HIV is transmitted through blood, semen and vaginal secretions 4Abstinence is only risk free behavior when it comes to HIV and other STDs. 4Using a latex condom will reduce risk

43 YOU DECIDE! Semper Fit gives you the facts so you can make informed personal health choices. Do it because you want to!

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