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REVELATION (Apocalypse Now!)

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1 REVELATION (Apocalypse Now!)
Class #2 Different Interpretations of Revelation

2 THEORY #1 Futurist/Premillenialism
Left Behind Popular with Evangelicals Rev 4-19 = the “end times” 7 yr period at the end of time

3 Characteristics of Premillenialism
Rapture – disciples taken away Great Tribulation for 7 years 10 horn beast = antichrist 2 horn beast = new false religion Prostitute = New City of Babylon Rev 19 = 2nd Coming of Jesus Armageddon = literal battle Literal 1,000 yr reign on earth

4 Theory #2 Historical/Amillennialism
Accepted by Catholic, Orthodox and mainstream Protestant churches Rev 4-19 = persecution of the church by the Roman Empire Describes events which have already taken place in history in the years following the writing of Revelation

5 Characteristics of Amillennialism
Struggle between Roman Empire & the church 10 horn beast = the Roman Empire 2 horn beast = the cult of emperor worship Prostitute = the city of ancient Rome Rev 19 is symbolic = church’s victory over Rome 1,000 years is symbolic = period we are in now 2nd Coming = Day of Judgment

6 Which view is correct? End times vs Roman times
Rev 1:1 the things that must soon take place Rev 1:3 for the time is near Rev 22:6 what must soon take place Rev 22:10 for the time is near

7 What is the prostitute? Rev 17:18 great city that has dominion over kings of the earth Rev 17:6 drunk on blood of saints Rev 17:9 seated on 7 hills


9 What is the 10 horn beast? Rev 17:10-13 kings & royal authority
Rev 13:1-2 throne & great authority Rev 13:7 makes war on the saints Rev 13:8 authority over every tribe & people & language & nation Dan 7:19-24 kingdom makes war on the saints Dan 7:26-27 kingdom will fall but God’s kingdom is eternal

10 Roman Empire

11 Beast with 2 horns - Rev 13:11-17

12 Reformation Amillennialism
Older commentaries like Albert Barnes or Mathew Henry Rev 4-19 – all of history between 1st and 2nd coming 10 horn beast = Catholic Church 2 horn beast = the pope Prostitute = the Vatican Problem: Catholic Church is still here

13 Philosophical Theory Applies to any time in history
10 horn beast = any persecution 2 horn beast = any false religion Prostitute = allure of sexual immorality and wealth in any city in any age

14 Biblical Problems with Premillennialism
Premillennialism = 2 resurrections John 5:28-29 teaches 1 resurrection Premillennailism = 2nd coming is 1,000 years before the Day of Judgment Mat 25:31-21 teaches 2nd coming is when Day of Judgment will occur Premillennailism = future kingdom Col 1:13 – kingdom is now

15 Our approach to Revelation
Historical/Amillennialism persecution by the Roman Empire Accepted by Jacoby & Ferguson Accepted by Mainline Church of Christ Bold prophesy in the 1st Century: Church of Jesus Christ will outlast the mighty Roman Empire

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