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DAILY PLAN Mrs. Temple’s Reading and Language Arts

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1 DAILY PLAN Mrs. Temple’s Reading and Language Arts

2 Chapter 1 Lucy Looks into the Wardrobe
Air raids- attack by aircraft, especially against a non- military target such as a city Row- argument; quarrel; disagreement between two people Creepy-causing fear, disgust or uneasiness Wireless- radio or a radio set without wires Armor-protective metal or leather clothing worn in battle by soldiers Wardrobe-a large free-standing cupboard or closet where clothes are stored looking-glass- mirror; any device whose surface reflects light and gives back a clear image of what is in front of it Mothballs - small balls containing chemicals such as camphor to keep away moths

3 Chapter 1 Terms continued
Crunching- making or causing something to make a noisy, scrunching sound Queer- strange or unusual; departing from the usual Inquisitive- eager for knowledge; curious about everything Glimpse- a quick or incomplete look or sighting of somebody or something pitter patter- a light, rapid and continuous tapping sound, such as raindrops Muffler- a scarf worn around the neck for warmth Faun- a mythological creature depicted with the body of a man and the legs and horns of a goat Parcels-packages; things wrapped up together in paper or other packaging

4 Narnian Expressions “We’ve fallen on our feet and no mistake.” p. 2 – another way of saying that the children are quite lucky to have been sent to the Professor’s home!

5 READ CHAPTER ONE After we read, we will have daily assignments to be completed in class. On the TOP left corner of paper Name Date Lion Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter One IF YOUR PAPER IS NOT CORRECTLY HEADED, IT WILL NOT BE GRADED. IF IT IS NOT NEATLY WRITTEN, IT WILL NOT BE GRADED.

6 1. A device used to communicate news during the Second World War
Vocabulary Enrichment Activities Chapter 1 Write the correct vocabulary word for each description. Center of the page: Write VOCABULARY PART ONE 1. A device used to communicate news during the Second World War 2. Commonly used article of clothing in winter climates to keep warm 3. A place used to store one’s clothes or other belongings 4. A chemical used to protect clothing from moths 5. A mythical creature with the body of a man and the legs, horns, and legs of a goat 6. Something that is extremely unusual 7. When two people get in an argument 8. “Too much curiosity killed the cat”

7 Center of the page-Write Vocabulary Part Two Write the word that makes the most sense based on the context of the story. The Pevensie children have been sent out of London because of the ____________ and their parents’ fear that they might be killed. Lucy is an extremely ____________ girl who discovers a magical ____________. While she is exploring, she steps on some __________________ that make a crunching sound and have a rather peculiar odor. After Lucy finds herself in another world, she is surprised to meet a rather ___________ fellow named Mr. Tumnus who wears a bright red __________ around his neck to keep warm. Mr. Tumnus is a _______________, a rather unusual looking creature, who carries an umbrella and several __________________ wrapped in plain brown paper.

8 “Who are you to say when I’m to go to bed?”
Subtitle: At the center of your paper WRITE Comprehension Part One. Based on what you’ve just read, write the character’s name you think said the following. “Who are you to say when I’m to go to bed?” “This is going to be perfectly splendid.” “Do stop grumbling, Ed.” “I can always get back if something goes wrong.”

9 Which Pevensie child do you think would best fit the following description? Write the description followed by the character’s name on your paper. The peace maker: ___________________ The trouble maker: ___________________ The sensitive one: ___________________ The curious one: ___________________ ****This work will be turned in for a grade and returned for Chapter One.

10 5. Mr. Tumnus was a kindly faun who befriended Lucy.
Label this section True or False? Number 1-5 and write true or false. IF it is false, correct it. 1. The Pevensie children were sent from London because their parents were killed in an air raid. 2. At first, Lucy felt overwhelmed by the Professor’s house and a little frightened. 3. The children decided to explore the house because the housekeeper was extremely rude to them. 4. When Lucy discovered herself in Narnia, she was frightened and decided to return for her brothers and sister. 5. Mr. Tumnus was a kindly faun who befriended Lucy.

11 Closure Great job! Starting tomorrow, you will be getting portfolio assignments at the completion of this daily classwork. You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

12 BELLRINGER: Choose one of the following assignments in response Chapter I and complete before the timer goes off! ***YOU WILL BE KEEPING A PORTFOLIO OF ALL OF YOUR BELL WORK. IT WILL BE TURNED IN WEEKLY*********** 1. Write a quick note to Lucy and tell her why you think she was either very brave or very foolish to continue exploring Narnia by herself. 2. What you would do if you were to find yourself suddenly transported to another place? 3. Create a picture of Mr. Tumnus based on the description of him beginning on page 7.

13 Chapter Two Terms Daughter of Eve - refers to a human girl child
Son of Adam - refers to a human boy child Sardines - small, salty fish many find delicious English tea - English custom of afternoon refreshments; served with small sandwiches and cakes Nymphs - mythical creatures that live in trees, harming no one Silenus - woodland deity; companion of Dionysius with a horse’s ears and tail Dryads - mythical creatures that live in wells, harming no one

14 Chapter Two terms 8. Bacchus - Greek God of Wine 9. Jollification - joyful celebration 10. Merely - barely; just as described 11. Lulling - to give someone a false sense of security so that an unpleasant situation takes the person by surprise 12. Spare Oom - location of the room where the wardrobe is located 13. Narnia - imaginary country found by passing through a magical wardrobe 14. Cair Paravel - Capital of Narnia where the empty thrones await four ‘human’ children to claim them. 15. War Drobe -doorway into Narnia through the wardrobe

NAME DATE THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE CHAPTER TWO Incorrect headings or messy papers will not be graded.

16 Top Center: Write Vocabulary 1 Write the word that fits each phrase.
1. The God of Wine ___________________ 2. Four thrones sit there vacant ___________________ 3. A synonym for celebration ___________________ 4. Mythical creatures that live in trees ___________________

17 5. The doorway into Narnia 6
5. The doorway into Narnia 6. A special event that often takes place around 4:00 p.m. in England 7. Small fish 8. A word that means scarcely, barely 9. Room where the magical wardrobe is located 10. Mythical creatures that live in wells

18 Center of the paper. Write VOCABULARY TWO Write the word that best fills the blanks.
Mr. Tumnus is a _____1__ who Lucy meets in ___2____, a country Lucy discovers when she opens the door of the ______3_____ and decides to explore. It is always ____4____ in Narnia but never Christmas. At first, Lucy believes Mr. Tumnus is perfectly wonderful for he invites her to _____5____and serves her ____6_____ on toast and a sugar topped cake. He also tells her about the ____7___ who live in wells and the ___8___ used to visit. But when it is time for Lucy to leave, Mr. Tumnus tells her that he is in the pay of the__9___and had been planning to turn Lucy over to “Her”.

19 Critical Thinking Mr. Tumnus sets out to betray Lucy to the White Witch because he’s afraid. Have you ever agreed to do something even when you knew it was wrong just because you were afraid? Write down what it was you agreed to do and how you felt after you’d done it.  Now, think of a time in your own life when you showed the courage to do the right thing. Explain how you felt after you’d done it.

20 brainstorm: TABLE TALK
What do you think life must be like in Narnia? According to Mr. Tumnus, life in Narnia is “always winter but never Christmas.” Divide a piece of paper in half. On one side write the word “Winter” and on the other side write the word “Christmas”. In small groups make lists of all the feelings you associate with Winter and Christmas and then compare the two lists.

21 PORFOLIO ENTRY ONE You may begin working now and continue until the bell. Your final portfolio will be turned in at the completion of reading this book. You will have one week’s notice of the due date. This is the first of many entries. Get this part done tonight. Based on the feelings you described at your table, draw a picture, write a poem, write a song, or use some other method of creative expression to show what life must have been like when Lucy first entered Narnia. OR When Mr. Tumnus plays his flute, Lucy dreams of what Narnia was like before the White Witch took control. Draw a picture, write a poem, write a song, or use some other method of creative expression to show what life must have been like before the White Witch ruled there.

22 Reminder: You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

23 Bellringer In your own words, explain why you think Mr. Tumnus decides NOT to turn Lucy over to the White Witch.

24 DISCUSS FORESHADOW Discussion: What two events does the author use to tell the reader what might happen when he says the White Witch will turn Mr. Tumnus into stone, “until the four thrones at Cair Paravel are filled.” **All chapter two work should be turned in.

25 CHAPTER THREE TERMS Sulk - to pout; to have a bad attitude
Guilded -to cover with metal, usually gold or silver Sledge - sled; vehicle used to travel over snow Stern - strict; rigid; unyielding champing at their bits - impatient to get moving Harness - gear strapped on an animal to control it Shetland - small but very strong ponies from Scotland Dwarves - mythical beings; usually portrayed as very short with long beards who worked in mines digging for precious metals

26 POST READING ACTIVITIES CH 3 VOCABULARY PART ONE Write the word that matches the description
A type of horse but much smaller in size A device used to travel over snow Covered in a brightly shining metal like gold Pouting, upset, not talking Strict, not smiling, without joy A device used to help people control animals Dig deep in mines, small people but very strong Energetic, ready to go

27 Ch 3 Vocabulary PART TWO Write the word that best fills the blank.
The small red stood holding the reindeer who were at the bits, eager to continue their journey. Although Edmund was because he couldn’t find Lucy, he was amazed by the tall, elegant woman riding in her and somewhat frightened by her expression. The reindeer, dressed in scarlet _were almost the size of a _ pony, and their horns were so long and beautiful they looked like they were with gold when the sunlight hit them. No wonder Edmund was amazed and speechless at his first sight of the White Witch!

28 True or False Write True or False. Correct False Statements.
When Lucy returned from Narnia, very little time had passed at the Professor’s. Peter doesn’t believe Lucy and calls her a liar. When Lucy returns to the wardrobe to show the others the way to Narnia, it’s not magical at all, so no one believes Lucy’s story. Lucy refused to change her story because she knew she was right. Edmund is the only one who sympathizes with Lucy. Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe when they play hide and seek and suddenly finds himself in Narnia. When Edmund calls out an apology to Lucy, she refuses to answer him because she is sulking. The White Witch calls herself the Queen of Narnia. The White Witch arrives in a red sledge pulled by reindeer. The White Witch was pleased to see Edmund and spoke to him kindly.

29 Portfolio Entry 2 Choose One. Write the directions.
Write: A letter to Lucy and tell her about a time when everyone thought that you were telling a lie. Give her some advice about how to deal with it.  Create: Draw a picture of the dwarf as he is described on page 32. Write a song, a poem, or create your own work of art showing how the White Witch must have looked to Edmund when he first saw her.

30 REMINDER You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

31 Closure Table Talk Discuss: In your table group, discuss a time when you made fun of someone and thought they were telling a lie, only to find out that they really were telling the truth. Explain how you felt.

32 Bell Journal: Critical Thinking Choose one sentence starter to answer with a paragraph (7 sentences)
Although we don’t know where Lucy went when she entered Narnia the second time, we can predict, based on what we know about her character that she…. (Explain) When Edmund says, “Just like a girl…sulking somewhere, and won’t accept an apology,” this statement shows that Edmund…. (Explain)

33 Ch 4 Terms Turkish Delight -type of very sweet candy
Patience- able to wait without becoming annoyed or upset Dominions- lands owned by a ruler Mantle- something used to cover something else Hiss- sound like that made by a snake Foamy- whipped or creamy Silk- type of very fine fabric Enchanted- controlled by magic Courtiers- servants; people who wait on others in a royal court Fetch- to go after and bring back shovel down- expression referring to eating food very quickly Snappish- respond abruptly; rude or sharp reply

34 Ch 4 VOCABULARY PART ONE Write the word that matches the description
A type of very expensive fabric used to make fine quality clothes Bearing trials calmly or without complaining An expression to describe someone who is gobbling his/her food Under the control of a magic spell A type of gummy candy dusted with sugar People who wait on others An antonym for patient To go get and bring something Type of cloak or warm blanket Territory belonging to a ruler

35 Write the word that best fills the blank.
When Edmund met the White Witch, it was obvious she didn’t possess much 1 _ because she quickly became angry with him. Edmund discovered he was speaking with the Queen of Narnia when she told him he had entered her A queen is waited upon by her who 4__ her everything she desires.

36 Discussion Questions(large group discussion)
The White Queen asks Edmund if he is a what? Why do you think the Queen changes her mind and is suddenly nice to Edmund? What happens when the Queen takes a very small bottle and lets a drop fall from the bottle onto the snow? What did Edmund tell the White Witch about Lucy? Why do you think the she treated Edmund to the Turkish Delight? What does the she ask Edmund to do? What does she promise Edmund if he does what she asks? How is Edmund to find his way to the White Queen’s castle when he returns? What does the White Queen tell Edmund to say to his brother and sisters about his meeting with her? Why? How does Lucy describe the White Witch to Edmund? What is revealed about Lucy’s character when she says, “the others will have to believe in Narnia now that both of us have been there.”? Does Edmund look forward to telling the others about his trip to Narnia? Why or why not?

37 PORTFOLIO ENTRY 3 Choose one. Write the directions.
Write: A note to Edmund, explaining to him the dangers of eating Turkish Delight. Create: a poster advertising Turkish Delight. Be sure to include a statement about the dangers of eating it!

38 REMINDER You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

39 TABLE TALK CLOSURE Discuss a time when someone offered you something you wanted very much in exchange for your help in doing something that you were afraid might not be ‘right’.

40 Bell Journal Choose One
1) From the way the White Queen treats Edmund, we can see that she…. (Explain) 2) “A door. A door from the world of men! … This may wreck all. But he is only one, and he is easily dealt with.” What does the Queen mean by this statement?

41 Chapter 5 Terms Term Definition spiteful
cruel, mean, desire to see someone suffer frightful extremely bad or unpleasant Nag constantly annoy, irritate, or “bug” beastly unpleasant; acting like a beast Jeer to openly make fun of someone fumble to grope clumsily; to fail in attempting something interrupt disturb someone in the middle of something; cut off someone who’s speaking sightseers tourists; day trippers suit of armor combat outfit worn by knights in the Middle Ages snigger disrespectful laughter behind someone’s back Row quarrel; argument consideration showing thoughtfulness or nice treatment assume take for granted; expect

42   Narnian Expressions:   “Sharp’s the word.” Re-read the passage on p Explain in your own words what you think this expression means based on the context of the story.

43 Write the word that best fills the blank.
When Lucy and Edmund return from Narnia, Lucy is hurt when Edmund, in the most and malicious way possible, says that she is lying and that they were just “pretending” to visit Narnia. In fact, Edmund is quite towards Lucy from then on and often __3 and at Lucy behind her back, making great fun of her so-called adventure. Of course we know that Edmund is really the liar, but it was a most ___ and unpleasant time for poor Lucy because she had been used to being treated with __ and kindness. Peter and Susan are at a loss about what to do with Lucy and _ that she is making up the whole story. They are so concerned they talk to the Professor and ask him to help.

44 Read the following sentences
Read the following sentences. If the underlined word is used correctly, write “correct.” If not, write a word that makes sense based on the context of the sentence. [Note: The sentences are not necessarily based on the facts of the story.] 1. Lucy had such a beastly time in Narnia visiting with Mr. Tumnus that she vowed never to return again. 2. When Edmund tried to follow Lucy, he fumbled at the door and it took him a while to open it. 3. When Lucy told her story, the children all sniggered at her and begged her to continue telling them about her wonderful adventure. 4. Peter treated Lucy with great consideration and jeered at her to tell him more about Narnia. 5. The sightseers planned a quick visit to the castle before they returned to the city.

45 Critical Thinking Based on the Professor’s response to Susan and Peter, do you think he believes Lucy’s story? Why or why not? Peter says to the Professor, “Well, sir, if things are real, they’re there all the time.” Explain why you agree or disagree with Peter.

46 PORTFOLIO ENTRY 4 Choose ONE. Write the directions.
Write: Lucy is counting on Edmund to tell the others about Narnia. Instead, he claims he and Lucy were just pretending, making it seem like Lucy is a liar. Write Edmund a short note, telling him what you think of his behavior and what he should do about it! Create: Have you ever felt betrayed by someone you thought you could trust? Write a poem or a song or create a picture that describes the way that betrayal made you feel inside.

47 Reminder: You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

48 Closure TABLE TALK Discuss: In groups of 3 or 4, discuss whether or not you think Edmund will betray his brother and sisters and turn them over to the White Witch. Give specific reasons for your thinking.

49 BELL- 15 question M/C Quiz
See Hand out! Write the letter.

small balls of insect repellent to protect clothes against moths wrench yank; twist off char burn; destroy by fire suitable appropriate: acceptable prig people who are overly confident in their opinions or manner crockery ceramic; items made of clay self-satisfied sure of oneself; confident shreds torn off strips fraternize hang out with poisonous deadly or harmful substance resume continue on again moth small butterfly-like insect that eat clothes treason betray; to deceive; deliver information or people to an enemy

51 Daily Work Head your paper.
Narnian Expressions: For each of the expressions below, reread the passage in which it appears. Then write what you think the expression means. “By Jove!” ____________________________________________________________ “Bagged a coat” ____________________________________________________________ “Pretty good washout” ________________________________________________________ “Get ups” ____________________________________________________________

52 Ch. 6 Vocabulary Practice
Edmund calls the others because they discover he lied about having been in Narnia. Edmund feels they are very when they decide that Mr. Tumnus is the “good” character and the Queen is the “evil” character just because Mr. Tumnus saved Lucy. After discovering that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested for and all of his beautiful belongings destroyed, the children feel it is only __4 for them to try and help Mr. Tumnus.

53 Ch. 6 Vocabulary Practice
5. We should be careful with whom we ____________________ because often we behave just like our friends. 6. When the children discover Mr. Tumnus’ house, the _________________ has been shattered to pieces, and all there is to see are the remains of what was once a beautiful home. 7. Peter calls Edmund a _______________________ little beast because he made it seem like Lucy was lying. 8. When entering the wardrobe, the children smell _____________________, a chemical used to keep moths from eating the clothing.

54 True or False: Read each statement and write the word “true if it is a true statement and “false” if it is not. Correct each false statement. When the children find themselves in Narnia, Susan is the first to apologize to Lucy. Susan wants to return to the Professor’s house because she is afraid. Edmund reveals he has already been in Narnia when he tells them how to get to the lamp-post. Edmund apologizes to the others, especially to Lucy. When Lucy leads them to Mr. Tumnus’ cave, they find it deserted but in good shape. Mr. Tumnus has been arrested by the White Witch for High Treason. Maugrim is the name of the Captain of the Queen’s secret police. Edmund wants to go back to the Professor’s house because he realizes the White Queen is evil. Lucy sees a robin with a red breast that seems to want to talk to her. Edmund tries to convince Peter that they might be heading into a trap. Peter agrees with Edmund that fauns can’t be trusted. Peter isn’t concerned about where they are because he knows the way back to the Lantern Wood. 

55 Critical Thinking Explain the logic behind Susan’s argument that using the coats in the wardrobe would not be stealing. What would you have done if you had found out a friend had been arrested and taken to jail for helping you? Explain your reasoning.

56 PORTFOLIO FIVE- Choose One. Write the directions.
Write: What would YOU take with you to Narnia? If you had the chance to visit Narnia and were allowed to take with you only 10 items, what would you take with you? Make a list, and give a ‘reason’ for why you included each item. (NO firearms or automatic weapons allowed) create: A collage showing the events that have taken place up to this point in the story. For each chapter select the most important event and then draw it and put a caption underneath explaining its importance.

57 Reminder: You will not have time to complete your daily projects in class. You will have time to get instructions and ask questions so that you fully understand expectations. You will need to work at home on your portfolio. The assignments will add up and the entire portfolio will be picked up for a final grade.

58 Closure – Table Talk Discuss: Why Lucy, and then Susan and Peter, feel a duty to go to Mr. Tumnus’ rescue in spite of the personal danger involved. Explain why or why not you agree with their decision

59 Chapter 7 Terms Term Definition robin
small song bird; often seen as an indication that spring is coming dodging to escape the notice of; avoiding token object used as a symbol representing something else festoons decorations such as ribbons, flowers or leaves, hanging between two points burring a sound like whirring or humming warning threat or advice that something bad might happen hoarse rough or harse-sounding voice handkerchief like Kleenex but made of cloth beckoned invited by means of hand signs to follow someone trifle something of little importance or value thread thin cord of twisted fibers used in sewing and weaving steep going up or down at a sharp angle

60 Chapter 7 Terms Continued
Defintion dam barrier of concrete or earth built across a river or stream to control the flow of water icicles water frozen in the act of falling beehive a structure or home for a colony of bees bunks beds often stacked on top of each other to save space trowels hand tools used for digging trout type of freshwater fish good for eating kettle metal pot used for cooking or heating water for tea sewing machine machine used to make clothing strain of music brief musical tune oilskins coats treated with oil so as to keep out water range stove; something to cook on marmalade jam made with pieces of fresh fruit

61 Ch 7 Vocab Practice After discovering that Mr. Tumnus had been arrested, the children weren’t sure what to do, but then Lucy saw a __1__ that seemed to want the children to follow her. The children were led into the woods and then saw what looked like a beaver _2_ between the trees. The beaver held up his paw in a __3_ signal for the children to be quiet and _4 them to follow him.

62 Ch. 7 Voc Practice Although the children were a little frightened, the beaver showed them Lucy’s as a that he could be trusted. So the children decided to follow the beaver. Mr. Beaver led the children on a journey through the woods to the _ 7_ he had built. When the children saw smoke coming out of the chimney, they were relieved because they were tired and hungry. Mr. Beaver’s dam was very different from Mr. Tumnus’ cave. There were coats and gumboots along one wall, beds, a large full of water sitting on the __ 11 _ for tea, and strangest of all, Mrs. Beaver was sitting in front of a _ 12__ machine that was making a _ 13_ noise!

63 Critical Thinking (Symbolism: a symbol is something that stands for something else) When it is always winter in Narnia, what do you think it means when the children see a robin? What do you think the robin symbolizes? When Mr. Beaver says that “Aslan is on the Move,” each child had a different reaction. Re-read the passage and then, in your own words, write their reactions beside their names. Lucy – Susan – Peter – Edmund –

64 Compare and Contrast Divide the class into groups of 2-3 students. Have one student in each group divide a piece of paper in half. On one side have the students write “Mr. Tumnus’ Cave”; on the other side “Mr. and Mrs. Beavers’ House.” Re-read the description of Mr. Tumnus’ Cave in Chapter 2, listing the types of things Lucy saw there. On the other side, have the students list the things that are described in Mr. and Mrs. Beavers’ house.

65 CLASS DISCUSSION When the students finish making their lists, write “Mr. Tumnus’ Cave” on one side of the board and “Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s House” on the other. Have each group contribute an item from their lists for each. When finished, ask the students to discuss what the items reveal about the characters, e.g., Mr. Tumnus seems to be very educated because he has so many books in his home. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver seem to be very hardworking because there are so many tools in their home.)

66 Portfolio 6- Everyone write these directions.
Create: Now that we’ve discussed the characters of Mr. Tumnus and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, you are to create a poster that graphically depicts the difference in their characters, e.g., Mr. Tumnus could be drawn sitting in a chair by the fire reading a book; Mr. and Mrs. Beaver could be drawn working hard at something, etc.)

67 PORTFOLIO WORK DAY Look back at your portfolio.
You should have 6 PROJECT ENTRIES. Today, you need to look over all of your projects and make sure they are your *BEST* work. I reserve the right to refuse any work that is not YOUR BEST WORK.

68 Chapter 8 CHAPTER 8 Terms Definitions statue
3-D image of a person or creature sculpted in stone or carved from wood on my account on my behalf stratagem plan; a clever trick or scheme to outwit an enemy claim to demand something; to say that something is true but not offer proof Jinn The Jinn: created from a smokeless flame of fire; demon spirits that are hostile to humans hatchet tool used to cut wood; small hand axe prophecy A prediction of future events reign period of time during which someone rules a nation plunging falling off of or into suddenly muffle to mute or soften or deaden a sound decoy to lure someone into a trap cautious careful Chapter 8

69 CH 8 VOC PRACTICE Peter wanted to come up with a _____________________ in order to help save Mr. Tumnus. According to the _________________, everything will be right in Narnia when “Aslan comes in sight.” According to Mr. Beaver, the White Witch’s ____________________ to rule Narnia is based on the fact that she is “human”. The truth is that the White Witch is descended from the _________________ and the giants and has no drop of human blood in her veins. Lucy feels that Mr. Tumnus was arrested on her ___________________ and believes it is her responsibility to save him. During the White Witch’s ___________________ in Narnia, it has always been winter but never Christmas

70 Critical Thinking Choose One to Explain:
why the children are important in order to fulfill the prophecy how it’s possible for Aslan to not be safe but to be good why you think that Peter and his sisters want to look for Edmund in spite of his obvious betrayal

Create a table that lists the decisions Edmund has made and the consequences of each.

72 BELL JOURNAL Write: In your own words, explain the prophecy that predicts the return of Aslan to Narnia.

73 CHAPTER 9 TERMS spoils ruins; destroys arrangement an agreement; preparations so something can happen in the future. excuse provide a reason for one’s actions that make them seem more OK or at least not so bad reckon to figure out; calculate; determine eerie creepy; scary; strange dunce cap sharp pointed hat that represents being stupid threshold doorway or entrance shuffle move feet slowly along the ground without picking them up skidding sliding out of control across a slick surface

74 Chapter 9 terms schemes secret design or plan of action plain large expanse of level or rolling land, usually with few trees gloat feel good about something often at the expense of others turret towers that form a part of the exterior walls of a castle venture to go forth; to set out on a risky or dangerous trip tread to walk; step on satyr mythical creature with the head and body of a man and the ears, horns, and legs of a goat; same as faun. chattering to tremble without control with teeth clicking together, especially when one is very cold centaur mythical creature, half man and half horse

75 Narnian Expression: “barking his shins” – When Edmund is making his way to the palace of the White Witch he barks his shins, making him cry out in pain. What do you think this expression means?

76 Vocabulary Practice 1. Edmund tried to __________________ his behavior by telling himself nothing very bad would happen to his brother and sisters. 2. As Edmund made his way to the White Witch’s palace, he had trouble keeping his balance and found himself ___________________on the snow. 3. After what seemed a long while, Edmund began to ___________________ because his feet were too heavy to pick up. 4. By the time Edmund reached the White Witch’s palace, his teeth were ___________________ ; he felt the bitter cold, and he was afraid. 5. The palace was so __________________ and frightening that Edmund would have turned back if he could, but he realized he had no choice but to _____________ on and join forces with the White Witch. 6. When Edmund realized the __________________ in the courtyard were made of stone, he began to ________________ and jeer at them, particularly when he saw the lion. 7. When Edmund finally reached the ___________________ to the palace, he was surprised to see a great wolf guarding the door.

77 Critical Thinking Have you ever wanted something so much that you were tempted to do anything to get it? What is it that Edmund wants so much that he will betray his family to get it? Even though Peter is obviously upset by Edmund’s betrayal, he still feels it is his responsibility to find him. What does this action reveal about Peter’s character? Do you agree with Peter? Why or why not? What do you think about Edmund’s character when he begins to gloat and jeer at the statues in the courtyard?

78 CHAPTER NINE Activity day
Write: Divide a paper into 3 columns. Above the first column have them write: Temptation; above the second column write: Why; above the third column, write: Consequences. Make a list of the things you have been tempted to do under the first column and why you were tempted under the second column. Next, we will exchange the list with a partner. The student who receives the list should write what he/she thinks the consequence might be if the other student gave into temptation.

79 PORTFOLIO ENTRY 7 Create a graphic chart that illustrates the 5 temptations they feel are the most difficult to combat in their everyday lives. Draw the temptation and then draw a circle around it with a line through it and write the words…We will not ___________________ (e.g., lie, cheat, steal, etc.) and explain why not.

80 CHAPTER TEN fussing worrying over details or small, unimportant things abide patiently endure; in the negative – to find something unbearable or unacceptable fiddling messing around with; playing with something in a careless way plaguey annoying; troublesome frowsty stale; musty-smelling scramble move quickly and urgently puffing short blowing; out of breath splutter to make a spitting or choking sound; say something that can’t be understood

81 CHAPTER 10 CONTINUED brambles prickly shrub or bush sluice gate gate across a stream that controls the flow of water solemn lacking joy or humor; serious shield piece of armor carried on the arm for protection against flying weapons hilt handle of a sword, knife or dagger sheath case for the blade of a knife or sword quiver long narrow case for holding arrows. cordial a special drink with healing qualities in it

82 Susan couldn’t ____1_____ the way Mrs. Beaver seemed to take her time
Susan couldn’t ____1_____ the way Mrs. Beaver seemed to take her time! Mrs. Beaver was ______2_____ and ___3______about trying to decide what they should take with them when all the children and Mr. Beaver wanted to do was to get on their way!  After walking and walking for hours, they reached a small, safe cave and ___4______ together to keep out the cold. Mrs. Beaver gave them a ______5___ of something warm to drink and though they __6________ a little and it stung their throats, they were soon fast asleep. Imagine how frightened they were when, early the next morning, they heard the sound of bells for, of course, they thought they had been discovered by the White Witch! Mr. Beaver ____7___ out of the cave quickly and what a surprise when he returned and told them to come quickly and meet someone very special.

83 The children could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Father Christmas waiting for them. Each child received a gift; for Susan there was a ___8___ full of arrows and a beautiful ____9____ horn to blow in case she was in trouble. Lucy received a ___10___ made of the juice of fire-flowers and a dagger to defend herself. Last but not least, Father Christmas bestowed a _____11______ and a sword upon Peter. The ____12_____ of the sword was made of pure gold and Peter accepted the gift with great seriousness for he felt the burden placed upon him.

84 Critical Thinking The author says “Battles are ugly when women fight.” Write a paragraph in which you explain why you agree or disagree with this statement.

85 CHAPTER 11 repulsive to repel; make someone feel dislike or disgust stale no longer fresh scent a particular odor or smell swish sound made by a sled moving across a snowy surface vermin small, common animals or insects that are pests to human or other animals plum pudding type of pudding made from plums, commonly served at Christmas in gaiety happiness; eagerness; excitement gluttony eating and drinking to excess, or too much self indulgence pleasing oneself, usually to excess

86 CHAPTER 11 CONTINUED foggy condensed water vapor that makes seeing difficult thaw melt; as in the melting of snow in springtime slush snow or ice that has begun to melt relief standing out; contrast of color Councillor (old Brit. spelling) advisor; someone who gives advice often to people in power Whip used to strike a person or animal as punishment Shafts beams of light Glade an open area of wood or forest without trees or bushes Chirped a short high pitched sound made by a bird Alighting to land; to settle after a flight

87 Narnian Expressions Whipped Up – To get worked up and excited, as in “The dwarf whipped up the reindeer.” Shake it off – An expression that means to get rid of something, as in “Shake off the snow”; can also refer to shaking off a feeling like depression or frustration. Robes of snow – Metaphor comparing the covering of snow on the trees to the way in which a robe covers a person.

88 Chapter 11 Vocabulary After Edmund’s arrival the White Witch lost no time. She 1 her reindeer and they took off in her 2 at once. Edmund was feeling very depressed because all he’d had to eat was bread that tasted awful and a little water. He regretted his and because he’d begun to realize that all the Turkish Delight in the world and being made King of Narnia wouldn’t mean anything if it were to cost the lives of his brother and sisters. The race through the night in the White Witch’s sledge was a nightmare for Edmund who was freezing from the cold. When the White Witch drew up alongside a party of animals all the 6 left their faces!

89 Poor Edmund!! He was so hungry and he was sure he saw a __7__ and other wonderful things to eat that reminded him very much of Christmas. How he wanted to get down from the sledge and join them, but just at the moment when Edmund might have tried to escape, the White Witch raised her magic wand and turned them all to stone. Edmund was terrified especially when the White Witch smacked him across the face. But soon it began to grow warmer and suddenly it was quite __8___ and difficult to see. The snow was beginning to 9 and turn to slush. The White Witch was furious. Soon after, Edmund could see ____10_____ of sunlight and hear the ____11_____ of birds as they ___12___ on the trees. There was the sound of running water, and everywhere he looked he could see the signs of spring.

90 Critical Analysis 1. The coming of spring marks a turning point in the story. When the author says the trees “shook off their robes of snow,” what kind of picture does this create in your mind? List how many words or expressions the author uses in this chapter to signal the end of winter. 2. The fact that Edmund tries to stop the White Witch from turning the animals to stone for celebrating the coming of spring is also a turning point in the story. From this point on, Edmund begins to feel sorry for someone other than himself. What do you think this change means in terms of what will happen to Edmund in the end?

91 DISCUSSION Write the word “Courage” on the board and have students provide examples of what they think courage means. Have students make up a definition of courage, and write it on the board. Look up the word courage in the dictionary and compare the two. Ask students to vote on whether or not they think Edmund demonstrated courage when he tried to stop the White Witch from turning the animals to stone.

92 BELL JOURNAL Write: A paragraph in which you compare and contrast how Narnia was when the children first arrived with the Narnia described at the end of the chapter.

93 CHAPTER 12 thickets a dense or tangled growth of trees or bushes blister painful swelling just under the skin moss spreading green, non-flowering plant that grows in moist shady places Pavilion large tent or other temporary building used for shelter or entertainment Grim A forbidding or stern appearance tent pegs small pieces of metal, plastic or wood used to secure a tent Ivory dentine; a hard cream-colored substance that forms the tusks of animals such as elephants Awkward shy; uncomfortable; embarrassed Fidgets uneasy, restless, nervous movements Rampant standing on one hind foot with one foreleg raised above the other and the head in profile Bared exposed; uncovered

94 VOCABULARY PRACTICE Choose 5 Chapter 12 Vocabulary Words and demonstrate your ability to use them correctly in a sentence.

95 Critical Thinking Can you think of either a real or a fictional person that you would describe as both good but terrible at the same time? Write the name of the person on a piece of paper, and give a brief explanation of why you think this person possesses both qualities. Peter says that he feels Edmund’s betrayal “was partly my fault” and says he thinks “that helped him to go wrong.” What does this reveal about Peter’s character? Think of ONE word that describes Peter’s statement. What is the word?

96 QUIZ- WORKSHEET he felt he might be sick.
he was just able to plunge his knife into its heart. something had gone badly wrong with the Witch’s schemes. they couldn’t look at him. Aslan knights him. he felt it looked like a great star resting on the seashore. to save Edmund. that he looked sad as well. Aslan sent the centaurs and other creatures…________________________________ . Because of the thaw, the children realized…________________________________ . When the children first glimpsed Aslan they found… __________________________ ________________________________________________ . The children could tell that, though Aslan looked at peace, … ___________________ ________________________________ . After Peter kills the wolf... ______________________________________________ . When Peter first glimpsed Cair Paravel…___________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ . When Peter saw Susan being attacked by a wolf... ____________________________ Peter was unable to think at all; in fact…____________________________________

97 part of the tree left after trunk and limbs are cut off Shudder
CHAPTER 13 tree stump part of the tree left after trunk and limbs are cut off Shudder to shiver or tremble without trying Crouch squat down on the balls of the feet with knees bent and body hunched over Dew moisture from the air that condenses as tiny drops on surfaces safe conduct protection given someone passing through an area occupied by an enemy force Advantage a superior or favorable position in relation to somebody or something. Dispute question or doubt the validity of something; to disagree Traitor someone who behaves in a disloyal or double-crossing way CHAPTER 13 tree stump part of the tree left after trunk and limbs are cut off Shudder to shiver or tremble without trying Crouch squat down on the balls of the feet with knees bent and body hunched over Dew moisture from the air that condenses as tiny drops on surfaces safe conduct protection given someone passing through an area occupied by an enemy force Advantage a superior or favorable position in relation to somebody or something. Dispute question or doubt the validity of something; to disagree Traitor someone who behaves in a disloyal or double-crossing way Offense misdeed; break an accepted moral or social standard engraved carved or etched on a hard surface with a design or lettering sceptre ceremonial staff or rod used as a power of authority prey prize taken by an enemy in war that rightfully is theirs forfeit loss of something because of not fulfilling a legal debt or obligation perish be destroyed or ruined renounced given up a claim, title, position or right claim demand something officially that someone else has a right to or owns murmur muttered complaint; grumbling

98 CHAPTER 13 CONTINUED Offense misdeed; break an accepted moral or social standard engraved carved or etched on a hard surface with a design or lettering sceptre ceremonial staff or rod used as a power of authority prey prize taken by an enemy in war that rightfully is theirs forfeit loss of something because of not fulfilling a legal debt or obligation perish be destroyed or ruined renounced given up a claim, title, position or right claim demand something officially that someone else has a right to or owns murmur muttered complaint; grumbling

99 Vocabulary Practice To satisfy the Deep Magic, it is necessary to ________1________ Edmund’s life. The White Witch has a legal _______2___________ to his blood because he is a __________3_____________. Unless Aslan is able to get the White Witch to ______4_________ her claim to his life, Edmund will be put to death. Although Edmund has created a grave _______5_________ against his brother and sisters and against all that is good in Narnia, Susan pleads for his life.

100 CRITICAL THINKING 1. When Susan suggests that there might be something that could be done to overcome the Deep Magic, Aslan says, “work against the Emperor’s magic?” p Explain what you think the Emperor’s magic must be like based on Aslan’s reaction to Susan’s question. 2. When Aslan announced that the White Witch has “renounced all claim on ‘Edmund’s blood,” what do you think is the price that will have to be paid?

101 Closure What do you think was said between Ed and Aslan?

102 Chapter 14 campaign organized series of actions designed to accomplish a specific goal siege prolonged military effort to surround a place and cut off from all outside access in order to force a surrender assault to attack, as in war roused to stir up someone from sleep or rest groped search for something blindly or uncertainly bitterly expressive of severe pain, grief or regret bind tie something securely by winding a cord around it to hold it in place

103 Chapter 14 gibber to speak quickly without making sense shaved cutting hair with a razor or scissors shears scissors; device used to cut hair or fleece squat to crouch down muzzle device strapped over the nose and jaws of an animal to prevent it from opening its mouth rabble noisy, unruly crowd of people; mob hoist raise or lift something up into position whet to sharpen the cutting edge of a blade, usually by rubbing it on a stone pact agreement made between two or more individuals or groups appeased to bring about a state of peace, especially by giving in to demands

104 Fill in the blank with the missing word that best completes the meaning of the sentence. Use the story context for clues. In order to prepare for their ____1________ against the White Witch, Aslan spoke long with Peter, preparing him for a possible _____2_____ against the Witch’s palace. Peter was uncomfortable when he realized that whatever ___3_____ Aslan had made with the White Witch might make it impossible for Aslan to be with him during the final ____4_______ on the White Witch and her evil minions. Later that evening, Susan and Lucy were unable to sleep and, in the dead of night, they ___5____ their way blindly out of the tent in search of Aslan.

105 When they arrived at their destination, Aslan bid the girls farewell, and they both began to cry ______6_________ for they were certain something awful was going to happen. The girls _____7________ in the shadows behind some trees as the evil minions of darkness ____8________ the great Aslan with rope, put a _____9_____ over his beautiful jaws, and then _________10_________ off his luxurious mane. When all was ready, Aslan was _______11__________ onto the Stone Table and the White Witch began to ______12________ her knife to make sure it would be sharp enough to kill the once proud lion. The ____13_________ of evil creatures made fun of Aslan, calling him names in an effort to humiliate him, but he met their cruelty with dignity as the White Witch plunged her knife into his heart.

106 CRITICAL ANALYSIS Explain what you think is going to happen based on the way Aslan is described in this chapter. Keep in mind that he is returning to the Stone Table, his head is held very low, and he describes himself as feeling very “sad and lonely.” p. 164. At the end of this chapter, the witch is certain she has triumphed over Aslan. What makes her so sure she has won?

107 CHAPTER 15 vile awful; disgusting; worthless shame A painful emotion caused by awareness of guilt, unworthiness, or embarrassment stroke moving the hand lightly over a surface in a loving way fondle to handle very tenderly, in a loving or affectionate way spitefulness mean or cruel; unreasonable desire to see someone suffer peer to look very carefully or hard incantation the ritual chanting of magic words lashing the quick back and forth movement of a cat’s tail romp to frolic or play in a joyous and high-spirited way briar A shrub with woody, thorny or prickly stems battlements protective walls built with open spaces used as places of defense not slacking without stopping; moving quickly and with purpose

108 Vocabulary practice After the White Witch led her followers to war, Lucy and Susan approached the dead Aslan and ____1_______and ________2_________ his sad face. They looked with ______3__________ at what the _____4_______ creatures had done to Aslan and were overcome with sadness. The White Witch’s ________5_________ was evident in the way she had sheared off his beautiful mane and muzzled his jaws. When the girls ______6_________ carefully at Aslan’s body, they saw small grey creatures gnawing at the cords that bound him and were overjoyed.

109 Critical Thinking Some people believe that Aslan’s sacrifice in place of Edmund is like the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Discuss how you think they were alike and how they were different. Explain what you think about the “Deeper Magic from before the Dawn of Time” and why this “Deeper Magic” was able to overcome death.

110 Journal Response Have you ever felt so sad that you had no tears left and, if so, do you agree with the author that eventually there comes a “time of quietness…as if nothing is ever going to happen again.” p. 174 Discuss the types of events that could cause this feeling (e.g., death, separation, divorce, etc.)

111 CHAPTER 16 Bound Move quickly and engertically whisked quick sweeping or whipping motion prodigious great in amount, size or extent; enormous indigo dark grayish-blue color plumage the feathers covering a bird’s body braying sound a donkey makes: harsh high-pitched, grating voice creeping developing or advancing by slow but sure degrees concealed to keep something hidden; prevent it from being known

112 CHAPTER 16 CONTINUED dungeon underground prison cell; usually beneath a castle ransacking searching and examining very thoroughly and carefully liberated to release someone or a group; to set free surged to move like a wave with a sudden rush in a particular direction bawled yell out or up at rubble broken stones, bricks and other materials from buildings that have been destroyed deformed unshapely form; spoiled; disfigured; hideous looking din loud, harsh, continuing noise

113 CHAPTER 17 seaweed plants such as kelp that grow in the sea seagulls large web-footed white and gray sea birds with yellow beaks revelry a lively celebration involving eating, drinking, dancing and merrymaking piercing an intense quality of sound remnants a small part of something left over after the rest is gone; survivors quarry a hunted animal or bird marvel something that inspires awe, amazement or admiration foreboding a feeling that something bad is going to happen signification the meaning of something such as a thing, word or event stag adult male deer

114 CRITICAL ANALYSIS Critical Analysis – This thing we call ‘time’
Early in the story, Peter and Susan seek out the Professor to talk about Lucy’s fascination with Narnia, Peter tells the Professor that it is only logical that, if something is “real,” it must be real all the time. p. 52 What does this statement mean? Is time real…? If you believe it is real, then shouldn’t five minutes seem to pass at the exact same speed no matter what you’re doing?  Think of times in your life when it seemed that “time stood still.” Jot them down. Now think of times in your life when it seemed that “time sped by.” Jot them down.

115 Discussion Compare your list with others in the class. What do you think? Is time real or is it something that seems to pass at different speeds for different people depending on where they are and what they’re doing?  Many fantasy stories deal with twists in time, in particular, stories about time travel. Explain why you think time travel is or is not possible.

PORTFOLIO = ESSAY MUST BE FOUR PARAGRAPHS. USE WORKZONE. AGREE OR DISAGREE? Do you agree with Lucy that Edmund should be told what Aslan did for him? Give specific reasons why you agree or disagree with her.


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