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Child Safety on the Internet Intrinsic Technology Services E. Charles Sterling Millions of children are subject to Slavery, Human Trafficking & the Sex.

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1 Child Safety on the Internet Intrinsic Technology Services E. Charles Sterling Millions of children are subject to Slavery, Human Trafficking & the Sex trade - TODAY - in AMERICA ! Technology & global communications via the Internet fuel this process. SecureWorld Expo 2011 Houston, Tx April 13 th and 14 th

2 EDUCATE a Parent - SAVE a Child Goals are to: Formulate guides for parents and other adults that clearly illustrate how technology is used for cybercrime resulting in the exploitation of children. Communicate how the current exponential changes in technology can affect future criminal activities. Close the gap in laws. Encourage kids to talk to kids; turn Peer Pressure into Peer Protection!

3 Identify those in the: Ostrich Mode U R A Ostrich Modder if you: * don't want to learn about technology. * say - just let the kids do it for me. * hope that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. (unattended in bedroom w/computer). * think they know what they should & should not be doing. * think they don't say, see or do bad things at school. (i.e. Susie Que didn't say the F-bomb)

4 Educate those in the: Ostrich Mode Mitigate the paranoia that some adults have about using technology. Educate adults about key aspects of technology so that they understand how a good tool can be used for bad purposes. Show adults user-friendly options used to monitor and protect w/o being a technician. Know, check and change Default settings.

5 Local Catastrophe Shannon Davis DA's office case load – child related crime prosecution Social Media's best method to: “get your child”. Porn, online solicitation & online gaming

6 Rainbow House http://www http://www The Rainbow House Children's Resource Center, the first Child Advocacy Center in Georgia, was established in 1986. A concerned group of citizens, later known as the Houston County Child Abuse Task Force, established Rainbow House to serve victims of child sexual abuse. Rainbow House CRC which is located in Warner Robins, Georgia continues to serve child crime victims in Houston County and surrounding counties where there is no CAC. Our mission is to serve all children by strengthening our community's response to child abuse and neglect through prevention, intervention, and advocacy efforts.

7 Statistics About Child Sexual Abuse * About 44% of rape victims are under age 18 * 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused by age 18 * Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults are children 17 and under * An estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America * 30-40% of children are abused by a family member * Only 10% of child sexual abuse perpetrators are strangers to the child * Over 30% of victims of Child Sexual Abuse NEVER report their abuse to anyone * Around 90% of children do not disclose in childhood * Almost 80% initially deny abuse or are tentative in their disclosure * Medical evidence exists in around 4% of cases of CSA

8 Human Trafficking video

9 Human Trafficking Dennis Mark America has an International problem 8-year old girls forced into Sex Trade Lifelong mental damage to children Continued cycle of crime No longer an issue that commonly occurs in foreign developing countries!

10 Examples Common avenues of Internet exploitation: Facebook - Case: Undisclosed Ongoing Investigation MySpace - Case: Marvin Chavelle Epps Urbanchat - Case: Alan Townsend Craigslist - (Causal Encounters) Backpage

11 Case 1 Calgary police have charged a 38-year- old man with human trafficking after he allegedly used social networks to convince women that they would become models if they came to the city. However, upon arrival they were instead forced into prostitution; their services advertised online. The police found four victims - 16- 20 year-old-women.

12 Case 2 According to Assistant United States Attorney Laurel D. White, who is prosecuting the case, for approximately three weeks in October 2008, Epps acted as the pimp for a 16-year-old Solano County minor, using the Internet to solicit sex dates in a North Sacramento Motel. Court documents show that the minor victim said that she originally met Epps in September 2008 on the social networking site MySpace. During their MySpace communications, Epps promoted himself to her as a pimp and encouraged her to come to Sacramento where she could work for him. He told her that he would pay for a bus or train ticket for her to come to Sacramento. He claimed he had been in the prostitution “game for five almost six years now.” Once the minor came to Sacramento, Epps began to post prostitution related advertisements for her on a website that offers escort, massage, strip club, and other sex-related services. The minor reported that Epps took sexually provocative pictures of her, which he used for the Internet ads. She told law enforcement that she gave him all the money she earned from her prostitution activity.

13 Case 3 June 2008, a 14-year-old Ohio girl ran away with a 30-year-old Florida pimp named Alan Townsend, after meeting him on the social networking site According to court records, Townsend used his senior prostitute, 27-year-old Courtney Shine, to gain the victim’s trust and convince her that a career in modeling awaited if she drove with them to Florida. Once they were on the road, Townsend let the teenager in on his plans to turn her into a prostitute. When she protested, he slapped her. After a tense drive to Orlando, the girl eventually slipped away and called her mother and the police using a borrowed cell phone. Townsend and Shine pleaded guilty to federal child sex-trafficking charges in December 2009.




17 HOW TO SPOT THE WARNING SIGNS: Many of the warning signs that a child is a victim of trafficking, or is being recruited, are similar to signs that the child is being cyberbullied or being groomed by a pedophile. They may include one or more of the following: Unexplained absences Runs away or discusses running away from home Exhibits bruises, suddenly withdraws from social gatherings, displays depression Demonstrates a sudden change in attire Behavior becomes erratic, severe mood swings Suddenly has material possessions given to them by a "friend" Hides emails, text messages, or other online posts Extreme change in online behavior – suddenly online all the time or suddenly not interested in being online.

18 Educate Schools and Parents Bob Janusaitis Background, InfraGard, Crime Watch Chairman Law enforcement, school districts AND parents must focus and work together Town hall style meetings bringing parties together Best results from getting people to address issues in ADVANCE

19 Where are the bad guys located?

20 Venues to share Church conferences School district in-service days Safe Schools vision – Houston Galveston Area Council (13 counties) Major venues with live demos, video conference to local ISD’s – InfraGard Houston - Pilot project – Cy-Fair ISD Online child protection Cyber bullying

21 Collaboration Its’ not just parents, it’s everyone involved with children. Cell/smartphone providers must provide enhanced management of the technology by parents Background checks are not the total solution, strict policies need to be implemented and audited. – Boy Scouts of America has an excellent program to use as a model

22 Best practices A central source for parents to locate “how to” manage/audit their children’s computer and/or Smartphone. Online lessons learned, and actual law enforcement cases that have resulted in a conviction. Campaign to make cyber awareness of crimes against children highly visible. Like: “See something, say something” or “Stop, Think, Connect”

23 What to Do, Where to get Help! Internet monitoring and filtering (software, hardware appliances, monitoring services) Associations and Agencies Church, Community and Police

24 Internet Filtering & Monitoring Internet Filter Software Review http:// Filter Categories Chat Filtering Reporting Capabilities Chat Monitoring Remote Reporting Chat Blocking Notification Alerts by E-mail Social Network Reporting & FilteringLog Reports Sent by E-mail Predator Blocking Summary History Reporting Newsgroup Blocking Detailed History Reporting IM Port Blocking Graphical Reporting Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Blocking Logging of Security Violations FTP Blocking Email Filtering & Blocking PC Game Blocking Personal Info Blocking

25 Net Appliance Filtering

26 Router Log Apr 2 17:24:54 2011 Connection Refused - Policy violation TCP Host Country: Germany Region:Bayern City:Munich IP Information – Host name: Country: Romania Region:Timis City:Timisoara IP Information – Host Country: Thailand Region: Krung Thep City:Bangkok IP Information – Host Country: Russian Federation Region:Tomsk City:Tomsk IP Information – Country: Republic of Korea, Region: Seoul-t'ukpyolsi City:Seoul IP Information – Country: China Zhejiang City:Hangzhou IP Information – Host Country: Lithuania Region:Kauno Apskritis City:Kaunas ~800 inbound entries in a 20-minute period ~75 Blocked due to Policy Violation

27 Who's it up to? Society being what it can be... some communities will be more progressive as opposed to others showing acceptance to what is happening with their children. Is one view or the other Wrong?

28 Who's really going to fix the issue? * The kids of Today are most likely to be the primary solution to keeping kids out of the hands of criminals for all future generations. * Adults of Today need to focus on bringing awareness of this problem to the kids that are most open minded to communicate these concerns to other children.

29 Resources VETTED information Portal! >100 listings and growing! Safe Internet Browsing for Kids www Safe Internet Browsing for Parents www Donations for website development and new sources to be vetted & posted are welcome.(via

30 What is missing? ** Dallas has it, other cities have it – but Houston does NOT have a Visible concentrated effort with “event status” to communicate about Child Safety on the Internet. ** Where is the Houston Save A Child effort and related event that brings global attention to the issue?

31 E. Charles Sterling 832-607-9019 www (my “Hello All” email is open to any subscriber) Shannon Davis 713-755-5546 Dennis Mark 281.507.3252 www Bob Janusiatis 832-303-2911 www SecureWorld Expo 2011 Houston, Tx April 13 th and 14 th

32 Houston Security Conference November 3 rd, 2011 www “Held at the Norris Center” NAISG Houston Chapter

33 23rd Annual Crimes Against Children Conference Providing Professionals the Instruction, Information and Strategies They Need to Protect Child Victims and Prosecute their Offenders. www August 8 - 11, 2011 Sheraton Dallas Hotel Downtown Dallas, TX



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