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Facials - Electrotherapy. Enhance facial treatments Increase efficacy & penetration of products Magnifying lamps Analysis Extractions Tweezing.

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1 Facials - Electrotherapy

2 Enhance facial treatments Increase efficacy & penetration of products Magnifying lamps Analysis Extractions Tweezing

3 Steamers Heats & produces steam Softens tissues Accepts products Relax & soften follicle accumulations Heating coils that boil water Use distilled water when possible (prevents mineral build-up)

4 Steamer precautions Asthma/lung disorders Claustrophobic Avoid too close to face Hot towels No steamer is available Warm wet towel wrapped around face Leave nose exposed DO NOT use on: Sensitive skin Claustrophobic Rosacea/redness-prone

5 Rotating electrical appliance with interchangeable brushes Various sizes & textures Back treatments Larger & stiffer bristles Face treatments Smaller & softer bristles Mechanical exfoliation Applied after steam

6 Thick layer of cleanser or moisturizer Buffer so bristles do not scratch skin Removes dead skin cells Stimulate blood circulation Brushes thoroughly cleaned & disinfected

7 Never use brushes on: Drugs that thin or exfoliate the skin Retin-A® Differin® Tazorac® Rosacea Sensitive skin Pustular skin Forms of skin inflammation reddening

8 Increase circulation Jet-spray lotions and toners/astringents Use suction only on nonsensitive and noninflammed skin! Spray used on any skin Hydrate skin Help clean off mask

9 Use of electrical current Caution Box – page 735 Contraindications: Heart patients Pacemakers Metal implants Epilepsy Seizure disorders Afraid of electric current Open or broken skin When in doubt get a Dr. note

10 Modalities = electric currents Applicator directing electric current from machine to client High Frequency – 1 electrode Galvanic Current – 2 electrodes Polarity Positive, anode, red, + Negative, cathode, black, -

11 Softening and emulsifying hardened sebum stuck in hair follicle Oily areas with multiple comedones and more acne- prone skin Products alkaline fluids/gels act as solvents Extraction made easier Negative pole applied to face over product Current forces products deeper into follicle Chemical reaction occurs Loosens impacted sebum

12 Both electrodes wrapped in wet cotton Active electrode Applied to skin in oily area Active electrode Negative current 3 – 5 minutes Inactive electrode Held by client in right hand/behind right shoulder

13 Process of using galvanic current to allow water- soluble products containing ions to penetrate skin Products will be labeled for Iontophoresis Negative current Products with negative ions - able to penetrate skin Positive current Products with positive ions - able to penetrate skin

14 Type of galvanic current with a very low level of electricity Helps tone skin Produces a lifting effect for aging skin that lacks elasticity

15 Nikolas Tesla Stimulate blood flow Helps products penetrate Works by warming tissues – allows for better absorption of moisturizers Applied after extractions Acne-prone skin Germicidal effects

16 Glass contain various types of gas (neon) Mushroom Rake Wand Direct Application Applied to the skin Indirect Application Client holds electrode Creating an electrical stimulating massage

17 2 Caution boxes page 736 Caution box page 737 State Regulatory check page 737

18 Using light exposure to treat skin conditions Infrared lamps Heat the skin Increase blood flow Hair and scalp treatments Light-emitting Diode (LED) Uses concentrated light flashes very rapidly Helps with wound healing Minimize redness Warm lower-level tissues Helps stimulate blood flow Improve acne-prone skin

19 Type & color of light varies according to treatment objectives Red lights – aging and redness Blue light – acne prone skin Safe treatment for most clients AVOID on clients who have seizures If questionable – get Dr. approval!

20 Mechanical exfoliation Shooting aluminum oxide crystals at the skin Exfoliates dead skin cells Closed vacuum Shoot crystal Bump off dead skin cells Vacuum up by suction Fast visible results Treat surface wrinkles & aging skin Requires extensive training

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22 Constant & direct current Positive & negative pole Chemical changes Table 13 -2


24 Low level of electricity that mirror’s body’s natural electrical current impulses Iontophoresis Firming, toning, soothing skin Help heal inflamed tissue Newer units have negative * positive polarity in 1 probe not 2 More relaxing for client

25 Improves blood & lymph circulation Produces acidic & alkaline reactions Opens & closes follicles & pores Increases muscle tone Restore elasticity Reduces redness & inflammation Minimizes healing time for acne lesions Improves natural protective barrier of skin Increases metabolism

26 Used during aging-skin treatments Gives skin Softer Firmer More hydrated appearance

27 Violet ray Thermal or heat producing current High rate of oscillation or vibration Does not produce muscle contractions Effects either stimulating or soothing Electrodes made from glass or metal 1 used at a time

28 Stimulates blood circulation Increases elimination & absorption Increases skin metabolism Improves germicidal action Relieves skin congestion Did You Know? – page Caution Box – page 272 State Regulatory alert – page 272

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