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January 9, 2014 1. Notes: 25.4 2. 25.4 Vocabulary ***USE ONLINE TEXTBOOK LINK TO COMPLETE VOCAB ***CURRENT EVENT DUE TOMORROW ***WWII EXAM (24,25): WEDNESDAY,

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Presentation on theme: "January 9, 2014 1. Notes: 25.4 2. 25.4 Vocabulary ***USE ONLINE TEXTBOOK LINK TO COMPLETE VOCAB ***CURRENT EVENT DUE TOMORROW ***WWII EXAM (24,25): WEDNESDAY,"— Presentation transcript:


2 Pushing the Axis Back Ch. 25 Section 4 World War II

3 WWII Continued… Jan.1943: Casablanca Conference- FDR & Churchill decide to bomb Germany and invade Sicily. Jan.1943-May 1945: RAF and U.S. dropped 53,000 tons of bombs on Germany every month to try and destroy its economy and lower the morale of the German people.

4 Operation Husky July 10, 1943: Allies invade Sicily. Meet Nazi and Italian resistance. DUKW: Amphibious truck landing makes bringing supplies, men, artillery, easy. 6 week land battle after amphibious landing plus airborne support. Americans captured Western Sicily while British attacked from the south. Aug.18, 1943: Germans evacuated Sicily. Over 23,000 German casualties; Over 100,000 Italian casualties. Close to 9,000 American casualties.

5 Italian Campaign King of Italy told Mussolini that the people & soldiers do not want to fight anymore. King arrests Mussolini and begins negotiating with the Allies for Italy’s surrender. Sept. 16, 1943: Italy surrenders. But…Nazi’s still in northern Italy controlling Rome-it would take the Allies five more months to break through German lines and conquer Rome. Italian campaign costs 300,000 Allied lives.

6 Now on to Germany… 1943 - F.D.R., Churchill & Stalin met in Iran at Tehran Conference. Decided that the Americans & the British would open up a 2 nd front in Western Europe in Nazi occupied France. Also agreed to break up Germany after the war. Stalin promised that the Soviet Union would help the U.S. defeat Japan after Germany is defeated. Allied invasion of France under the command of Dwight Eisenhower: Operation Overlord. D-Day: June 6, 1944


8 Germany’s Defeat 5 beach-heads called Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword & Gold. Omaha was the heaviest defended by Nazis-Americans landed there. June 6, 1944, D-Day, the invasion of France began.

9 Monday, January 14, 2013 Video: D-Day-June 6, 1944 25.4 Notes and Vocabulary No Current Event This Week! WWII Exam Thursday (chapters 24 & 25)…Battles Packet Due! We have the Library Wednesday, 7 th period. Mid-Term Prep Friday

10 Allies Advance from the West The Allied victory at Normandy was beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. Allies advanced from the West and the Soviets from the East. Paris was liberated Aug., 1944.


12 Battle of the Bulge December, 1944: Ardennes Forest-Battle of the Bulge. Allies take heavy casualties early and suffer frostbite. But American forces held the line and Allied bombers began decimating German troops until reinforcements arrived. 3 week battle won by Allies. Americans: 89,000 casualties; 19,000 KIA. Time for Allies to invade Germany from West with Soviet Union from East.

13 V-E Day Americans lead Allies through Germany towards Berlin. April 30, 1945 – Hitler commits suicide. May 2, 1945 Berlin falls to Soviet Union. May 7, 1945 – Germany officially surrenders and Allies celebrate V-E Day (Victory in Europe). F.D.R. didn’t live to see this day as he died a few weeks earlier. Harry Truman becomes President.


15 Japan is Defeated Iwo Jima: Feb 1945 – One of the most fierce battles of the war took place on an island 5 miles long and 650 miles south of Tokyo. In 36 days of fighting, Marines suffered 25,000 casualties before taking the island.

16 Okinawa March/April, 1945 – The battle for Okinawa, an island only 340 miles from Japan. Okinawa was the costliest battle of the Pacific resulting in roughly 50,000 American casualties.

17 Manhattan Project Codename for the creation of the atomic bomb (New Mexico.)

18 Manhattan Project Lead scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer. The General in charge Leslie Groves.

19 Japan is Defeated Truman faced the moral & ethical decision of using the bomb. Why?

20 Atomic Bomb Ends the War in the Pacific Truman decides to use the bomb to save American lives. August 6, 1945 – An atom bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, killing or wounding 60,000 people. August 9, 1945 – Bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, 35,000 casualties AND the Soviets declared war on Japan & invaded Manchuria.

21 Japan is Defeated Emperor Hirohito finally made the decision to surrender. On August 15, 1945, the Allies celebrated V-J Day (victory over Japan). As many as 60,000,000 people, mostly civilians, died in World War II. The most costly war in history was over.

22 Building a New World United Nations: World peacekeeping organization after WWII. Nuremburg Trials: Nazi officials put on trial for war crimes (atrocities during Holocaust). Many are found guilty and hung and other are imprisoned for life.

23 Germany’s Defeat More than 11,000 planes tried to soften German defenses. Paratroopers, including the famous Screaming Eagles of the 101 st Airborne Division, parachuted behind German lines and attempted to knock out key defenses. Total Allied casualties for Operation Overlord are estimated at 10,000.

24 Driving the Japanese Back American Strategy in the Pacific: Island hopping closer to Japan and retake the Philippines. Fall, 1943: Island Hopping- Under command of Admiral Chester Nimitz-invade a Japanese held island, take it, and move on to the following one getting closer to Japan (p.760.) First Tarawa, then Marshall Islands and Mariana Islands (Guam.) Captured Marshall and Mariana Islands by Aug. 1944.

25 Driving the Japanese Back Gen. MacArthur led invasion of Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) in Aug.1942-early 1944. Americans take Guadalcanal. Rather than surrender, Japanese troops often killed themselves. Over 3,000 Kamikaze (“divine wind”) pilots crashed planes into American ships at Battle of Leyte Gulf in Philippines (700 ships, 160,000 troops.) Douglas MacArthur and the American Army retook the Philippines, killing over 80,000 Japanese.

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