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Johnny Got His Gun Chapters 7-12.

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1 Johnny Got His Gun Chapters 7-12

2 Chapter 7 and 8 Do you remember any grotesque stories about other soldiers that Joe’s compares to his condition? What is the significance of the rat? What is basically left of Joe’s body?

3 Chapter 9 Why does Joe feel his father is actually poor?
What kind of relationship does Joe have with his father? How does Joe see his father? What is the significance of this story?

4 Chapter 10 How does rhetoric play a role in this chapter?
What “words” does Joe feel are not worth dying for? Know at least three. What concrete things might Joe be willing to die for? How important is life to Joe?

5 Chapter 11 What is Joe’s obsession with time?
Does he have a valid point in regards to time? Challenge yourself. How would you entertain yourself if you were in Joe’s condition? Why would it be important for Joe to capture time?

6 Chapter 12 Why does Joe wish he is in an American hospital?
What reasons does Joe give that Englishmen are strange? Think of the Scottish man and the Bavarians. Who is Lazarus? Why was he rightfully named so? Why does Joe think that he and “the boy” are brothers?

7 Johnny Got His Gun Trivia Quiz
Names Flashbacks Quiz ?’s Literary Terms 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500

8 Who is Big Mike? Kareen’s father

9 Joe’s old cheating girlfriend.
Who is Diane? Joe’s old cheating girlfriend.

10 Joe’s best friend who kissed Diane
Who is Bill Harper? Joe’s best friend who kissed Diane

11 The town hot shot who steals Diane.
Who is Glen Hogan? The town hot shot who steals Diane.

12 Joe’s girlfriend before the war.
Who is Kareen? Joe’s girlfriend before the war.

13 What is the flashback about regarding Jose?
Jose got a job in the movies and wanted to get fired from the bakery but did not know how to do it.

14 What happened on Joe and his father’s fishing trip?
Joe went fishing with Bill Harper instead and lost his father’s fishing pole.

15 Joe reflects about Laurette. What is their history?
She was a prostitute who gave Joe gold cufflinks. They discussed books and Joe that she was in love with him, but he finds she is too carefree.

16 Joe reflects on a story about Lazarus. What is the story?
He was a Hun that was shot up and kept “raising from the dead” even after they buried him.

17 What is the story behind Joe being in the desert?
He went to escape his troubles with Diane cheating with Glen Hogan.

18 Joe hoped he was in what kind of hospital?

19 Joe captured time by using his sense of what?

20 Jose got fired by doing what?
Dumping many pies

21 What does “unchristly scared” mean?
Not brave like christ

22 What could Joe give Kareen that no other man could?
Eternal youth

23 Name a theme in the story.
Courage, death, loneliness…

24 Name a turning point in the story.
Morse code, capturing of time

25 Name one setting the novel.
Hospital, camping area…

26 Name one symbol and what it represents.
Joe, all other victims of war

27 Name one conflict in the story.
Man vs Man, Man vs himself, Man vs Society

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