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Chonga Hispanic Teenage Girl Slang

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1 Chonga Hispanic Teenage Girl Slang
Eliisa Vainikka & Hanna-Riikka Roine

2 What is a Chonga? A girl of Hispanic origin, generally Cuban, between ages 12 and 19 Lives mostly in Miami (South Florida) and famously in Hialeah Both communities have significant Cuban American populations

3 Background and Social Status
Cuban exiles have created the most economically successful immigrant enclave in U.S. history Although chonga girls don’t live in the ghetto, they imitate many of the features of the black ’gangsta’ style

4 Chonga Style a combination of the gangsta look and that of a prostitute large golden jewellery oversized men's t-shirts with tight Brazilian pants Reeboks, Nike Air Force Ones, Converse, or the most popular, Chinese beaded slippers in the same matching color as their top black liner on their lips and eyes, pencil thin eyebrows

5 Chonga Speech cross between poorly imitated Black English and a thick Spanish accent some chongas even speak entirely in Spanglish frequently used words include: pero (=but), nigga, bitch, shit, and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaym

6 Examples of Chonga Speech
O HELLNAA bish Ima beesho azz, waash! OMAIIGAA! Eyy yu no daa kih in fahrs pihreeuh OMAIIGA daaaaaaaaaaaaam he faaeeen! Eyy yu go-eentu Maariisleyseesiz quinceson Fraidei? Oh hell no bitch, I'm going to beat your ass, watch! Oh my God! Hey, you know that kid in first period, oh my God, damn he’s fine! Hey, are you going to Marisleysise’s quince on Friday?

7 Chonga Writing Style either on public property (graffiti tags) or online tend to write F's backwards, I's double (ii), S's accompanied by a Z (Sz), and when typing, lowercase q's substituted for g's, 3’s for e’s uses insulting a rival chonga warning fellow chongas to ‘back off’ claiming a fantasy crush (usually rappers)

8 Examples of Writing BaBii qiiRl = baby girl
N3LLySzi RiiCaN PRiiNC3Sz = Nelly's Rican Princess 'ii NO' fO RiiL DaTT hO sAY U iiSz' a ChONGa nD DaTT biiTcH bESzTT jUSz sTToP O dEy GoN b sUm dEEp ShiiTT nD iiMa sPaRkk huH ASz PeRO fO RiiL yO' = I know, for real that ho says you are a chonga and that bitch best just stop or there's going to be some deep shit and I'm going to spank her ass but for real, yo!

9 Chongas in the Media Popular sketch-comedy show ‘MadTV’
Video parody ’Chongalicious’ on YouTube:

10 Information found in: Urban Dictionary: Uncyclopedia: Wikipedia: The Fashion Spot:

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