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Rizwana Naseem English Department D.A. College for Women Ph-VIII.

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1 Rizwana Naseem English Department D.A. College for Women Ph-VIII

2  Through this play ‘Progress’ I shall make my students aware of the destructions of the First World War.  I shall explain them the plot of the drama and the behaviour of the characters.  By making the learners highlighting the assertions of the characters I will explain how to attempt character analysis.

3  He was a dramatist and novelist.  He had been the Professor of Dramatic Literature and Royal Society of Literature.  He had served in the First World War.  His Works include: The Magnanimous Lover; Alice and A Family; Changing Winds; The Wayward Man; How to Write A Play; The Theatre in my Time; The Christian and the New Morality.

4 Prof Corrie invents a bomb formulae. He does so for fame and fortune. Mrs. Meldon, Prof’s widowed sister, is in mourning on the 3 rd death anniversary of her son Eddie, an army captain dies in the 1 st World War. Prof pays negligence to her bereavement and breaks the news of his invention. Mrs. Meldon recalls her cheerful past with husband Tom and Eddie. She does so to make Prof feel the value of relations and wretchedness on losing them. Prof’s belief wars will never end encourages him to promote his invention as its devastating results are far more rapid than the old weapons. Charlotte, Corrie’s sis, informs him Eddie has been mutilated by a shell. So she abominates wars: organised butchery of boys. Bloodless fool, wickedly mad Prof talks of money and peerage as price of his success as against to his sis’s lamentations. Charlotte pleads Prof to destroy the bomb as Eddie’s memorial. But Prof stays indifferent to her pleading. She hurls the table and the formulae spills on the floor. Mrs. Meldon’s such act is derided by Prof that the formulae is in his mind. This infuriates her so that she stabs him in the back with a long knife. Prof dies.

5 Single Aged between fifty and sixty Cold, humourless eyes, thick beard, cruel-lined mouth Sobre, kind, harmless, inconsequent to humans even to his sister, Mrs. Charlotte Meldon His cruelty - Utters wolfish snarls if gets curbed even in his minor experiment; His absorption in his scientific research that leads to bomb formulae production. Rude, Crude to the maid-servant Hannah and Mrs. Meldon Heedless to family relations- he does not console his sister on her son Eddie’s death Rapacious for fame, fortune and peerage He underrates women that they have no capacity for impersonal devotion, hence never been great artists/scientists. His barbaric attitude towards humanity while describing the ruining effects of his bomb: corrosive gases being inhaled will decompose the living bodies. Besides his evil nature, he speaks of factual point : wars will never end for humans are pugnacious by nature. His Tragic Finale : He neglects Charlotte’s lamentation to destroy his bomb formulae; Derides her hurling the apparatus table and spilling the formulae that it is stored in his mind; This enrages Mrs Meldon and she skewered him in the back with a long knife; He sways, chokes, clutches at the air and eventually pitches forward on to his face.

6 Widow; Sister to Prof Henry Aged about forty-three Dressed in black because she is widowed and mourning her son Eddie’s death Sensitive, not fretful, has ability to stay composed while talking of her family bereavement. She has been shown mourning her son Eddie’s death and feels miserable on being cruelly alone as her husband, Tom Meldon, dies of heart failure for losing his son. She abominates wars for : they are organised butchery of boys. Polite, gentle and respectful to Hannah and her brother Henry even on his misinterpretation of women She recapitulates loving memories of her family to soften Prof’s heart and teach him beauty of relations and quietus on their death. She is emotionally broken when informs Prof Eddie has been obliterated by a shell; Calls her brother Bloodless Fool, Wickedly, Horribly, Mad on his description of destruction to be caused by his bomb; Decides to do justice and save humanity by imploring Prof to suppress his formulae; his refusal makes her to hurl the table and spill the formulae; Knowing the formulae is in his mind she pierces knife into his back. Prof dies eventually.

7 Making learners draw flow charts of focal stages in the play and of the two characters : Prof Henry Corrie and Mrs Meldon. Analysing Task

8 Evaluating Task Making students to present a debate on the following topic : Does Progress lie in Advancement of Munitions or Establishment of Peace? Such tasks are useful when carried out in groups.

9 Creating task Engaging novices to write a script for a TV Show in which a renowned scientist has been invited for his first-rate invention of a nuclear weapon. This kind of exercise evokes the latent talent in students by mobilising their thinking capability.

10 Using 21 st Century Skills Teaching Methodology my students :  shall be trained to learn independently.  develop trust in themselves and a friendly communicative environment in the class.  shall be trained to acquire knowledge not through exam-oriented style but through critical-thinking methods.  will be finally able to attempt board papers easily. Concerning the play Progress, such advanced approaches clarify the concept of the plot and characterization to students.


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