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The Pilgrims regard their voyage as

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1 The Pilgrims regard their voyage as
Spiritual journey B. Physical journey Both a physical and spiritual journey

2 The first people to migrate to North America were
A. Explorers from Spain B. The Norse by way of Iceland and Greenland C. Ice Age hunter via the Bering land bridge

3 The greatest legacy of the French and Spanish explorers was
A. Long-live political institutions B. Written accounts of the New World C. Moral and ethical religious convictions D. Farming inovations

4 The Mayflower Compact paved the way for
A. A national church B. A constitutional democracy C. The Salem witch trials

5 Rationalist believed that all people
A. Were sinners in the eyes of God, with no hope of redemption B. Were either saved or damned, according to God’s will C. Could change the course of human events through prayer D. Could think in an ordered manner, thereby improving their lives

6 The following man compared God to a clockmaker
A. Ben Franklin B. John Locke C. Sir Isaac Newton


8 What piece of writing (American)is considered a masterpiece in the Age of Reason
A. The Declaration B. Ben Franklin’s autobiography C. The Bill of Rights

9 What does the idea of Manifest Destiny mean?

10 What is the difference between to emigrate and to immigrate ?

11 Define the word Theology

12 Define the word Theocracy

13 Define the word Zealous

14 When did the Protestant Reformation take place
B. 1066 C. 1517 D

15 Why did England want to come to America? Give two reasons.

16 Who was Amerigo Vespucci?

17 Roanoake was settled by
A. Sir Issac Smith B. Sir Walter Raleigh C. Sir Calvin Hobbes D. Sir John Kyle

18 Who arrived first the Pilgrims of the Puritans?

19 By 1642 how many Pilgrims and Puritans had settled here?
C. 50,000 D. 100,000

20 What belief did Pilgrims and Puritans hold in common?

21 Puritans believed the Bible is the literal word of God
True or False?

22 What was an important form of literature for Puritans?

23 Complete this phrase from John Winthrop‘s famous speech held in 16 Complete this phrase from John Winthrop‘s famous CCCCCCCcsp Consider that wee shall be as a … 30: “Consider that wee shall be as a … Complete this phrase from John Winthrop, “We shall be seen A. As a city upon a hill B. A forest village C. A metropolis in a city D. A small village

24 The seamen are astonished by the death of the profane seaman an attribute his demise to
A. The heavy storms B. The will of God C. His fondness for rum D. His carelessness

25 The Pilgrims’ ship first reaches land in America at
A. Cape Cod B. Near the Hudson River C. At Boston

26 Bradford describes the American Indians whom the Puritans encounter with
A. Great admiration and praise B. A combination of pity and fear C. A sense of guilt for taking their land D. A mixture of disdain and respect

27 At the first Thanksgiving the Puritans are most thankful for
A. The treaty they have made with the American Indians B. The departure of the loathsome sailors C. Their great store of game and corn D. The arrival of more people from England

28 Mary Rowlandson’s main intention is to
A. Write a best seller B. Analyze another culture C. Arouse hatred toward the Wampanoag D. Show how her experience revealed God’s purpose

29 The tribe that captures Rowlandson is forced to keep moving because of its
A. English pursuers B. Need for Food C. Treaty with the colonists D. Religious practices

30 Rowlandson primarily draws strength to survive from ?
A. Her desire to return and tell her story to the Puritans B. Her belief in God’s ultimate purpose C. The medicine that a sympathetic woman gives her D. Her desire to avenge the death of her child

31 An allusion is A. Something you can’t see
B. A reference to something from art, music, religion, science, literature, etc. C. A comparison of two unlike things D. An exaggeration

32 The head of the Indian tribe that captured Mary is named
A. King George B. King Phillip C. King John D. King Richard

33 Puritans viewed the raids by the Indians as a sign from God as a result of their
A. Being selfish with their land B. Young people dancing C. Not reading the Bible every day. D. Drinking too much beer.

34 Christians saw the comparison of these narratives as
A. Allegories about their lives B. Similes about their lives C. A hyperbole about their life

35 The Captivity Narratives were always objective writing
True or False The Captivity Narratives were always objective writing

36 True or False War was sparked by an Indian informant giving information to the Puritans about the raids

37 How did the captivity narratives change with time?

38 In his sermon, Edwards mainly taps into his audience’s fear of
A. Their minister’s wrath B. Burning forever in a fiery pit C. Associating with sinners D. Floods and other natural disasters

39 When Edwards refers to the unconverted persons in this congregation, he chiefly addresses the
A . Men and women who do not believe in God B. Church visitors C. People who are against him D. Members who do not accept Christ as their Savior

40 Edwards presents God as a being who
A. Enjoys human suffering and misery B. Continually redefines the universe C. Is often angry and vengeful D. Easily forgives people

41 Edwards builds a sense of urgency and peril by suggesting that
A. Death and damnation may occur at any moment B. The church is being persecuted by unholdy forces C. Ministers alone can determine who is to be saved D. The end of the world is coming soon.

42 Define Profane A. Urgent B. Irreverent C. Proud D. Conversation

43 Provoked means A. To Calm B. Forced to anger C. Induce


45 Haughty A. Fondness B. Willing C. Proud D. A few

46 Execratons A. Heavy storms B. Angry words; curses C. Rocks
D. Big Waves -

47 Relent A. To soften B. To discuss C. To work D. To leave

48 Sundry A. A lot of something B. The end of something C. Few-some
D. An ability to sew

49 Affliction A. Austerity B. Solitude C. Hardship

50 Bewitching A. Enticing B. Ornate C. Comprising D. Fragrant

51 Decrepit A. Ornery B. Wayward C. Hungry D. Run-Down

52 Entreated A. Asked B. Harangued D. Trusted

53 Plunder A. Bound Books B. Ample Provisions C. Seized goods
D. Retrieved

54 Savory A. Edible B. Appetizing C. Tasteless D. Pungent

55 Lamentable A. Puzzling B. Unfathomable C. Ambivalent D. Distressing

56 Abhors A. Suffering B. Forgiveness C. Hates D. To calm

57 Define the Omnipotent

58 Define the word Inconceivable

59 What Puritan minister introduced the small pox vaccine?
A. Jon Edwards Cotton Mather John Simone Ralph Bradford

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