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Men Who Pay For Sex A Retrospective Case-note Study Tamsin Groom.

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1 Men Who Pay For Sex A Retrospective Case-note Study Tamsin Groom

2 Men Admitting to Buying Sex Via the SaHS Oct 2002-Feb 2004 267 men identified (10% of men asked a SaHS) 261 case notes studied 3 men had been paid for sex themselves…excluded Another four had both been paid and paid.

3 Men Admitting to Buying Sex Via the SaHS 1.Age and ethnicity of Client 2.Location of where sex bought 3.Type of establishment(street or sauna) 4.Length of time since paying for sex 5.Frequency of paying for sex 6.Gender of prostitute & sexual preference of Client 7.Nationality of Prostitute

4 Men Admitting to Buying Sex Via the SaHS 9.Type(s) of sex paid for 10. Current partner at time of paid sex

5 Ages of Men Paying for Sex Average age 34.7 yrs Range 18-76 yrs

6 Ethnicity 216 (92.7) of 233 self identify as white ( 95% of all men attending Sandyford) 17(7.3%) Black Minority Ethic groups 25 declined to complete form

7 Where Men Buy Sex

8 Sex Tourism Commonest Destinations Holland (36 men) Thailand (18) Other SE Asia (10) Spain (10) Germany (7) 7 clients had paid for sex in Africa…no record of type of sex paid for in 3 cases, 2 men UPVI in Kenya. 1 had PVI in Congo. The seventh had given UPOI to a female prostitute in “West Africa” 3 of these men were multiple users of prostitutes.

9 Where Men Pay for Sex in Glasgow Only documented in 49% of records 93 men paid for sex in Glasgow 25 accessed prostitutes in Saunas 21 on the street Nil recorded in 47

10 Length of Time Since Paying for Sex Recorded in188 cases (73%) 32% <1 month 25% 1-6 months 11% 7-12 months 13% 13-24 months 12% 25-60 months 7% >60 mths Average 24.5 months, range 2 days-30 yrs

11 Frequency of Paying for Sex Recorded in 173 cases (67%) 39%(100 men) Once 10%(27men) > once,< 5 times 18% (46 men) 5 or more times NK 33% (85)

12 Gender of Prostitute 240 accessed female prostitutes -one identifying as homosexual - two as bisexual 10 male -two of these men identified themselves as heterosexual -one bisexual 1both - identified as homosexual 7 Not known

13 Nationality of Prostitute Nationality only asked in 39 (15%) of cases -In UK (not Glasgow) 3 men bought sex from Swedish and Chinese prostitutes in London -In Glasgow (6) one “european” rest local.

14 Nationality of Prostitute When Sex Purchased Abroad 5 men in Holland- 4 Dutch, one “Asian”,One “African” 4 men in Germany - Turkish,Asian,Czech and African women and 2 German prostitutes 1 man bought sex from a British prostitute in Spain Chinese and Russian Prostitutes were found in Dubai Vietnamese in Cambodia Swedish in Belgium Eastern European in Spain

15 Type of Sex Paid for According to Risk

16 Men Paying for Sex in Glasgow Risky Sex? Glasgow 46% PVI 12% UPVI 3% UPAI 22% UPOI 7% POI 13% Not Known Abroad 51% PVI 25% UPVI 0% UPAI ( 1 client PAI) 13% UPOI 19% POI 35% Not Known

17 Paid for Sex in a Relationship 43% men were known to be in a relationship ( av. length 11.2 yrs) Approx 24% of men paying for sex in a relationship were multiple users of prostitutes. (cw 18% of whole cohort where it was possible to make an assessment)

18 In Conclusion Men who pay for sex are a heterogeneous group Asking more questions will identify risk taking behaviour allowing for health promotion and opportunity to address underlying emotional issues Finding out more about why men pay for sex is a local priority Asking more about the prostitutes involved will inform us about the changing patterns in the prostitution industry and may help identify areas of concern re trafficked women

19 Men Involved in Prostitution 1 19 yrs, had been paid for sex aged 16 No involvement for 3 yrs 13 partners in 12 months Having unprotected anal and oral sex No Partner No History of Sexual Abuse elicited

20 Men Involved in Prostitution 2 Aged 36 Long term involvement Approx 5000 partners in 12mths Protected oral and anal sex with clients History of sexual abuse Partner of 4/12

21 Men Involved in Prostitution 3 Aged 34 Was paid for sex once (15 mths prior) 8 yr relationship, male partner No History of sexual abuse

22 Men Involved in Prostitution 4 Aged 33 2 partners in 12 mths Current male partner 2/12 Unprotected anal intercourse History of sexual abuse Nil recorded re extent of involvement

23 Men Involved in Prostitution 5 21 yrs Current male partner for 1 mth 7 partners in1 yr Last involved 6 mth prior to initial consultation, also bought sex. No History of SA

24 Men Involved in Prostitution 6 37 yrs Female partner for 10 yrs Multiple user of male prostitutes in Glasgow saunas UPAI 12 partners in 12 months History of SA

25 Men Involved in Prostitution 7 19 yrs Female partner for 7 yrs No history of SA identified Had paid and been paid for sex No further info recorded.

26 Final Thoughts. Ask the Questions.

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