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Progress Report October, 2012 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION.

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1 Progress Report October, 2012 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION


3 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Scenery Park outreach began in 1994 Property acquired 1996. Church construction started (BVC involved) Safmarine built a school using old shipping containers James Stofile is the pastor Amalinda Forest church built 2004, school 2005 Erik Mpitimpiti is the pastor Aids clinic 2007 Gilgal Baptist church renovated 2010 + school Foster care homes being built Brief History

4 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Scenery Park School and Church

5 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Sophumelela (we shall succeed) preschool, Scenery Park Normal attendance about 40 kids

6 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Pastor James at the first church plant New church plant in Khayelitsha Bible study group in another village HIV-AIDS support groups Adult literacy classes Several cell groups

7 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Gradua- tion at Scenery Park

8 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Amahle, 4 years old, found sitting on a bucket with diarrhea. Only food was fermented porridge. She had HIV-AIDS. Stofile family took care of her, nursed her to good health. Grandmother claimed custody, but she was not around. Her aunt, a prostitute, or an uncle, a drug addict,“cared” for her. Amahle wanted to come back to her new home – the Stofile family, granny refused. Died 3 months later.




12 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Amalinda Forest Church freshly painted

13 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Baptistry used often at Amalinda Forest Church

14 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Concrete being spread on school founda- tion OCT., 2004

15 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Delicious food for a big crowd (>120 guests)

16 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Passing along plates

17 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Preschool arts & craft lesson Kids using scissors for the first time in their life

18 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Opening Day! About 200 people came

19 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Ladies performing in traditional dresses Colors represent different clans

20 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Hoppy cutting the ribbon and opening the gate

21 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Amalinda Forest pre- school Hot lunch Two school buildings

22 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Example on housing development, Reeston Current shack Provided by government Finished by owner

23 A new church shack is finished James, Elliot, Precious and Bo built it XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION

24 Mdantsane church Refurbished New school building Philemon - pastor

25 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Squatter camp Up to 50 families No water No sanitary facility

26 Khulanathi “grow with us” Children’s home

27 Our Vision

28 Outside of house 1

29 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION About 80,000 orphans in Eastern Cape, 40% of all in South Africa 20,000 new orphans per year in Eastern Cape AIDS epidemic is the main cause State orphan institutions are just warehouses When turning 17, the children are kicked out Our model is to create a home with a Mother to care for up to 6 children Christian care & education Long range plan for young adults First two homes on Amalinda Forest church property Third home finished Foster Care Ministry

30 XHOSA GOSPEL MISSION Two new churches & preschools AIDS clinic Renovated church building in Mdantsane + new school building Church plant & preschool in Khayelitsha Shack in Reston Three foster care homes complete Plan for five homes Khayelitsha church building construction to start Raising funds for operation costs & building more homes STATUS OF XGM DEVELOPMENT


32 For more information, contact Bo Arvidson E-mail: Tel: +1 303-697-5002

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