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What EVS (European Voluntary Service) is not..

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2 What EVS (European Voluntary Service) is not..
occasional, unstructured, part-time volunteering an internship in an enterprise a paid job: it must not replace paid jobs a recreation or tourist activity a language course exploitation of a cheap workforce a period of study or vocational training abroad

3 if the group EVS project involves at least 10 volunteers
young people aged between 18 & 30 legally resident of a Member or Partner Country worldwide: - program countries - partner countries Who? Group Size? Where? Duration? EVS projects involve from 1 to 100 volunteers - Individual (1 volunteer) - Group (2-100 volunteers) From 2 up to 12 months …or 2 weeks if the group EVS project involves at least 10 volunteers

4 EVS Countries (worldwide)
Program Countries Austrian Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Rep. Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovak Rep. Slovenia Spain Sweden Romania United Kingd Partner Countries EFTA Countries & Turkey Eastern Europe and Caucasus Mediterranean Partner Countries South East Europe Other Partner Countries

5 EVS Countries (worldwide)
Mediterranean Countries: Algeria Egypt Israel Jordan Lebanon Morocco Palestinian Authority of the West Bank Gaza Strip Syria Tunisia Other Partner Countries of the World: Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), Asia. South East Europe Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Former Republic of Macedonia Montenegro Serbia Eastern Europe and Caucasus Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Moldova Russian Federation Ukraine


7 EVS Organizations Non-Governmental Organizations/Associations
Local/Regional Authorities Non-Profit Initiatives social cultural environmental community youth work

8 My Evs on Poland - Lodz ,Zara Danielyan Art and culture soften costums
The basic activities in Foundation „ GAJA „include exchange of experience and work with youngsters through informal education, culture and civil society and presenting the volunteer, form the other European country and system of working methods, the activity of the Foundation and the future common project of the sending and hosting organization. During the project the activities based on the help in creating the respect for the culture and tradition ours and the one of the other nation work with children from theatrical and dancing team, with children from children s home and with children from the street and building new methods of working in activities of the youngsters through art and culture.

9 On ARRIVAL training , Warszawa

10 In Lodz I work with childrens

11 I work on office

12 Every Thusday we organised international cooking

13 On weekend we go with my polish frends on pub or disco

14 Tasks of EVS Volunteer Project activities (including language and other training related to the project) should take up at least 30 and not more than 35 hours per week. The volunteer should not be solely responsible for  the individual care of vulnerable

15 BENEFITS Volunteer Work Abroad Fun time with Friends & much more…
Get Work-based Learning Experience Help People Volunteer Work Abroad Get to Know to New Culture Make New Contacts Learn a New language

16 Who makes EVS possible? Volunteer Sending Organization
Hosting Organization Volunteer Sending Organization Hosting Organization

17 My Sending & Hosting Organizations
Stepanavan Youth Center Armenia Fundacja GAJA Pomocy Dzieciom Poland

18 What costs are covered…
Volunteer's international travel Volunteer's visa and vaccination Volunteer's allowance Volunteer's insurance Flat rates per month Contribution to the host activities

19 Obligations of Sending & Hosting Organizations
Sending Organization Volunteer recruitment and preparation Staying in contact with the volunteer Follow-up Arranging visa and insurance Hosting Organization Task-related support & personal support Mentor Language training Volunteer's accommodation Food Local transport

20 Language Training Mentor Mentor
Languagge support is an integral part of any EVS project. Linguistic support should be appropriate to the volunteer's needs and level. The type of linguistic support may vary from formal language classes to more informal learning methods. Mentor Follows up the development of the volunteer Assist him/her on anything needed Provides mental, psychological and personal consultation to the volunteer during the volunteering period. Assists the volunteer to integrate in the community. Mentor

21 Accomodation You may live in a… hostel You may also… host family
have your own flat share a house with other volunteer(s)

22 Living Costs Is paid on a weekly or monthly basis
The host organization is responsible for providing meals or food allowance for the volunteer. Is paid on a weekly or monthly basis Covering also holiday periods Monthly pocket money in the host country: 140 Euro/month in Denmark 110 Euro/month in Austria 80 Euro/month in Lithuania 85 Euro/month in Poland. Pocket Money

23 EVS Vacations The volunteer has the right to have two consecutive days free per week and of two days of holiday per month. The volunteer’s accommodation remains available for him/her throughout the entire service period including holidays.

24 Activity Agreement The Activity agreement is a key element to ensure a solid partnership among organisations and volunteers in each EVS activity. The Activity Agreement lays down the distribution of tasks & responsibilities share of the EU grant through an internal agreement Tasks & working hours of the volunteer practical arrangements expected learning process and learning objectives of the volunteer(s). An activity agreement is signed by all partners before the beginning of the Activity. Sending Host Organisations Volunteer(s)

25 EVS training cycle Pre- departure training On-arrival training
3 Pre- departure training On-arrival training Mid-term Evaluation All the trainings include accommodation with full board. The programme is planned and implemented by an experienced trainer in cooperation with a SALTO SEE RC representative. The volunteers are provided with support for travel arrangements to the venues.

26 On-arrival training

27 On-arrival training providing general information on EVS hours
facilitating intercultural understanding, learning and communication facilitating cultural adaptation crisis management and conflict resolution response to the expectations and possible insecurities of the volunteers motivating and encouraging the volunteers facilitating networking between volunteers in SEE

28 Mid – term training training

29 Do you want to know how to apply for EVS?
Still thinking?????


31 Thank you for attention & Dziękuję
Thank you for attention & Dziękuję!!! Hasmik Lazaryan & Zara Danielyan Kontact

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