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Allen Turley 10/2010 Course T309.01 1.

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1 Allen Turley 10/2010 Course T309.01 1

2 10/2010Course T309.01 2

3 A skill or a value? ____________: The core value that listening is built on Compassion 10/2010Course T309.01 3

4 5 th Habit Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood 10/2010Course T309.01 4

5 10/2010Course T309.01 5

6 Gather complete and accurate ____________ to improve your _______________ of a problem and make possible more suitable _________. Demonstrate genuine ________. It shows that you do not have all of the answers. It tells the other person that you _____ his or her thoughts and opinions. Demonstrates genuine love and concern. information understanding solutions humility value 10/2010Course T309.01 6

7 Indicates that you _______ him or her as a person and have not automatically or lightly dismissed the concerns expressed. Allows dialogue to continue even when there is ____________. Avoid saying the wrong thing. Proverbs 18:13 Dissipates strong feelings Increase others confidence in you Opens people to be willing to listen to you when the time comes. Builds a foundation that will help steer clear (avoid) of ________ or easily resolve it if it does occur. accept d dd disagreement conflict 10/2010Course T309.01 7

8 1. W aiting 2. A ttending 3. C larifying 4. R eflecting 5. A greeing 10/2010Course T309.01 8

9 10/2010Course T309.01 9

10 Mitigate:  to lessen in force or intensity, grief, harshness, or  pain; moderate.  to make less severe  to make milder or more gentle; mollify; appease. Mitigated _______:  an attempt to downplay or soften the meaning of what is being said. S SS Speech 10/2010Course T309.01 10

11 1. C ommand 2. O bligation 3. S uggestion 4. Q uery 5. P reference 6. H int 10/2010Course T309.01 11

12 10/2010Course T309.01 12

13 Listen for __________ ________ Better yet, if you become a person who is a _____________ ______ listener people will not have to mitigate. mitigatedspeech activecompanionate 10/2010Course T309.01 13

14 Learning from those _________ than you. younger Exhibits _________ Earn _____ Maintain _________ relevance trust humility Reverse Mentoring is ________ listening 10/2010Course T309.01 14

15 Be still and know that I am God! 10/2010Course T309.01 15

16 Global Teen Challenge 10/2010 16 Course T309.01

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