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The Cook and The Tradesmen(Five Guildsmen) Andrew Klump & Nick Pitts.

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1 The Cook and The Tradesmen(Five Guildsmen) Andrew Klump & Nick Pitts

2 The Cook By Andrew Klump

3 Character Description Name Roger of Ware Very poor Simple clothing (bandaged leg) Very vulgar personality Lascivious in nature Engages in controversial activities

4 Prologue Cook from London Impressed with stories being told Decides to create his own Jesting over food cook prepares

5 Cook's Tale Story of a shopkeeper who loved to dance (Perkin Reveler) Perkin loved tavern, failed to keep shop, and stole His master fired him (apprenticeship broken) Needing board, Perkin moved in with friend Friend likes to drink and gamble and wife is prostitute

6 Analysis Was the story deliberately cut short by Chaucer? The descriptions of Roger of Ware could lead to real person Parody of real characters?

7 Discussion Questions Do you believe that the cook was a real person? Do you believe that Perkin was based on a real man? Why do you believe that Chaucer used sexuality in many of his stories? "I see how it is, therefore you will all perish!"

8 The Tradesmen A.K.A- The Five Guildsmen By yes me, Nick Pitts And Sorry, I'm Not changing the game

9 Who, whaaa? ( Found in The Prolouge) The five Tradesmen or Guildsmen consisted of a... Haberdasher o Hat/accessories dealer Carpenter o Makes or repairs items- dealing with wood Webbe o Weaver Cloth-dyer (Tailor) o Dyes or repairs clothing Tapycer o Makes Rugs/tapestries Very wealthy Considered "the up" or middle class They made Bank! -They had mad skills! The funny(ironic) thing is Most Guildsmen, respected their buyers, and enjoyed producing products for them..."These weren't those guys"

10 Chaucer What Were You Thinking? -Why did you mention them in the tale?- The Tradesmen(Guildsmen) form one portrait - The upwardly "stuck up" Tradesmen(Guildsmen) of the era They believed... o By forming Unions, or Trade Guilds, gave them power and mula(money) Epic! The title above this pic, was "Why women marry men" Wife of a Tradesman

11 How did they get away with being such...? Others depended on their work sooo.... o If they ever quit, most would go crazy! "What about my clothing, waaa!!" They all were a little stuck up... o Weapons of sliver, not brass, clothing was new, and greatly admired  their commodities were of a higher rank(Materialistic) Buyers depended on their trade

12 "Seriously Nick, What about the story?" I would tell you if I could, honestly! There wasn't a tale of the Tradesmen(Guildsmen) Chaucer never really started, nor finished any exact tale! Epic I know! "What are you gonna do, ya know? Just gotta work with the cards we've been dealt"

13 The only sign of a tale -The Five Guildsmen- "An arras-maker, dyer, and weaverWere with us, clothed in similar livery, All of one sober, great fraternity. Their gear was new and well adorned it was;(5) Their weapons were not cheaply trimmed with brass, But all with silver; chastely made and well Their girdles and their pouches too, I tell. Each man of them appeared a proper burgess To sit in guildhall on a high dais.(10) And each of them, for wisdom he could span, Was fitted to have been an alderman;arrasliveryburgessdaisalderman For chattels they’d enough, and, too, of rent; To which their good wives gave a free assent, Or else for certain they had been to blame.(15) It’s good to hear “Madam” before one’s name, And go to church when all the world may see, Having one’s mantle borne right royally."

14 Relationship to other tales However, they may not have a tale, they were featured in other tales! The Reeve's Tale One of tradesmen's insulted a pair of college boys from the north o Result-That night they have ummm..."fun after- hours time" with the wife and daughter while the tradesman is asleep! The Tradesman after the northerners had their...."play time"

15 We need to talk... 1.Why do you believe Chaucer included The Tradesman, but not a tale? 2.Do you think most Tradesmen or Guildsmen acted as Chaucer described them? 3.Do you think the Tradesmen deserved what happened to his wife? "Koala Kitteh Has achieved victory!"

16 Lets "Bib" it up! 1. 2. 3. rough-guide.html rough-guide.html

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