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Case: Jack the Ripper By: Shannon Baumert And Brittney Hoodlebrink.

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1 Case: Jack the Ripper By: Shannon Baumert And Brittney Hoodlebrink

2 Victim: Mary Ann Nichols August 26, 1845 5’2” tall, Brown eyes, dark complexion Brown hair Fifty years old in October 1888 Mother is Caroline and father is Edward Walker Married William Nichols on January 16, 1864 prostitute Died on August 31 1888

3 Victim: Annie Chapman Born Sept.1841 5’ tall, pallid complexion, blue eyes, dark brown wavy hair 45 years old Mother: Ruth Chapman Father: George Smith Married to John Chapman, May 1, 1869 prostitute Died on Sept.1888

4 Victim: Elizabeth Stride Born November 27, 1843 pale complexion, light gray eyes and had curly dark brown hair. 45 years old Father: Gustaf Ericsson Mother: Beatta Carlsdotter. prostitute Died on Sept. 1888,

5 Victim: Catherine Eddowes April 14, 1842 5 feet tall, has hazel eyes and dark auburn hair Father:George Eddowes Mother: Catherine prostitute Died on Sept. 30 1888

6 Victim: Mary Jane Kelly Born around 1863 5' 7" tall and stout. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. 25 years old Prostitute Died on November 9, 1888

7 Suspects: Prince Albert Victor born in 1864 to Prince Albert Edward reputation for being a 'ladies man’ Found evidence later on that Jack the Ripper was linked to prince Albert

8 Suspect: Dr. Thomas Neill Cream Born May of 1850 Took it upon himself to perform his wife’s abortion nearly killing her the body of a young chambermaid named Kate Gardener was discovered at Cream's office, a bottle of chloroform lying beside her.

9 Suspect: Hyam Hyams born in Aldgate on the 8th of February. He had a wife and two kids. His condition was diagnosed as delirium tremens. His wife had stated that she had suffered four mis carriages because of her husband’s in creasingly deranged behaviour.

10 Suspect: Walter Sickert found DNA evidence linking Sickert to at least one "Ripper letter". The reason for Sickert being suspected is that he was believed to have made sketches and paintings of the Ripper crimes

11 Suspect: George Chapman Born in the Polish village of Nargornak on December 14, 1865. junior surgeon or succeeded in becoming an assistant surgeon in 1886 and a qualified Junior Surgeon in 1887. abuse his "wife.“ Bessie Taylor and threatened her with a revolver.

12 Police official: ANDERSON, Robert 1841, Dublin, Ireland. Son of Matthew Anderson a Crown Solicitor. Anderson stated several times that the identity of the Whitechapel murderer was known. 1901 : Retires and is knighted. 1918 : Nov 15 - Died

13 Police official: MOORE, Chief Inspector Henry Born : 1848 1869 : Joined Metropolitan Police, Warrenton no. 51712. W Division, Clapham. 1888 : Moved to Commissioner's office, Scotland Yard. 1899 : Retired.

14 Police Official: LITTLECHILD, John George Born : Royston, Hertfordshire, 21 December 1847. 1878 : (8 Apr) Promoted to Inspector. 1906 : Investigated Harry Kendall Thaw an American playboy and suspected murderer. 1913 : (23 Sep) Writes a letter to G R Sims in which he names Francis Tumblety as a Ripper suspect.

15 Theory We Believe that the person responsible for the Jake the Ripper Murders would be Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. Our reason for believing this is because of all the experience in the Medical Field He is very advanced in knowing about the body and had done abortions in his practice. Dr. Thomas Neill Cream had been found guilty of the death of Matilda Clover. He was sentenced to hang on November 15, 1892.

16 Theory As Dr. Thomas Neill Cream was being hung he muttered the words I am Jack… and at moment the immediate assumption was that he had confessed to being Jack the Ripper.

17 Sources

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