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Presentation The gasttronmy of the islands is one of enormous simplicty besause of an abundants of products of the earth like potatoes,vegtables,fish,cheese.

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Presentation on theme: "Presentation The gasttronmy of the islands is one of enormous simplicty besause of an abundants of products of the earth like potatoes,vegtables,fish,cheese."— Presentation transcript:


2 Presentation The gasttronmy of the islands is one of enormous simplicty besause of an abundants of products of the earth like potatoes,vegtables,fish,cheese and what not plus wines that are very popular.Here we offer someone a representive of our recipies. First dish: Canarian rancho Ingredients: ½ Kg. of chickpeas,1/4 Kg. of beef,1/4kg of chicken,100 gr. of vermicelli thick, ½ Kg.of potatoes, 1 head of garlic,1 onion, 1 tomato,2 twigs of parsleyl, 1 spoon of pepper,1 splash of oil, 1 splash of white wine, saffron,tomil,laurel,salt and water. 1.Next day,you wash and introduce them into a pot with the meat and with 2 litres of water,heated before,you leave cooking for no less than one hour,do not open lid before. 2.You soak the chickpeas a night previous to soften them. 3.meanwhile, heat the oil,add the onion,garlic and tomato, adding last the pepper. 4.Stir once the chickpeas and the meat then add the fried mix, put the potatoes, salt, saffron, tomil, laurel and white wine, leave cooking for 10 minutes. 5.last, when the potatoes are almost stewed add them to the pot and leave for 5 minutes..

3 Fish Disd: Fried Mackerel Dessert:Creamed Banana Ingredientes: 8 Mackerels, flour, Olive oil, 2 teeth of garlic 1.Make fillets of the fish,turn in flour,toss in salt and pepper. 2.Throw enough olive oil in pan.Fry the garlic in the oil and take off when its golden.Fry the fillets for duration of one minute on every side 3.Take away execess oil with absorbent paper. 4.Serve hot with spicy mojo Mojo de cilantro Mix in blender one head of garlic, pepper, comin, cilantro and rock salt, last add oil and vinegar. Ingredients : 2 bananas, 1 natural yogurt, 4 spoons of sugar, 1 glass of milk, 2 spoons of cinnamon powder. 1.Peel the bananas and chop them. 2.In one jar mix the bananas,the milk,the yogurt,the sugar and the cinnamon. 3.Take from mixer. 4.Put in cups and serve cold.

4 Meat dish: party meat Wines: Mulberry wine Ingredents Blackberrys,entire good and ripe Sugar 1.Take your pick of the fruit 2.Put them in a small press or liquidator 3.Place in one bottle for frementing 4.Add sugar. 5.Leave mash for 10/12 days 6.Strain and bottle 7.Serve cold Ingredients: 400gr of pork, white wine, one head of garlic, oregano, tomillo, pepper,salt. 1.Cut the meat into pieces. 2.Put in one saucer and add the other ingredents,skin the garlic, leave for 2/3 hours. 3.Hammer the garlic teeth, much salt,equal spoons of hot pepper,a few peppercorns, a pour of strong white wine,a dash of vinegar and a pour of oil. 4.Throw the dressing over the meat, The ones with priorty will have maintated during the time and drawing the aroumas with one handful of tomillo and oregano. You leave the meat in the dressing for duration of no less than 3 hours. 5.After the time, fry the pieces in one copper pan. 6.In other cassrole dish, some hot dressing remains. You carefully thicken this,you add white wine and water. When hot, pour over the fried pork and boil again 7.You serve with chips.


6 Roast Chesse with mojo sauce Fish soup Ingredients : 500 gr of lubina cut in pieces,250 gr of peeled potatoes in pieces,3 tomatoes in segments,4 thin slices of big bread,1 pinch of comin,1 pinch of saffron,salt. 1. 1. Boil 1 ½ litre of water with salt in a cassarole dish, add the tomatoes, potatoes and the comin when the water arrives at a state of boiling. 2. 2. When the potatoes start to soften, incorporate the fish and the saffron which you ground in mortar.The Lubina can be substituded for other fish mero o rape.Leave cooking for less than 45 mins. Presentation: Put on each plate one slice of bread, pour over the broth and putting over the pieces the pieces of the potatoes and the fish. Ingredientes: 300 gr Smoked chess,Spicy mojo. 1.You roast in one non-stick pan, the chesse in 2 sheets of ½ centimeter thick. 2.When its golden on bothsides put on a plate. 3.Put the mojo over. 4.Serve freshly made. MOJO Spicy Ingredientes: 1 head of garlic, 20 spoons of oil,, 3 spoons of vinegar,3 hot pepper,1 spoon of pepper, comin, rock salt. 1.Mix the garlic, comin, peppers (clean of seeds) and rock salt. 2.When finished add the pepper and 3.Then add the oil and vinegar. 4.Forming one paste light or thick,as you like. 5.Preserve in fridge.

7 Marinated rabbit Ingredients: 1 kilo of rabbit.,3 heads of garlic,1 glass of canarian white wine,3 spoons of vinegar,1 glass of oil,2 spoons of pepper,1 spoon of comin, black pepper, salt as you like. 1. 1. Cut rabbit into medium pieces. 2. 2. Mix the garlic, pepper, comin and salt. Add continues 3. 3. of vinegar,wine,oil and the pepper. 4. 4. Mix well and pour in dish with rabbit. Leave marinating for minimum of 9 hours,all night. 5. 5. When done marinating, gather each piece of meat and fry on cooker slowly. 6. 6. Put in one cassarole of the earth and add over more of the dreesing with little more water. 7. 7. Put on cooker for ½ hour, stirring the pieces of meat until ready. 8. 8. Rectify with salt and serve.

8 dessert: roast milk dessert: roast milk Our Thanks Our Thanks The people who worked on the elaboration of this material are : of this material are : Efrosina ( Griego) Hans (Alemán) Neil (Inglés) Rafal (Polaco) Rafal (Polaco) Thank You Ingredients: 1 litre of milk, 6 eggs, 6 spoons of sugar,1 twig of cinnamon, gratted lemon, 1 spoon of flour. 1.Whisk the eggs and the sugar, dissolve the corn flour in un glass of warm milk, add and blend all, lemon and cinnamon last, 2.Put in mould and carry to oven until it curdels(niddel system),for 20 mins. 3.Serve with honey leaf,if not with bee honey.

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