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Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission-Shaped Evangelism Listening to God in the cultural context.

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1 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission-Shaped Evangelism Listening to God in the cultural context

2 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Double listening Two ears one mouth Use accordingly in mission Failure to enter the other persons world leaves us like the tourists who keep speaking louder in their own language To the Mission Context To the essence of the Christian Inheritance

3 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Post-modernity? Modernity to Postmodernity I tell my story I choose my beliefs I buy my identity The logic of consumerism

4 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Post-Christendom? 9% monthly 26% De Churched 65% Non Churched 76% of New Christians Come from 26% De- Churched finding faith today 1992 This section of the population is older and decreasing over time Church attendance 2005

5 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Post-Christendom? Not just about church attendance –Grace Davie, - Believing without belonging and vicarious faith But changing belief Fading of occasional office Decline in Christian identity –Stages in the decline of Christendom not a new way for it to persist

6 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Belief in God

7 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Infant Baptism C of E 2007

8 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Church Weddings 2007

9 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Christian Affiliation UK

10 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Christian Affiliation 2001

11 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Christian Affiliation

12 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Builders (born 20s+30s) in 2005

13 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Boomers (born 40s+50s) in 2005

14 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Gen-Xers (born 60s+70s) in 2005

15 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Gen-Yers (born 80s+90s) in 2015?

16 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Post- Secularism? Post-modernity - multi-faith in a post-secular age –Post-modern move from truth as fact to truth as experience - From universal truth to true for me may be different to true for you. –Rejection of objectivity for subjectivity –Personal belief re-enters the public square –Any and every belief …. All are equally unprovable –All of this much to the annoyance of Richard Dawkins……. and Christians? –Religion once more on the agenda but any religion with no way back to Christendom …..indeed is Christianity disadvantaged compared to the alternatives?

17 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 ‘Spiritual’ experience in 2000 Vs 1987 55% saw a patterning of events – up 90% 38% felt God’s presence – up 41% 37% had answered prayer – up 48% 29% felt sacred in nature – up 81% 25% the presence of the dead – up 39% But what are they experiencing? 25% the presence of evil – up 108% 1987 48% report a spiritual experience - 2000 risen to 76%

18 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 The ‘excluded middle’ Paul Heibert –Many traditional religions have a sacred dimension about the Gods and secular dimension to do with the non-spiritual but also a middle ground of the superstitious and everyday spiritual. He saw this as missing from Christianity, –This area very much addressed by new spiritualities

19 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Believe in an afterlife

20 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Believe in restless spirits

21 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Believe in Karma

22 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Experience of fortune telling, Tarot, astrology, psychics, palmists

23 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Australian Gen Y – like Britain? Floating 46 % ‘new spiritual’ 23%Religious 17% Non believing 14% Rationalist humanist Includes neo pagans and followers or frequent participants in the esoteric/occult Moral relativism, pick ‘n’ mix, truth in all religions but not just one, something ‘out there’ occult and paranormal experienced BUT open rather than committed or seeing as important

24 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Japan Britain

25 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Consumer Christianity?

26 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Consumer Christianity? God the cosmic therapist? Cruise liner – or Battleship? John Wimber Church shopping? –Looking for what I get out of it –Looking for the one that does things my way Buying religious product? –Baptisms & weddings –Rosaries –Retreats –Christmas Carols

27 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission-Shaped Evangelism Listening to God in the Christian tradition Steve Hollinghurst Oct 10

28 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Jesus, mission and other faiths The Vision of the kingdom of God (cf Luke 5-8) –Radical values of inclusion leading to transformation and reversals of status – the sinful, the unclean, women, the non-Jew ( in spite of Jesus claim to only be sent to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’) –The use of parables Making disciples who will make disciples –The parable of the sower (Luke 8) followed by sending of The 12 (Luke 9) and 72 (Luke 10) as Jesus has been sent (John 17) (apostolic church). To make disciples in all cultures (Matt 28) Weakness and vulnerability the marks of the missionary –Sent to be the guests of those they are to witness amongst –Becoming as servants and children (Mark 9) –The small things leading to great change – mustard seed and yeast in dough

29 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Crossing culture - The Early Church In Jerusalem –The Pentecost Sermon to Jews Acts 2 –The Jerusalem church Acts 4 –The Hellenists – fresh insight & Persecution In Judea and Samaria –The dispersal of the Hellenists –Philip – the Samaritans & Ethiopian Eunuch Acts 8 To the ends of the earth –Peter and Cornelius Acts 10 –The Church in Antioch Acts 11 –The Gentile mission from Antioch

30 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Paul does ‘double-listening’ Acts 14 – Lystra –After healing a crippled man the crowd think Paul and Barnabas are Hermes and Zeus. –Paul reasons from nature not scripture to explain his faith….and struggles to communicate Acts 17 – Athens –Paul goes round the temples learning about Greek belief – we see the results in his address to the Areopagus. –He debates with the philosophers in the market place….and struggles to communicate – they call him a ‘spermalgos’ – someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about!

31 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Paul’s two sermons Jesus is the expected messiah who will fulfil the prophets and law He was killed as a sacrifice but rose He has been appointed judge and we must now change the directions of our lives We are all searchers after God The God of the universe doesn’t live in temples That God has set a day to judge the nations so we must now change the directions of our lives The judge will be Jesus who was raised from the dead Mission in Christendom is like Jewish Mission Jews …….and…….Greeks?

32 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Paul and Paganism Following the Jewish legacy –God can be found in Pagan religion but is revealed to be more than those religions show and not all of it is to be accepted. This can be used to aid mission –eg Lystra, Athens Ephesus The issue of food sacrificed to idols (I Cor 10) –‘Give no offence to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God, just as I try to please everyone in everything I do, not seeking my own advantage, but that of many so that they may be saved.’ (vs 32-33) The Roman approach to religion must be avoided

33 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Incarnational mission – Phil 2 Jesus as part of Trinity Takes on the form of those to whom he is sent God exalts him All must kneel before him How might this passage influence our thinking on mission?

34 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Incarnational mission – Phil 2 We take off our current form and put on that of those we seek to reach and affirm their culture We die to ourselves in incarnation in order to be obedient to God God will use this to exalt Jesus All must come to accept Jesus as Lord and this will involve challenging culture as people become like Christ.

35 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 The limits to incarnation 1 Cor 9:19-24 –Though free I have become a slave in order to win people (Philippians model) –As a Jew to Jews, as a Greek to Greeks –All things to all people so by all means I might save some. For the sake of the gospel… But –As an African to the Africans…as a Goth to Goths…as criminal to criminals…as a prostitute to prostitutes? Jesus like us in every way but without sin

36 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission: shift to Christendom Early Church incarnate in local culture –Greek Church - Paul uses poetry to Zeus –Roman Church - Jesus as Orpheus –Coptic Church - the image of Isis becomes Mary –Celtic Church - Jesus the Druid (Columba) –Germanic Church - the Heliand Christendom one faith one empire –The Saxon Church and the war band –Synod of Whitby - the date of Easter; monks hair –Mission ends within empire, –becomes conquest beyond it Modernity evangelism recovered in Christendom –Individuals called to belief in a Christian country –Aimed at intellectual conviction and crisis conversion

37 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission-Shaped Evangelism In the twenty first century Steve Hollinghurst Oct 10

38 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 A new Reformation? 400 BC600 AD1500 AD2000 AD Judaism Early Church ChristendomReformation ? Eternal Gospel Changing expression – David Bosch ‘Transforming Mission’

39 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Mission in Christendom Mission (abroad) –Cultural export Vs Inhabiting local culture Evangelism (at home) –Calling people back to ‘the national faith’

40 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Learning from foreign mission “Do not call people back to where they were (they never were there) Do not call people to where you are, as beautiful as it may seem to you But travel with them to a place neither of you have been before” Vincent Donovan – ‘Christianity re-discovered’

41 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Changing Mission? From: sharing the Gospel in “come to us” mode To: Exploring Church in “go to them” mode Church Missions Courses ‘Seeker’ Services To boldly go where no church has gone before

42 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 From individuals to all creation Restoring the whole story of salvation sin salvation creation New creation Individuals saved All creation saved

43 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 God’s Mission & God’s Kingdom The transformation of people linked to the transformation of creation – Romans 8, 2 Cor 5 –Reconciliation as a reversal of the fall –Humanity restored to God’s image as missionary to creation Social transformation linked to evangelism –Any Gospel that does not proclaim and seek to bring about God’s Kingdom fails to understand Jesus and God’s mission –Any Gospel that does not set people free from sin will never achieve social transformation

44 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Three levels of mission community

45 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Who are on the way? Bounded set ? Or..

46 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Who are on the way? Bounded set ? Or…….Centred Set?

47 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Who are on the way? Bounded set ? Or…….Centred Set?

48 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 A new apologetics? Hearing – relating to what is going on in people’s lives not assuming a pattern Holistic – not just brains but people drawn to God Hopeful – assume God is at work in others, ‘see what God is doing and join in’ Humble – we have a lot to learn too from God and others, including those of other faiths and no-faith Hidden – the parable tradition – people ignore the obvious answer but explore the open ended. Heavenward – focus on where we are going and invite people on the journey

49 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Lessons for sharing faith People increasingly come to faith through experience rather than changing thinking People want to grow spiritually and will take support in this seriously Sharing faith is welcomed. Telling others what they share is wrong simply closes the conversation People aren’t interested if Christianity is true but if it is inspiring and life changing with the internet everything is public be consistent We need to know how we will handle issues of gender, the environment, evil, other-faiths Avoid Christian language like sin, salvation, redemption etc people don’t understand it or misunderstand it – but we still need to talk about them but with different words We need to live as if what we say really does work Remember God transforms people not Christians

50 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Resources

51 Steve Hollinghurst Nov 10 Evangelism is….. Not getting people to Church ………………..….…….. but getting people to be Church Not taking God to people ………………………………… but seeing what he is already doing in their lives Not first about getting people into heaven …………… but getting heaven into people Not saving people from the world..………………….. but allowing God to transform them as part of a plan to transform the world also Your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

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