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Computer Information Technology Section 7-2

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1 Computer Information Technology Section 7-2
Photoshop Basics Computer Information Technology Section 7-2

2 Objectives The student will Understand layers in Photoshop
Combine images Remove backgrounds Resize images Add text to a picture

3 Layers When combining images Photoshop arranges the images in layers.
Turn on the layers panel through Window > Layers On the right side you can now select the layer you want to edit. Click on the eyeball to turn the layer on and off

4 Layers The order in which the layers appear in the list defines which layer will be in front In Front In Back

5 Combining Images Two ways to combine images from different files:
Choose Select | All, then Edit | Copy. Go to the other image and click Edit | Paste Click on the move tool and drag the image from one window to the other.

6 Resizing Images Two ways to resize an image:
If the image is alone in a document then click Image | Image Size and change the width. If the image is a layer in a picture then: Select the layer in the layer panel Click on Edit | Free Transformation If you want to maintain the proportions, hold SHIFT and click and drag a corner When done hit Enter or click on

7 Removing a Background To remove “similar pixels” around a picture (same color, etc) then you can use the magic eraser tool (found under the eraser tool button).

8 Blending Pictures Together
To soften the edges between layers you can use the “defringe” tool. Select the layer Click on Layers | Matting | Defringe (leave the default setting to 1 pixel)

9 Adding Text Click on the Type tool Sweep a “marquee” (box)
Choose the font, style, size, color from the Options bar Type in the text

10 Other Options You can add other options to layers or text by:
Selecting the layer Choosing a “layer style” from the fx button at the bottom of the layers panel Stroke… will add a color border to the text

11 Rest of Today Recreate the farm scene… Show me the results
Pictures are in the file in homework section of the web page Download and extract the files Add the cow and rooster to the farm Resize the images Remove the white background Defringe the images Add text to the picture – Put your name Show me the results

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