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Didactic (adj.) a – intended to teach; b – overly moralistic; preachy.

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1 Didactic (adj.) a – intended to teach; b – overly moralistic; preachy

2 Edify (v.) to instruct for intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement edification – noun

3 Elucidate (v.) to explain or make clear elucidation – noun
lucere – “to shine”

4 Erudite (adj.) possessing great knowledge and scholarship
erudition – noun

5 Esoteric (adj.) understood only by an elite, scholarly, or exclusive group; obscure esoterica – noun

6 Imbue (v.) a – to inspire or influence thoroughly; b – to stain or dye thoroughly

7 Indoctrinate (v.) to instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology indoctrination – noun

8 Pedagogy (n.) a - the art or profession of teaching; b – the body of knowledge related to education and teaching pedagogical – adjective Pedagogue - noun paido – “boy”

9 Pedantic (adj.) overly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules pedantry – noun

10 Pundit (n.) a – a person of great learning about a particular topic; an expert; b – a source of opinion; a critic

11 Aegis (n.) protection; sponsorship; guidance

12 Amends (n.) something done to make up for a wrong, and injury, or a mistake; compensation ex – “out of”

13 Conciliatory (adj.) peacemaking; appeasing; intended to overcome distrust, animosity, or conflict conciliate - verb conciliator – noun

14 Conducive (adj.) tending to cause or bring about; favorable to

15 Extricate (v.) to free from difficulty or entanglement
extrication – noun

16 Importune (v.) to annoy with repeated and insistent requests; to ask for urgently or repeatedly importunate – adjective

17 Mediate (v.) to help opposing sides reach an agreement; to intervene in a conflict in order to improve the situation mediator/mediation – noun

18 Mitigate (v.) to make less severe; to soften, lessen, or moderate
mitigation – noun

19 Patronize (v.) a – to support or sponsor; b – to go as a customer; to shop at regularly; c – to treat as inferior patron/patronage – noun pater – “father”

20 Renovate (v.) to restore something to an earlier condition, by repairing or remodeling renovation – noun novare – “to make new”

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