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Presentation 05. The Table of Contents Chapter 1v1-22 Introduction Chapter 2v1-25 Preparing a Deliverer Chapter 3v1-22 The Call of Moses [1] Chapter 4v1-17.

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2 The Table of Contents Chapter 1v1-22 Introduction Chapter 2v1-25 Preparing a Deliverer Chapter 3v1-22 The Call of Moses [1] Chapter 4v1-17 The Call of Moses [2] Chapter 4v18-5v21 Final Preparations Chapter 5v22-6v27 Discouragement and Comfort Chapter 6v28-7v24 The Exposure of Evil Chapter 8-v1-10v29 Idolatry: A Dangerous Refuge Chapter 11v1-10 Corrective to Final Judgment Chapter 12v1-30 Blood on the Doorposts Chapter 12v31-42 God’s Faithfulness Chap.13v1-16 Consecration of The Redeemed Chap.13v17-14v18 God’s Dead Ends Chap.14v19-31 Power to Deliver Chap.15v1-21 The Exultation of God Presentation 05


4 Introduction Moses was commissioned by God to take part in one of the greatest duels of human history. He was to confront Pharaoh and demand the release of the Hebrew people. Pharaoh, who considered himself a god, was to be confronted by an 80 year old shepherd. On the surface this would have seemed a strange duel! As unequal as a nuclear powered battleship versus a rubber dinghy! But wait not if the unseen hand of God is guiding the dinghy. However, before the duel begins a number of important preparatory incidents face Moses. Presentation 05

5 Final Preparations The Removal of Obstacles Moses was part of an extended family. How would they respond to his plan to return to Egypt? Would there be opposition? Moses need not have worried cf v18 Jethro, his father-in-law said, "Go I wish you well". Often we worry about how family will respond when we tell them that God has called us to a particular field of service which may mean less regular contact with grandchildren etc. But the God who calls us, is able to soften and prepare their hearts. Presentation 05

6 Final Preparations The Removal of Obstacles Moses was not perfectly honest with Jethro in v18. The reason he gives for his journey is to see if ‘any of his own people are still alive’. There was no need to go into detail about the burning bush encounter - some intimate spiritual experiences are best keep private [2 Cor. 12.2]. Did Moses fear that Jethro would try to prevent his return if he knew the whole story? Should Moses have trusted God to deal with any opposition? Sometimes wisdom requires us to be silent, not because we want to deceive but because we do not want to bring unnecessary attention to the mission God has entrusted to us. Cf Matt.8.4, Mark 7.36 Presentation 05

7 Final Preparations The Removal of Obstacles God further encourages Moses in his obedience by revealing to him that those in Egypt who were after his life were now dead. The wanted posters bearing his name no longer hung at every street corner. The lingering fear that once he stepped foot in Egypt his life would be forfeit is removed at a single stroke. God removes danger from the paths of those who are prepared to obey him in order to ensure that his will is accomplished? Presentation 05

8 Final Preparations The Removal of Obstacles This second revelation must have done much to dispel any lingering uncertainties in Moses in Moses mind and heart. "Was I imagining things, was the burning bush some sort of hallucination, was my mind playing tricks upon me". Time and again people begin to question God's call as its implications become clear. Satan too will stir up uncertainties in our minds and hearts. God knows our frailty and in his mercy often comes and freshly affirms what it is that he has called us to. Presentation 05

9 Final Preparations The Removal of Obstacles God also prepares Moses for the kind of opposition he will meet lest he is discouraged cf v21-23. God explains how he plans to build delays into the deliverance of his people. But for ‘delay’ Moses must not read ‘disinterest’. God planned to reveal his own longsuffering with evil men while at the same time reveal his glory in the destruction of evil. Opposition is a reality we must expect to find in any work of God and to be persuaded that God uses opposition to accomplish his own purpose! Presentation 05

10 Final Preparations The Importance of Consecration The strange incident recorded in v24-26 has been the subject of much speculation. As far as we can make out, on their way to Egypt Moses and his family spend the night at lodgings, while there it becomes clear that Moses life is in danger. Has God allowed Moses to become seriously ill to the very point of death – a trauma that brings to Moses remembrance the fact that he had failed to circumcise one of his sons. The text makes clear his wife's revulsion at the practice. A rite she performs on her son under duress only after she is made aware that this and only this is going to save her husband’s life. Presentation 05

11 Final Preparations The Importance of Consecration Why did God view Moses’ neglect of circumcision with such seriousness? Circumcision in the OT, like Baptism in the NT was a covenant sign. It was a badge of belonging. A practice which God required. How then could God, use a man who failed to take the covenant obligations seriously? What is the lesson being taught here? We cannot hope to be used of God to the blessing of others if we fail to take our obedience to him seriously. How quick our hearts are to justify and excuse our failures, "these are just little issues", we argue, "God won't mind". But God cannot and will not bless the disobedient! Presentation 05

12 Final Preparations The Importance of Consecration Moses appears to have sent his wife back home. She is not reunited with him till chap. 18.2 when she is brought back by her father after the Israelites had been delivered from Egypt. Had it become clear to Moses that it would be easier to accomplish his task without an unsympathetic wife at his side? If so, then here is an example of putting God's service before the demands of family who are opposed to God. This is something Jesus himself referred to Matt 10.37..... Presentation 05

13 Final Preparations A Doze of Realism Upon arrival in Egypt the initial response of the Israelites is very promising. Moses’ worst fears do not materialise. God's timing is perfect. The Israelites had their back up against the wall. They had a fully developed consciousness of their need and were therefore prepared to listen and submit to God's plan for their deliverance. God knows how to time the approach to people’s hearts. We often miss out this important step in our evangelism. We wonder why people do not respond as we think they ought. The reason is often that they have no sense of need. We should pray that God would create that sense of need. Presentation 05

14 Final Preparations A Doze of Realism The initial encouragement that Moses experienced soon evaporates after his first audience with Pharaoh. Moses had made a modest request in 5.1... Pharaoh refuses. Pharaoh may have been protecting the system around which Egypt organised itself. Egyptian society was dependant upon slave labour. Had he let Israel go, he might have established a precedent that would shake Egyptian society to the core. Similarly, there has been resistance to the exercise of true Christian liberty in many convention- bound societies. Think of the bitter opposition to abolition of slave trade, in Britain in the C18th. Presentation 05

15 Final Preparations A Doze of Realism The main cause of Pharaoh's refusal is however given in 5v2... Can you see the overweening pride of the man. He is the god-king of Egypt! Surrounding nations paid tribute to him. By defeating them in battle he had demonstrated that their gods were subservient to him. "Who is this second rate God of the Israelites?”, he asks, “I've never even heard of him". O but you will Pharaoh, just wait! Pharaoh’s question is asked by many today. “Who is the Lord that I should obey him”. It is a dangerous question to ask as Pharaoh would discover. Presentation 05

16 Final Preparations A Doze of Realism Not only does Pharaoh treat Israel's God with contempt he decides to demonstrate his power and authority in a way that will teach Israel that their destiny is in his hands. He was sure that talk of deliverance was having an unsettling effect on the Hebrew slaves – they expected immediate freedom, had downed tools and [v4] were in festive mood. ‘We'll soon fix that’, says Pharaoh "let them go and gather their own straw. But require them to make the same number of bricks as before...”v7-8 Presentation 05

17 Final Preparations A Dose of Realism Whenever despotic authority is challenged it feels the need to assert itself – to make life harder for those who oppose it! Some reformists who dared to challenge the authorities in the Iranian elections discovered this response. The media has reported deaths, imprisonments and show trials. Many authorities live in fear of being undermined and it is this fear that produces, what impartial observers would describe as, a disproportionate response. Presentation 05

18 Final Preparations A Doze of Realism Moses had been prepared by God for Pharaoh’s negative response. But Israel were still in the dark, their faith was shaken! To them it seemed like this was the last nail in their coffin. Who do they blame? God's spokesman! Moses was learning to cope with criticism from a people who could not clearly understand what God was doing. It is one thing for Christian workers to be criticised by the unbelieving world but much harder to cope with criticism when it comes from those within the church. Moses was learning something of the loneliness of leadership! Presentation 05

19 Final Preparations Conclusion When God calls us to serve he deals with the obstacles that lie in the way of our service. He calls us to a fresh consecration of our lives. Cf Joshua 3v5ff God cannot bless a disobedient leadership. He further warns us to expect to face, not just the contempt of the unbelieving world but criticism from believers who have not clearly understood God’s plan. Presentation 05

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