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PMG Training & Project Management. What is a PMG and why do we need to use one? A PMG is the acronym for Project Management Guide. It is used in the Jaycee.

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1 PMG Training & Project Management

2 What is a PMG and why do we need to use one? A PMG is the acronym for Project Management Guide. It is used in the Jaycee organization for a variety of purposes.

3 Used as a tool to help plan and implement a project or event. Used as a means to approve your plan by the chapter board and membership. Used as a means to appropriate funds from the chapter. Used as a reference for future project chairman.

4 The Three Stages of a Project Planning Implementation Evaluation

5 Planning Brainstorming and Preliminary Work. Develop Projected Budget, Timeline, Materials and Resources you will need and Potential Problems and Solutions. Handle all Logistical Duties during this Stage.

6 Implementation This is where you run the actual project or event, be it an afternoon, or several weeks (such as a Haunted House).

7 Evaluation Realize the goals you set out to do with your project. Be sure to send out thank you notes to supporting businesses and individuals. Prepare your final PMG for approval from your board and membership. Submit PR announcing your accomplishments and what you’ve done for the community. Submit any charitable donations that were raised.

8 How do I use a PMG? Preliminary PMG- PMG draft which includes planning process of questions 1-7. The objectives, goals, manpower, materials needed, proposed budget and timeline of planning are outlined. This will be presented to supervising chapter officer, board and membership for approval. Final PMG- Complete step 8-10 by noting any changes or recommendations for future chairpersons, evaluate goals, complete impact statements and final budget.

9 Cover Page Chapter’s Name and Number State’s Name and Number The Project Name PMG Category and Area of Opportunity Award Category Chairperson’s Contact Information Supervising Chapter Officer

10 Classifying Projects The main purpose of the project is considered when selecting the correct Area of Opportunity. The project should also correlate to goals listed in the chapter plan. The category is identified for project judging purposes.

11 Business Area of Opportunity Projects in this area enhance the economics of the community and chapter. This area includes marketing & public relations, strategic planning through the use of the chapter plan and PMG’s, financial management through projects run to raise funds solely for the chapter and business opportunities through promoting free enterprise.

12 Business Area of Opportunity Category’s Local Economic Development Program: Projects conducted with the primary purpose of raising funds for the chapter, not a charitable donation. Also included are projects related to strategic planning. Project Examples: Haunted House, Running a festival, Parades, How to write a PMG, Board Retreats, planning & analysis and record keeping Local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program: Projects that promote and spread Corporate Social Responsibility which takes into account the economic, social and environmental impacts of the way business is done. Project Examples: See JCI Website for additional information

13 Community Area of Opportunity Projects in this area enhance the community through community service, community fundraising, government and civic involvement and programs for children and youth.

14 Community Area of Opportunity Category’s Local Community Empowerment Program: Programs conducted to promote or improve the quality of life for people in a community and assist with a community need. These projects raise money for non-Jaycee programs and charities in the local community and include government involvement. Project Examples: Blood Drives, canned food drives, Adopt-A- Highway, Raising money for local family stricken by tragedy, Get Out and Vote and Political Debates Local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program: Projects that promote and spread Corporate Social Responsibility which takes into account the economic, social and environmental impacts of the way business is done. Project Examples: See JCI Website for additional information

15 Individual Area of Opportunity Projects in this area enhance the individual member’s personal and professional development. Membership recruitment, orientation, activation and retention are also included in this area. Projects in this area range from social activities to training sessions to M- Nights.

16 Individual Area of Opportunity Category’s Local Personal Skill & Development Program: Projects conducted to further JCI Mission by creating development opportunities for young people to create positive change by developing skills of individuals. Projects in this category include social opportunities. Project Examples: Public Speaking, Family Day at Zoo, New Member Orientation, Passport to Civic Leadership, Chapter Awards, guest speakers Local Growth & Development Program: Projects conducted with the goal of growing the United State Junior Chamber through membership recruitment. Project Examples: M-Nights, chartering a chapter, saving a chapter

17 International Area of Opportunity Projects in this area enhance the member’s involvement in Illinois Jaycees, US Jaycees and JCI programs through participation in programs (Camp New Hope, Heifer International, Nothing But Nets).

18 International Area of Opportunity Category’s Inter-organization collaboration project: Projects conducted to provide benefit to chapters and their members by collaborating with members other than USJC and JCI organizations. If the project is related to a state program the primary purpose should state this. Project Examples: Any collaboration between region, state, USJC or JCI chapters, TOYP, TOYA, OYF Local Community Empowerment Program: Programs conducted to promote or improve the quality of life for people in a community and assist with a community need through fundraising for state priority programs. Project Examples: Fundraising for Heifer International or Camp New Hope

19 Question #1 Primary Purpose A brief statement giving the one reason the chapter wants to conduct this project. The primary purpose will determine the Area of Opportunity and PMG category the project will fall under.

20 Poor Primary Purposes To gain public exposure for the chapter by running a highly visible, popular event, Increase Membership and membership participation, to raise money for the Charity XYZ. To raise money for the March of Dimes and the chapter.

21 Better Primary Purposes To run a (insert project here) to raise money for Charity A. To run (insert project here) to raise money to support chapter operations. To run a free Easter Egg Hunt for the enjoyment of the area children.

22 Question #2 2. Give a brief description of the proposed project and background information. Follow this with a listing of the specific and measurable goals to be accomplished by this project.

23 Brief Description 1 to 2 Paragraphs Who, What, Where, When, Why Brief History Explain how this project relates to the chapter’s objectives, priorities, and goals as listed in the chapter plan.

24 The Firecracker 5000 is a 5k run/walk race conducted through the streets of downtown Peoria. This will be the 21st Annual celebration of this race. The race will take place on July 4th at 7:15 a.m. with a registration cost of $15 in advance and $20 on the day of the event. Several sub-chairs in areas like manpower, registration, and race refreshments are needed to assist the chairman for this event with at least 600 expected participants. This project is used to raise money for charities and also to support chapter operations.

25 This project fits in the chapter plan under Priority 2, Community Area of Opportunity, Goal 4: Raise $12,000 for various community organizations, Project 4: “Firecracker 5000.

26 Impact Statements How will this project IMPACT the following 1.Individual Member 2.The Chapter 3.The Community

27 Goal Setting Primary Purpose will relate to the number 1 goal. It is important to make sure the goals are measurable and specific.


29 Poor Examples of Goals 1.To achieve some PR. 2.To raise some money for Arthritis Foundation. 3.To involve a lot of Jaycee members. 4.To recruit some Jaycees.

30 Better Examples 1.To have Jaycee PR in four different media outlets. 2.To raise $1200 for the Arthritis Foundation 3.To involve 20 Jaycees 4.To recruit 2 Jaycees.

31 Question #3 Specific Steps

32 Question #4 Critical Contacts Both member and nonmember. Minimum of 3 manpower assignments- The President, the Supervising Chapter Officer, and the Chairman. List committee members names Contact information and specific duties and responsibilities. For manpower assignments where a specific person(s) has not yet been selected, list the specific responsibilities, talents, skills, knowledge or abilities that person(s) will need to possess.

33 Example Chairman Toby Quin 1105 Westminster Washington, IL 61571 H- (309) 444-9304 Cell- (309) 648-6653 E-mail-

34 Duties: Write Preliminary PMG Pass Preliminary PMG by board and membership (if applicable) Secure sub ‑ chairmen and ensure they fulfill their responsibilities. Approve all decisions of sub-chairmen. Schedule and chair all committee meetings Act as a liaison with city, county and state agencies and officials and other related organizations Arrange place for pre and post race activities Obtain necessary permits Write Final PMG Pass Final PMG by board and membership (if applicable) Have Treasurer cut checks and arrange times to deliver them.

35 Question #5 4. What specific materials, supplies, and resources will be required?


37 Question #6 6. Complete a proposed budget indicating all anticipated income and expenses.

38 Keeping project goals in mind, refer to the list of materials, supplies, and resources, along with the proposed action steps, to determine estimated project income and expenses. Include the value of donated items (goods and services). List all anticipated income and expenses.

39 Income Money appropriated from chapter. List of donated items. Estimate the value. Cash sponsorships Cash Income – admission, raffle tickets, silent auction Each of these areas that has more than one item should be totaled. If there are no items then you would put generic titles like Product Sponsors along with $0.00.

40 Expenses Product Donations. Then have an itemized list of the expenses such as Food, Permits, Construction, Flyers Total Cash Expenses. Total these two areas in line called Project Expenses

41 Net Income Subtract Project Expenses from Income. This is the project’s profit/loss.

42 Where do the profits go? Required return to chapter Dues Subsidy, Liability Insurance Total this area with line called Total Required Return to Chapter. Earmarks Itemize Profit designed to be spent at a later date. Sometimes this is an estimate. Total this area with line called Total Earmarks Charitable Contributions- Itemize and total any money designated for charities in line called Total Charitable Contributions Return to Chapter- Any profit left over will be returned to chapter.

43 Simplifying the Budget Income: Appropriation from the chapter................$A Value of Donated Items….......................$B Cash from items sold…...........................$C TOTAL....................................................$D Expenses: Appropriation returned to the chapter.....$A Value of Donated Items...........................$B Item bought for project 1..........................$E Item bought for project 2..........................$F Item bought for project 3.........................$G Donation for cause or profit to chapter...$H TOTAL.....................................................$D Total income & expenses MUST balance! No budget should be all zeros! Consider each Letter a different value. A = Appropriation from the chapter and is the same in both the income and expense. B = Value of donated items and is the same in both income and expense. C = The total amount of money brought in from sales. D = the total of all income and the total of all expenses. Both numbers should be the same. E, F, G = Arbitrary amount of purchases made to run the project ie: pens, signs, tickets, whatever.... H = Profit. Basically it should be the sum of the income (A+B+C) or just D, MINUS the total Expenses (A+B+E+F+G) So to show it as a proper equation: H (Profit) = D-(A+B+E+F+G)

44 Question #7 Describe the potential problems and the possible solutions to successfully complete this project.

45 Example Problem: Rain occurs (T-ball) Solutions: A) Set up rain line (JAYC hotline) for parents to call to find out if games are canceled or will still be played B) Reschedule game for next evening or extend season another week. C) Close the dome

46 Question #8 List solutions and/or recommendations for future Project Managers.

47 In this area, you talk about things that made the project successful Changes that should be made to make next year’s project even better. Be specific, detailed and sincere. Keep a notebook and right down recommendations as you think of them during the planning & implementation stages. Have a wrap-up meeting. Several ideas will more than likely be identified that you did not think of yourself.

48 Examples Why was your project successful? Kelleher’s provided a lot more than any hosts have in the past few years and the runners really liked the place.

49 Examples What changes can you make to be MORE successful? We ran out of bottled water this year due to the heat. Non participants were drinking the bottled water and runners were taking whole bottles of water and dumping it on their heads. There are several ways to remedy this situation.

50 Question #9 A.Give specific and measurable results for each goal established. B.Project Summary. WOW Statement! C.Describe the impact of the project on the chapter, individual members, and the community.

51 Examples 1. To raise a minimum of $1500.00 for Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley. 80% satisfied. We raised only $1200.00 for this charity. 2. To have forty (40) Peoria Jaycees work. At least 43 Jaycees assisted this project.

52 Impact Statements For the individual- include items such as personal skills developed, networking opportunities, training experience, Exposure to members of problems/issues affecting community Individual- This project had a favorable impact on the individual members of the chapter. The project chairmen gained a lot of project management skills and had the opportunity to improve their public speaking ability. The sub-chairs gained some valuable experience and several have proven themselves capable of handling more responsibility.

53 For the community- Number of members of the community that attended, number of organizations that benefited from the project, money raised for charity, number of canned goods donated, etc Impact on the Community- This project is designated as a community development project. It definitely succeeded in this endeavor. $1200 was raised for the Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley. This organization lost $200,000 in State budget cuts. This money will help soften the blow a little bit. 2 “special” individuals will have the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives by attending camp for a week. In addition, we provided the opportunity for nearly 600 individuals to enjoy a July 4 th morning.

54 For the chapter- number of members in attendance, number of Jaycees activated, number of Jaycees recruited, amount raised for chapter, PR Impact on the Chapter- This project had a very significant impact on the chapter. Forty Jaycees sweated for several while raising $1790.10 to help with operational expenses and other Jaycee projects. In addition, 3 people were activated. 1 person was recruited and we and we received a lot of PR. We had 100 radio spots, 100 TV spots and appeared in the newspaper twice and two TV news organizations had features on the event on their evening news.

55 Questions#10 - Appendices a.Final Financial Statement b.Contacts c.Contracts and Agreements d.Pictures e.Press Releases, articles, and media coverage

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