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Chonga Hispanic Teenage Girl Slang Eliisa Vainikka & Hanna-Riikka Roine 24.11.2008.

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1 Chonga Hispanic Teenage Girl Slang Eliisa Vainikka & Hanna-Riikka Roine

2 What is a Chonga?  A girl of Hispanic origin, generally Cuban, between ages 12 and 19  Lives mostly in Miami (South Florida) and famously in Hialeah  Both communities have significant Cuban American populations

3 Background and Social Status  Cuban exiles have created the most economically successful immigrant enclave in U.S. history  Although chonga girls don’t live in the ghetto, they imitate many of the features of the black ’gangsta’ style

4 Chonga Style  a combination of the gangsta look and that of a prostitute  large golden jewellery  oversized men's t-shirts with tight Brazilian pants  Reeboks, Nike Air Force Ones, Converse, or the most popular, Chinese beaded slippers in the same matching color as their top  black liner on their lips and eyes, pencil thin eyebrows

5 Chonga Speech  cross between poorly imitated Black English and a thick Spanish accent  some chongas even speak entirely in Spanglish  frequently used words include: pero (=but), nigga, bitch, shit, and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaym

6 Examples of Chonga Speech  O HELLNAA bish Ima beesho azz, waash! OMAIIGAA!  Eyy yu no daa kih in fahrs pihreeuh OMAIIGA daaaaaaaaaaaaam he faaeeen!  Eyy yu go-eentu Maariisleyseesiz quinceson Fraidei?  Oh hell no bitch, I'm going to beat your ass, watch! Oh my God!  Hey, you know that kid in first period, oh my God, damn he’s fine!  Hey, are you going to Marisleysise’s quince on Friday?

7 Chonga Writing Style  either on public property (graffiti tags) or online  tend to write F's backwards, I's double (ii), S's accompanied by a Z (Sz), and when typing, lowercase q's substituted for g's, 3’s for e’s  uses insulting a rival chonga warning fellow chongas to ‘back off’ claiming a fantasy crush (usually rappers)

8 Examples of Writing  BaBii qiiRl = baby girl  N3LLySzi RiiCaN PRiiNC3Sz = Nelly's Rican Princess  'ii NO' fO RiiL DaTT hO sAY U iiSz' a ChONGa nD DaTT biiTcH bESzTT jUSz sTToP O dEy GoN b sUm dEEp ShiiTT nD iiMa sPaRkk huH ASz PeRO fO RiiL yO' = I know, for real that ho says you are a chonga and that bitch best just stop or there's going to be some deep shit and I'm going to spank her ass but for real, yo!

9 Chongas in the Media  Popular sketch- comedy show ‘MadTV’  Video parody ’Chongalicious’ on YouTube: uVHdqmN7-XE uVHdqmN7-XE

10 Information found in:  Urban Dictionary: =chonga =chonga  Uncyclopedia:  Wikipedia:  The Fashion Spot: ga-style-chola-style html ga-style-chola-style html

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